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The DBD Music team is underrated

Michael April and all of his mates over in the musical department on the DBD team really outdo themselves and I never hear anyone talking about it. I mean just take a listen to some of the unique chase music, the menu themes, hell even the default chase music are still pretty damn good. The Blight's music especially, it just fits him so damn well, it sounds so beautifully tragic and his chase theme sounds like if his menu theme got pissed, keeping it's beautiful element but the tragedy has now turned violent, ready to wreak havoc. Oni's music is ######### amazing as well, perfectly fits the massive, deadly, angered samurai. Deathslinger's music as well, hell I could go all day man, if anyone from the DBD Music team is reading this, you guys really really help with the game here, without these classic and perfect themes, DBD's identity would've never been fulfilled, you guys really outperform yourselves and you still do it to this day, thank you for every single piece you've put in the game.


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