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  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,553

    I played several matches as survivor and a few as killer today. The new MMR is very underwhelming and is very bad honestly. I was playing with players at rank 8-13 many times, and more than usual.

  • RessurectAngelRessurectAngel Member Posts: 7

    Personally, I feel that this matchmaking process is much better and would like to see it implemented as soon as possible

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,400

    I wish there were more intel on what the expected behaviour of the MMR is, because I don't really know if it's working or not. The matches I got tonight were definitely different from usual. I'd say the overall skill level of the people I matched with (both killer and survivor) was lower, though there seemed to be some variation. FWIW, I am not good at this game, so it's actually a positive for me if the system is matching me with people who are also not good at the game.

    The one thing that confused me is that, in my last survivor game, I got matched with three other survivors who seemed about the same as me (somewhere in the midrange/intermediate level) and a rank 20 killer with one perk who clearly didn't know where the hitbox was and seemed brand new. I felt like that person ideally would have matched with other new people, but I don't know if maybe we were just the worst players online so the system had to pick us.

  • RyRapsYTRyRapsYT Member Posts: 293

    It is good

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,078

    MMR Feedback: Rank 12 killer

    Game 1: Bought the Blight as a fresh new killer and after a long wait, I was matched up against fairly low skill rank 16-20 survivors. Went 3-1 with 2 gens done and a hatch escape. This was ideal, as I had no idea how to use his power and I only managed to make one successful lethal rush.

    Game 2: Used Ghostface (only played him 4-6 times before and never well) and was matched up against a Med Kit squad of matching Year of the rooster survivors (rank 12-20). Went 3-1. This squad was similarly low skill, but far better at staying on gens, having finished all 5 and one getting out through the exit gate.

    Game 3: Used The Pig (only played her 6-8 times, with mixed success) and was matched up against far more capable survivors across the spectrum (8-16). The 16 died to the helmet while the others knew to boop the snoot, implying a degree of proficiency. Went 2-2, with 5 gens complete and both getting out the exit.

    Game 4: Used Pyramid Head (played 20+ times, with a sizably large losing record) and was matched with a rainbow (4, 4, 8, 13). Despite the two red ranks, I went 3-1 with 4 gens done and the last survivor making the hatch. These survivors were considerably better at looping, but not great as they ran away from the strongest tiles pretty regularly.

    Game 5: Used Doctor (30+ times with a sizable winning record) and was matched with the strongest group yet (3, 4, 6, 13). Went 2-2 with 5 gens done and exit gates opened. This was also the first instance of Decisive Strike (all 4 survivors had it) and also the first instance of rapid teabagging (by the red ranks, of course).

    Game 6: Used Freddy (20+ times with a moderate winning record) and went against a middling squad (9-19). This was the first instance of Rage Quits, as the rank 9 quit on his first down (before he was even hooked) and another survivor DC'd on hook immediately thereafter. It was a 4-0 with 2 gens finished.

    In summary, I felt like the match-making was pretty accurate (except for the final Freddy Game). Killers that I either have very little experience with or am terrible with went against significantly less capable groups, while ones that I am better with ran into way better survivor squads. This is good news, because I had been holding off on picking up any new killers due to trying to learn their powers while red ranks clown me down and the experience soured me pretty fast on the whole thing. With a more linear progression of difficulty, I think it will be easier to grow into new killers and not get stomped unceasingly along the way.

    Finally, I would like to note that while Freddy's game was the least well-matched, the fact that two people gave up 90 seconds into the match played an overwhelming role in the 4k. This is by no means unusual for my Freddy games before the new MMR either. I'm not sure if the Devs are discounting game data involving DC's, but I really do believe this is why Freddy's kill numbers are (apparently) so high: some survivors just straight up quit (which only goes to reinforce the impression that he's OP for the ones who don't quit but now find themselves playing a 2-survivor game).

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 615
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    Played only 3 games of Killer. Queue times were 10 minutes a piece--which is about 9.5min more than I'm used to at this hour.

    Here are the results of my game, in order that I played.

    As you can see, survivors were lower rank, and played worse, with each game.

