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Outlast (The original one)

Who else agrees that there should be a killer from Outlast added, considering how easily they would fit. They even have special interactions concerning lockers (especially with Chris Walker who instead of killing or carrying away whoever is in a locker, throws them to the ground behind the locker giving them a chance to run a little) and the generators (simply turning them off as many characters have in Outlast and it's DLC, requiring survivors to turn them back on). They could include someone like Chris Walker, Rick Trager, or Eddie Gluskin, big names in the game who are confirmed dead at this point so they could end up in the realm of the entity. Not to mention each has their own special weapons or skills already (besides Chris Walker who just uses his fists for a powerful weapon, strong enough to rip heads off). I know it would be hard to get the rights possibly, it being another horror game and all, but there is a multitude of characters who are confirmed dead, and the original playable character in Outlast is dead as well (Miles Morales) so he could be a survivor. These killers could also fit considering that they aren't too op, and they are just mortals so its nothing like a spirit or supernatural (as long as we aren't including the Walrider or anything past Outlast 1 and the DLC for it, Whistleblower). I feel like it will be a sin if they can't get the rights to just one character from this game or the Silent Hill series. Plus it would be a nice new spin since games like this or Mortal Kombat do not usually contain things from other games, and it would bring a lot of attention from other gamers, similar to how they add licensed killers from movie franchises, but a little more close to home with the gaming community that sticks by DBD.


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