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What made the "Cursed Legacy" so good, probably even the best chapter?

YordsYords Member Posts: 5,593

I really think this is literally the best DLC for dead by daylight since like Huntress. The huntress is very simple, and one of the strongest killers in the game with counterplay and a very high skill cap. When I say best, I mean a killer with great overall design and gameplay. It all comes down to gameplay.

Same for Oni really, all you do is smack survivors and take their blood to power up whenever it is necessary. The Oni is a great killer and is strong with counterplay as well. He is a little bit more complex, but at his core (a power burst killer) he is still pretty easy and simple.

Why Oni is very fun for both sides:

The Oni is an awesome killer and if anything he relatively weak against good survivors (because of just one design flaw). He encourages fun gameplay for the whole team because his power builds up faster when he hits healthy survivors. So what Oni players do is get the initial hit and farm the rest of the blood from one survivor, or quickly switch to another survivor which is fun for the survivors and satisfying as Oni to see your power bar go up since there is more interaction with both the killer and the survivors. He looks awesome, has good lore, and has a strong power. To prevent him from getting his power, survivors are encouraged to heal their teammates promoting more team play. It becomes very intense when the Oni is in blood fury mode and becomes very intimidating, making him a threat or a challenge which adds to the overall fun.

So we have a killer who looks awesome, is fun to play as or against, has good lore, a power that has a decent skill cap, encourages team play and more interactions with different survivors, and has a strong power.

His one design flaw:

The one design flaw he has is that he relies on the survivors messing up to get his power. Any decent survivor on a loop with a safe pallet that knows dropping it early will severely hurt the Oni can do that. All the survivors have to do to not let him power up is play safe which the Oni can do nothing about. He then just becomes an m1 killer for most of the match, and by the time he gets his power, it will be too late. But that is honestly the only design flaw with his power (minus the bad perks he comes with).

So what made BHVR make this great chapter?:

This chapter definitely stands out among other ones for sure. Look at him and the Legion for example (current Legion). The Legion is a killer who has the power that can keep survivors injured pretty much the whole game, but has no lethality and is a normal m1 killer. He is probably fun for the survivors because they can mess with him and loop him easily, but the killer playing him might not like him. Some survivors may not even like him because of his mending (which isn't even that bad honestly, I don't see why it is so boring) and little interaction when he stabs someone and leaves.

Look at every other killer up to Huntress in terms of fun gameplay and design. How come BHVR did a fantastic job on the cursed legacy chapter and just meh on the others? I am not calling out BHVR, but I mean it is a pretty clear thing to see and a good question. This chapter was my favorite (besides silent hill) and is just really an awesome patch. Did BHVR have more people working on it, did they spend more time and resources on this one, or were they motivated to make something great for the community? I just want to know why this chapter was so much better when compared to other ones.



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