    Game 1: Gideon's | Game 2: Haddonfield | Game 3: Ormond

    Edit: Reuploaded images without player names

  • JudyIscariotJudyIscariot Member Posts: 50

    My games as survivor have been pretty abysmal today. I am not amazing, but slowly ranking up, currently rank 9. Every game (save for 1) was against a red rank or higher killer while I was usually the highest ranked survivor in the lobby. The games weren't even close, just one slaughter after another.

    Also, encountered a decent number of red rank folks playing on characters they clearly hadn't touched. It kinda feels like gaming the system to farm rank in a way. It really needs to take into account all of the 'soft skills' you get for playing a lot of killer. Just because you main Billy it doesn't mean that none of that knowledge transfers to Hag.

  • ble3kaudioble3kaudio Member Posts: 99

    Played all night tonight. Survivor Main.

    Consistently Red Ranked every rank reset.

    Devotion 8.

    Lvl. 74

    Everyone of my matches tonight was bad, in the sense that, I get grouped with low ranked survivors and almost always low ranked killers (no killer higher than rank 8, but mostly brown). Most of my survivor teammates, also brown - regularly lvl 20. It's very frustrating and a huge turn-off for me.

    Why, why, do I get matched with such low ranked players??? Makes no sense. I guess for the other 4 people the matching seems balanced, but for me it seems like you guys don't know ######### is going on. It's absolutely terrible. I can't stress enough how much this affects my experience and overall outlook on the game.

    As a side note, and I offer this as pure data and in the most respectful way, as I do believe this game is unique, but I have stopped spending money on you guys. I would love to, but can't justify it anymore. A balanced, working matchmaking system at this point just a must. You guys are 5 years old.

  • ShansImmortalShansImmortal Member Posts: 23

    Played about 5 straight hours as red rank survivor. Here's what I experienced.

    Matches started with me getting a rank 20 killer with 2 perks. Easily won that match, then we went against a rank 9, rank 11. All this seemed kind of okay.

    After that, it would go from one extreme to the next depending on the outcome of the prior game. So if we win a game, our next match is very good rank 1 killer. Then we'd lose that game and get a brand new rank 20 killer with no perks. Win that one, spend a few more matches in the teens (unckilled killers), and then back to a rank 1. It seems extremely inconsistent. It never evened out to a good pace, just bounced from super skilled to brand new players depending on the prior games outcomes. I don't think that is the intended outcome.

    There was also times we would lose 3 games in a row and the killer would go from rank 8 to 5 to 1 each loss (and clearly, skill was a factor there) which I am also unsure was the intention.

    Overall, seemed very inconsistent as survivor and kind of all over the place. We should not be getting a brand new rank 20 killer with no perks after losing a single game to a skilled rank 1.

  • FluffyCritFluffyCrit Member Posts: 31

    So before this update I could have games too easy, too hard, balanced. It was a lottery. Since the update it's nearly unplayable for me.

    I'm a casual player, often doing some meme builds and often like green rank in both roles. In survivor games it's difficult to say with the other survivors being here and adding their own value to the equation. But as a killer? So far I have an average of at least 3 red ranks per game and the last one is either purple or green. I had 2 kills in one game but in most cases I can consider myself lucky if I have even one kill.

    I just can't enjoy the game anymore if I'm always against top SWF players in EVERY SINGLE MATCH. I think the MMR calucations can be sometimes completely off the mark as some people have good results and others are in a case similar to mine.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 3,000
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    What I expect is happening in cases like this, is you're playing a killer you have less experience with relative to your other killers, but your skill as a killer is mostly transferable, and the MMR isn't recognising this.

    It's like how I'm in purple ranks via Spirit, Freddy and Hag, but when I tried out Bubba, I got all brown ranks, and despite me not being able to use his chainsaw at all, I still slaughtered everyone.

    I think what needs to happen is that your killer MMR has to have a lower limit, based on your highest MMR killer. Say your lowest killer MMR can't be any less than one third of your highest, or whatever value fits into their system since we have no info on the figures and values being used.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 3,000

    In both cases for me (killer and survivor) I've faced opponents who were below the typical skill level I would usually face.

