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DS Nerf

ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 836

I've had enough of survivors feeling invincible with this perk. Sitting on generators right in front of the killer, unhooking right in front of me and shoving it in my face that they're untouchable despite there being absolutely no presence of tunnelling.

I can't wait for the nerf, such a dumb perk that SO many survivors use as a crutch./rant over



  • ClüngeClünge Member Posts: 155

    More killers crying that they need more of an advantage than the insane one they have

    Stop survivors from having any perks & you'll still be whinging about something

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 4,282

    I had a game today where I had slugged someone on the ground, started a chase with another survivor who was nearby, see discordance light up. After getting a pallet thrown and watching them run to shack I decide to go to the discordance gen only to get hit by a ds.

    Really annoying considering the slugged guy has unbreakable and lost out on popping that gen.

    I still 4k'd that game but the change to ds can't really come soon enough.

  • ClüngeClünge Member Posts: 155

    Embarrassing listening to some of you communicate like this. Stop acting so priviliged

  • ClüngeClünge Member Posts: 155

    Bit of an exaggeration / lies.

    Unbreakable works once per trial

  • ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 836

    The fact that you have no choice but to slug them is the problem.

    It's literal invulnerability and you can say "well just slug them lol" but when UB exists, this is pointless, they'll be back up in 20 seconds doing another generator.

  • except they wouldn't lose a hook state because they wouldn't be doing something so abrasive you would get an easy down.

  • YumyumtastyYumyumtasty Member Posts: 172
    edited March 2021

    That's also not an argument as most survivors still do stupid crap. The survivorplayer in me wants DS to stay this way, have you played games without obsessions? They're agitating as killers will just tunnel the ######### out of people and it's not rare that the weak link is gone within 2 minutes.

    DS is basically survivor's NOED, the looming threat of them having it is enough to influence gameplay but NOED is way less powerful than DS.

  • There's plenty of differences between DS and NOED and I don't know why NOED even needs to be brought up

    The only way NOED and DS are comparable is that they can help you after you make a error.

    also NOED is not being used and treated by the devs as a mechanic to prevent anything like how DS a perk they keep trying to treat like a mechanic to prevent tunnelling so if its usages goes down tunnelling goes up.

    If you want to say why that's not a counter you just need to point to unbreakable DS (I don't think unbreakable should allow you to pick yourself up anyway and then DS should be left alone because by itself its not broken but built around it just is)

  • REL1_CREL1_C Member Posts: 619
  • YumyumtastyYumyumtasty Member Posts: 172

    DS and NOED are comparable because they need to be played around by the offchance that they're in the match and if you don't keep them in mind they turn the tide.

  • BSVbenBSVben Member Posts: 256

    And what "insane advantage" do you think killers have?

    Just curious.

  • Just because you have to play around a perk or it may turn the tide does not make them comparable.

    Ruin may turn the tide and you need to play differently around that

    Devour may turn the tide and you need to play differently around that

    Borrowed time may turn the tide and you need to play differently around that

    even well make it may turn the tide and you need to play differently around that if suvs gain a full reset off it

    I could even say Left behind may turn the tide by getting the suv the hatch just before you, is it likely no is it possible yes

    The only comparison between NOED and DS is the community's perception ragging on both perks unfairly imo you will get survivors that when they see NOED as the final perk will just assume you must be trash even if you just 4kd them and didn't even need to use it while killers may end a game see 4 DS and just sigh and assume that the game was unwinnable when it clearly probably was.

  • YumyumtastyYumyumtasty Member Posts: 172

    With all of your mentioned perks you DEFINATELY know they're in the match, tell me about 1 other perk in this game that makes killers waste this much time because they don't want to eat it. If there's no obsession in the game they'll play entirely different.

    Lit totems are a bad example as survivors will ALWAYS break them ideally when somebody is injured and in chase in case it's haunted but that's abut it.

  • YumyumtastyYumyumtasty Member Posts: 172

    Except DS literally makes the game harder at every stage while NOED only works against altruistic survivors most of the time or survivors who don't do bones which IS an objective that the devs have intended.

    DS kills an entire playstyle (tunneling) and kills a killer's momentum without any counter to it except not running obsession perks and hoping that there's no DS.

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,836

    Getting mad at perks for doing their job, are we? Might as well start yelling at Make Your Choice for having a "crap counter."

    Perks are not supposed to be completely circumventable. If they are especially powerful, then they will have a closer thing to a direct counter. Hexes can be cleansed. DS is considerably less powerful than hexes, and therefore is fixed by slugging. Even if you aren't getting a hook state, which is typically bad etiquette (to hook the same survivor consecutively), you force the other survivors to make the journey and come heal that person. In the meantime, you can just continue along your way and find another survivor. That's assuming you find the DS survivor anyways.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,637

    don’t worry you just need to wait one more week. 😊

  • YumyumtastyYumyumtasty Member Posts: 172

    even if you find the Make your Choice which is easily countered by stealthing by the way unless the killer proxycamps at which point he could've hooktraded in the first place, DS is still the same power ASSUMING ssurvivors are not running around injured in the first place which they often are.

  • sluc16sluc16 Member Posts: 377

    Another killer crying about DS when they are the ones with the most powerful perks

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,632

    Hi, I'm a Killer that is getting 4ks but I want my 4ks to be easier.

    Killer is so pathetically easy now that you might as well go against bots at this point.

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