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We're going to live Forever was over buffed



  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,836

    Don't overestimate the value of picking survivors off of the ground. It'll only come into use if a survivor is being slugged very hard, and even then, most killers are going to be territorial around their kill and keep harassing altruistic survivors.

    As scary as 8 seconds sounds, it's really not enough to make a sizable difference. In very few cases will they be able to pull off a heal, and even if they do, they better either have soul guard (*cue laughter*) or already be at a powerful loop.

    Just look at For the People. It's an instant pick up off of the ground, and even in SWFs (with soul guard), it's pretty useless.

    Plus, it's misguided to compare it to killer speed actions as an analogue. Healing takes 16 seconds, a killer vault takes 2. Even an 8 second heal off of the ground isn't particularly useful. Only in slugging situations will you find usage, even during which you have to pray that they don't have infectious (*cue laughter*), and that other survivors can loop decently.

  • IreansgameIreansgame Member Posts: 3

    Why are you slugging that much? I play both survivor and killer leaning towards killer and it sounds more like you're bad. The game has never rewarded slugging except on fast down killers like Meyers in T3 or the chainsaw killers. Slugging gives the survivors a rather risk free way to save someone, WGLF doesn't affect it if they recovered to 99% that's the difference between an instant pickup an a split second pickup. Even if you 3 or 4 man slug one unbreakable, soul guard, or no mither and you get maybe one hook out of it if the team has good game sense.

    Hooking forces survivors into a big risk, if they go for unhook while injured they will almost guarantee they get downed unless they're outside terror radius, going for it healthy if you are on them they have to stop and take a hit otherwise they get grabbed and without BT tanking a hit you get a trade. That or option 3 they don't go for the unhook and someone gets struggle phase off of first hook or just dies. You get blood points for hooking not slugging.

  • Toblerone007Toblerone007 Member Posts: 598

    WGLF did nothing before its buff. Nothing.

    There's nothing wrong with this perk it was received well when it got a buff.

  • Cristia1V0Cristia1V0 Member Posts: 27

    Good the buff is how it should be

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,491

    She is. Mess your ping up with a vpn and have fun slaying survivors.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,184

    That little trick only works if the killer is gullible enough to down the survivors one by one every time

    What you do is play along untill everybody is affected by deep wounds from soul guard and then you focus on a single survivor.

    The other ones will either have to stop the cycle to mend or will eventually colapse because their 20 second timer ran out.

    If this really would have worked like you said you would see it all the time. People playing this game really wouldn't pass up a way to cheese the system

    I'm going to assume you never actually had this happen to you and just saw a video of it. Youtubers with their wacky builds have to go in low ranks and play 20 or so matches untill their shenanigans work for them to make a video.

    You shouldn't take the stuff they get away with seriously like 95% of the time.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 1,876
    edited March 2021

    In all the time I've been playing (Which, granted, isn't too much in comparison to most here), I've seen maybe three survivors, other than myself, use WGLF. And in all the time that I've been running it, I've been able to use it in maybe two matches due to a killer getting a slug and then gallivanting off to the other side of the map.

    I've -never- seen anyone use soul guard.

    So if WGLF, with the added bonus of up to 100% extra BP (Which is what I use it for) is not an appealing pick for survivors, you have pretty much nothing to be afraid of.

  • 4mplitude4mplitude Member Posts: 3

    As has been clearly stated within the game, cages ≠ hooks, if no other hook perk can work with cages, it's completely bs to allow we're gonna live forever to work as well. Also I honestly don't see a problem with the perk, coming from someone who's mainly killer, I come across so many awful teammates when I play survivor that seeing good ones as killer is admirable, plus it's basically just the survivors version of barbecue - you hook to get stacks, they unhook to get stacks, the perk is fine as it is

  • idektbhidektbh Member Posts: 129

    All I can say to you is that messing ur ping makes every killer boosted, not just huntress. Now there's a reason I didn't answer that thread, so if u want to talk about that properly with people who have the patience u would have to go back there

  • REL1_CREL1_C Member Posts: 619

    25% still sucks, it needs more benefits lol per gen

    Like just 1% haste

  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918

    “Isn’t even all that”

    Its one of the most powerful anti-slug perks out there, infinitely better than something like buckle up, and therefore its one of the most powerful survivor perks.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,184

    Eh not really, I feel you are overvalueing it a bit.

    Wglf will never save you 8 seconds. By the time the killer finished wiping their weapon and walked away 4 seconds already passed that the slug could recover.

    So even if you are right there and the killer doesn't pay any attention at all it saves you 6 seconds. That's best case scenario.

    If the slug has been on the ground for longer then 15 seconds then it saves you like half a second. If they happen to have unbreakabill it's even less valueable

    It's decently effect and can come in clutch but it's nowhere near powerfull.

    Unbreakabill will always be the better anti slug cause it stops what slugs are suppose to do. Getting survivors of gens to come pick their teammate up.