    For killer, this makes sense. I'm not a great killer, but I am decent with the few I play regularly, to the point where I reached rank 6 as a killer, which made it impossible for me to try out other killers without facing sweaty flashlight mobs.

    I played a few matches as the Spirit, and got a mix of purple, green and yellow survivors, who were clearly not potatoes, but I did find it relatively easy to down them all, probably because I'm used to sweating against rank 1s. Then I tried out Bubba, a killer I have barely any experience with, and got mainly brown ranks. That was fine, because I can't work his chainsaw for [BAD WORD] so I'm basically a M1 killer.

    Killers also seemed middle of the range. I pretty much always play as a SWF with the same three friends, who are a mix of red, purple and green ranks with me in the green. We usually get rank 1s who wipe the floor with us (I blame the red rank for it every time), but today it was more... balanced? Some green ranks, some yellows, and one brown.

    What I take away from this, is that the metrics used for the new SBM, have deemed me and my friends to be of a lower 'skill level' than our ranks suggest. Is this accurate? ...probably not entirely. While the matchmaking was 'better' for me/us, the matches were probably not so fair on the other side. While we didn't all escape all of the killer matches, I did pretty much wipe the floor with everyone as a killer.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 747

    - 1st match, 1k with noed. Playing in rank 8. 

     - paired with similar ranks 6-7-10. easy game against a baby rank 19 killer because he couldn't catch anyone. Queue time was good. 

    - 2nd match, 1k. shape spent all game trying to t3 to use the tombstone. only got one hook because everyone left already. 

     - paired with green ranks mostly. killer rank 16.

    - 3rd match. 2k with 6 hooks. pyramid head played pretty normally. 

     - ranks 5-11. 

    - 4th match, someone rage quits. bubba rank 5 decided to set up a tent and tunneled us and i assumed everyone died after that.  

     - paired with red ranks 2-2-3. 

    - 5th match 1k, rank 20 spirit. 

     - rainbow rank survivor, 4-11-13. 3 hooks.

    - 6th match, 0k 4 hooks. r16 demogorgon. 

     - survivor ranks 4-4-9 i'm 7 now. 

    - 7th match, demo R1 tunneled me off of first hook. i'll just assume they 4k, because zero gens were getting done an ruin really messed with the survivors. i had a few thousand points over the other survivors even tho i died first. 

     - s.ranks. 3,4,6

    - 8th match, R2 Iridescent Huntress. ######### this, we had people bring streamers and cakes. =-= 

     - mm started to slow down, took 4-5 minutes to find a match.

     - 3,4,5

    - 9th match, R11 trapper 7 hooks. had to do 4 out of the 5 gens. =-= 

     - 2,4,4

    - 10th, R9 Spirit with super recharging addons. died at 3 gens, but it looked like they could finish them if they play their cards right. can't be bothered to watch how it plays out.

     - 2,4,5

    from the survivor pool it doesn't look too terrible, the teammates don't seem as bad as pre mmr, only 2-3 of them did i saw other survivors playing poorly or bad at commiting. killer's i face seem to be a mix bag, a lot of them seem to be very experienced and like to do low rank stuff that's bad for their games. 

    will update more as i play and when i play killer.

  • Ciel_AleDCiel_AleD Member Posts: 2

    I played some games and overall i'm rank 4 as a survivor and killer and i often play against low rank killer or survivor. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's just a one way win where the survivors/killer don't have a chance to play the game because they get destroyed :/, i think you should more try to match people of the same rank in the same game because looping a pour rank 18 Nurse filled me with sadness ;-;

  • teamashenteamashen Member Posts: 1

    Played 5 games as killer. First two were very sweaty red rank swfs, followed by 3 yellow and brown rank teams that didn't finish a single gen.

    After that, we played 8 Survivor matches with wild swings. Our first game was against a 12 and never had anything come close to that since. We would lose a game to a rank 1 and then a fresh rank 20, and then back to a red rank, and back to a yellow rank. There seemed to be no middle ground and swung wildly between these two numbers. Our players were two rank 4s and a rank 8 and the MMR seemed to want to throw a rank 16 in that last slot nearly every time, which is just frustrating to no end when you're used to a certain style of gameplay that isn't crouched in a corner doing nothing or hiding in a basement locker till hatch spawns.

