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Most fun perks to play

I've been stuck at rank 4-5 as survivor and I'm already tired of running meta perks. What other fun perks are there, for a non-sweaty craps-and-giggles build?


  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,580
    edited March 2021

    I had the most fun just triggering Red Herring whenever.

    For The People was also cool, if you wanna try a total self-neglect build.

    Other than that, none of the Perks are really juicing up the Survivor gameplay enough for me, and Diversion is just annoying to activate.

  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 307

    1: Slippery Meat, Up The Ante, Second Wind, ???: Heal someone, jump off the hook when the killer leaves, heal before they can hit you again. Works best with luck offerings.

    2: Saboteur, Mettle of Man, Breakout, ???: Be a hinderance to your team as you try to save everyone from being carried to hooks.

    3: Autodidact, Empathy, Solidarity, ???: Be a hinderance to your team as you try and heal everyone all the time.

    4: For The People, Dead Hard, Resilience, ???: Be ready to heal someone at a moment's notice in relative safety.

    5: Flip Flop, Tenacity, Power Struggle, ???: Slug me at your own peril. Bonus points if you don't run Unbreakable.

    6: Head On, Inner Strength, Deception, Quick & Quiet: Obvious. The most fun when you find two lockers right next to each other like in shack.

    7: Smash Hit (when it comes out), Windows of Opportunity, Any Means Necessary, ???: Keep giving the killer headaches.

    8: Lithe, Quick & Quiet, Dance With Me, ???: Just disappear after vaulting mid chase.

    9: Red Herring, Diversion, Repressed Alliance, Autodidact: Straight up kill your team.

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    Diversion is soooo fun for me, it feels almost useless for any purpose but giggles. The few seconds of confusion from a killer bring me life.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,923

    Myers infinite tombstone with make your choice, noed, iron maden and haunted grounds.

    Most funny thing about this is the reactions of the survivors, had some good post chats with it :)

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