    You still need to abandon your gen to use wglf. Having the time they have to spend reduced by 0.5-6 seconds while noticable is nowhere near most powerfull survivor perk.

  • CrimbojamboCrimbojambo Member Posts: 81

    I hadn't been running the perk in awhile, but I thought the purpose of it was making being altruistic more rewarding, not countering slugging. Cause you can counter slugging by not getting hit. Rather just keep the bonus bp for safe unhooks and taking a hit, the rest doesn't do much for me, but thats my opinion.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270

    BS, you're just a biased killer main. I don't see many people, even survivors complaining against BBQ and actively argue against their point if they do so to pretend anyone that isn't rank 20 complains about BBQ is a complete baby. You're just bad at the game if you think it's an OP perk

  • IWasLeft2DieIWasLeft2Die Member Posts: 2,004
    edited March 2021

    If bbq lost its BP bonuses it would easily have less than 1/3 of its current users. It's a decent perk but many killers don't actually benefit from the knowledge component of it. You can get almost the exact same knowledge with other perks and with more triggers than strictly hooking. The main killers who would maybe (not even for sure) would be demo, nurse, spirit, freddy, hillbilly, blight, and oni which is about 1/3 of killers.

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,237

    You should get a stack for:

    Protection hits (already in the game)

    Safe unhooks (already in the game)

    Pallet and flashlight saves (already in the game)

    Actions that improve a healing slate such as picking up a slugged survivor or healing an injured survivor (not in the game)

    I also think you should get protection stacks for protecting healthy survivors as well.

    For the life of me, I have no clue why they made the emphasis on speeding up picking up slugs but not giving out a stack for it. Really silly.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    the perk legit did nothing before the buff. it gave you 100% more bloodpoints but it didnt affect gameplay. you will never see this perk unless its in a healing build or bp build

  • CrimbojamboCrimbojambo Member Posts: 81

    Giving more bp is not nothing. If you get a build right you can net a lot of bp equal to a successful game even if you get 4k'd. It opens up a secure way to farm the currency needed to unlock literally everything in the game to make builds and experiment without depending on having to win. Less stress, easy farm, and helps you learn they game by adding more to your disposal for testing out.

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    Who the hell out here complaining about BBQ?? Just hide in a locker

  • IWasLeft2DieIWasLeft2Die Member Posts: 2,004

    not sure if im more surprised by this complaint or the make your choice one

  • Katee_MainKatee_Main Member Posts: 53

    I have never encountered such a play. You cant buff and nerf perks, on a .00001% of a chance of it happening.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    yh but it didnt benefit gameplay at all. not like it does now

  • killermainxdkillermainxd Member Posts: 25

    Bruh you gotta try harder than this 😂 it's literally been 100% for so long

  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918

    I've played against it and see others use it against slugging killers, the difference it makes is immediately noticeable. There's no real pressure gained from slugging if you have a few of these running around, better hope there's only one and they get slugged.

    It renders slugging redundant which is one of the only things killers can do to win. I guess that just leaves tactical camping so gg.

    And the nerve of people that still want BBQ nerfed. If anything it should be buffed to be on par with WGLF.

  • Weeb_H_ToastWeeb_H_Toast Member Posts: 195

    None of you have disproven WGLF's need for a nerf.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 1,876

    How about this: If you leave a person slugged for so long and/or move so far away that someone is able to move in for the pick-up, WGLF isn't your problem.

    Even with WGLF, it takes way too long to pick someone up, making the act far too risky for the survivors. Misjudging the time it takes also gives the killer a huge advantage, since he now has two survivors right on top of each other for easy camping.

    If you slug and:

    A) Leave the sluggee on the ground for literally half a minute, they are gonna get up, WGLF or not.

    B) Run off on a wild goose chase, leaving your slug unsupervised, they are going to crawl out to safety and get picked up, WGLF or not.

    As someone who has used WGLF incessantly, trust me, it is not the big play enabler you think it is.

    Even under perfect circumstances, you likely have two slugged and the WGLF player hanging out nearby, biding his time, waiting for you to mess up. That means you have -three survivors- not progressing the game.

    Slugging is still a brutally impactful way to slow the game, WGLF or not.

  • EnsaladaEnsalada Member Posts: 7

    You have KnockOut that IN FACT was changed as a counterplay one of the other. So...

  • Toblerone007Toblerone007 Member Posts: 598
    edited March 2021

    On so many threads you claim you need to be slugging constantly, tunnelling and camping. All the good stuff. While there are situations that it's the best option why do the best killer content creators win so much without?

    Can you at least upload some gameplay to prove your claims have at least some merit?

    I've argued before that on the league of legends forums you can check players statistics with two clicks and judge if they're a good player or not. Here we can't but your arguments are always the same heavily biased notions that killer is too weak. I just don't see it. I play so much high rank killer too.

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