    The MMR seems all over the place and never really settled onto a group that worked at all. Hopefully enough data is given tonight that we can get something that actually works because right now, this is NOT working and I'd rather have the original broken system.

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692
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    You are basing your experience as if old ranks matter.

    The job for MMR is to pair you up with and against players of similar skill level. The MMR rating is hidden from us.

    Just because someone is r1 doesn't mean they are godlike, nor if someone is r18, doesn't mean they are utter crap that can't even move forward. They may be new but play really good from the start or be a smurf.

    You should have described your experience in terms of how well teammates and opponents played instead of throwing "rainbow ranks" as an excuse, since people been saying since late 2016 /early 2017 they mean nothing but a play time.

  • herrik666herrik666 Member Posts: 191

    As killer: For the killers I acquired recently and that I haven't played before the queues are really long, but for the ones I play regularly they are fine. I've also had really strange lobbys, with some survivors who are way better than me and some who don't know what they are doing in the same team. 

    As survivor: The queues are a bit longer than usual but the average game feels quite balanced

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460
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    I've finished a pretty good number of games both as my control Killer, i.e. my main Myers, and tons of the others that I never have (or rarely) play. The results are not promising. You know I'm not down on the game so hopefully they will take this feedback to heart as not simply an angry over reaction. I tested and carefully thought this out:

    1. My main (control group for the experiment) had no difference in the matches I pulled whatsoever, EXCEPT that my Que times tripled. I still would either pull all Red Rank or (inconsistently) all the colors of the rainbow. Whenever I would get a rainbow I would have a slaughter so fast and unfair I was embarrassed to be a part of it. So in so far as my control group this test was a failure. I had the same inconsistent matching only with HORRIBLE que times.
    2. With regard to my other Killers, all of whom were Level-1 when I started playing to test, the results were just as insanely inconsistent. With Spirit I pulled nothing but Potatoes. With Oni I got mid-tier, I'd say if Rank still mattered around Greens (even though it LOOKED like a taste the rainbow situation). I slaughtered them all, but I could tell who was a Potato and who wasn't. It made no sense to me that Spirit would only get Potatoes while Oni would get somewhat experienced players. I was Level-1 with BOTH Killers. Do you see the problem. Whatever formula they are using does not work, or it doesn't work consistently if it is Killer based. And if you guys did do something Killer based, why would you put a more powerful Killer (Spirit) up against the weaker Survivors?
    3. One day is not enough to test anything but here are my thoughts. This MMR supposedly has had almost a year running in the background to gather data. It still doesn't appear to have enough data. It doesn't work in a consistent way. You might as well make the system entirely RANDOM and just slot the first in first out to have maximum speed in the ques. The consistency of matchmaking wouldn't be any worse or better. If the matchmaking is still going to be this rough, we might as well get speed.

    I'm going to say, again, that this game has too many variables to ever have good matchmaking. Every time you guys attempt something this point gets reinforced. The only FAIR way to do it is to match OPPORTUNITY to be better, rather than actual Skill. In other words do it by Devotion levels or by Hours. Create windows that only let certain people through. Not all people with 2K hours are of equal Skill; that is not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that even the WORST player with 2K hours is going to so far beyond a Potato as to make a difference.

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  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    My experience with SBM has been... reasonably good with a few misses.

    My first game as Legion seemed like I was against largely competent Survivors. I think I had a Yui who was trying a bit too hard to get the Any Means Necessary tome challenge. It was fairly even until I took a way too long chase that let them finish the last 2 gens and committed to hooking someone after Gens were done who I forgot was on Death Hook. 1k mostly due to my mistakes.

    Did 3 Myers games who is my current main. First one, I got 2 not great Survivors, but in spite of that they did get 4 gens done. 4k for me. Next one, I got 1 dead as doors got powered. They grouped up on a single gate and Tier 3 got me 2 more downs. Last one noped out the other gate. Last one was Ormond which isn't great for Myers. They did a decent job of looping and I stayed in Tier 1 too long for the map. Didn't have anybody dead when doors were powered, but had 1 hooked in basement. They got overly altruistic and I scraped together a few more hooks and another kill during end game.

    I was curious to see what it would do for my Blight who I'm much worse as and who got bodied the last few games I tried as him. Match took longer to get and I got a crop of significantly worse Survivors. Honestly it undershot a bit. None of them where particularly good at looping and you need to loop vs Blight. Though if I'm being honest, it maybe wouldn't have been so bad if the team hadn't been going way too hard on Sabo and Flashlight attempts. Either way, they only got 1 gen done (though 3 more were close) despite no real tunneling or camping. 1 guy got out cause Unbreakable + Hatch.

  • GatssGatss Member Posts: 22

    A friend of mine

  • rharha Member Posts: 251

    My experience:

    I have played only a few matches so far on each side. 24 hours isn't really that much for the little time I have available to play. And among those I played, unfortunately one game the killer was just farming.

    So, I took some time off from the game awhile ago because I was burnt out from rift grind and was rank 20 both roles not too long ago and still rather low ranks on both roles.

    First, killer. I usually play this very late in the evening/night. Around that time I pretty often get sweaty squads lately that are rank 15-19 (however they manage to do this) when I'm really just playing chill without tryharding or meta perks. With the groups I recently got, I was often getting about 1-3 hooks all game. Don't mind too much, rather wondering how they enjoy such games, but this just for reference to how it was before MMR.

    So I had to play Clown for a daily, I usually never play him and can't say I'm good with him. I had to wait unusually long for the time of day to get a match. The survivors were not that good and it wasn't a lot of fun as in "too easy if I had played seriously". I also don't like the "guess which locker someone's hiding in, otherwise you don't see anyone all game" play. Same repeated with a second Clown game, longer wait, rather easy game.

    I then switched to another killer I play more often (Pig) and got instant lobbies. The survivors were suddenly rank 1-3 and notably better than in the Clown games but in a good way, those were really fair and fun games with tons of hooks and plenty bloodpoints for everyone. They played bold as I like it, but it was nothing like the low rank sweaty e-sport teams I kept running into these last days, rather folks who like me also just played to have fun.

    This afternoon I played a few survivor games. I tend to avoid ranking up too high as long as I can, I don't have good experience with red rank teammates in solo queue when I was in red ranks myself, and with the "soft" rank reset it felt the red ranks got cluttered up more and more with not so good survivors. Since I was back at rank 20 only just recently, I'm currently at rank 12. These last days I played mostly with green/yellow rank players, with the odd matchmaking screwup here and there (e.g. rank 1 or rank 20 killers for a mid-rank group).

    So with MMR on, I got suddenly thrown as rank 12 survivor into all red rank lobbies, and this time with actually good teammates. I was delighted as my main hope for the MMR were to get better teammates more often in solo queue.

    So, overall a good experience for me, but as I said, I only played a few games due to time constraints. Unfortunately I can't play the remaining hours until it is switched off again. It would be interesting to have the MMR on for a longer time after any adjustments you may want to make.

  • dontpanic503dontpanic503 Member Posts: 42

    My experience with MMR so far:

    As survivor, played about 20 matches. For context, I'm a purple rank survivor, not great at running/looping, but decent. The first 10-12 games I played with MMR on I was put in survivor squads of mostly rank 17-20 survivors, and against similarly ranked killers, and my escape rate went way up. I think I only died in 2 matches. Then the game seemed to decide I was way more skilled, and the next two games I was immediately paired against rank 1 killers, and got stomped. After that, it eased off and started pairing me against green & purple rank killers, and with relatively evenly ranked survivors, and the games felt more balanced. So... my experience as survivor was that the games were the most balanced when I was matched with other players of relatively similar rank.

    As killer, played about 10 matches, and noticed little or no difference from before MMR was implemented. I'm a much worse killer than survivor, hovering between yellow & green ranks most of the time, but was still paired against survivor squads that are 4 purple or red rank players. (Which is consistent with normal matchmaking. It's a very common occurrence for me, at rank 12 or 13, to go against a rank 1 survivor and 3 others in red/purple.) That said, I got slightly more kills than I do most nights playing killer, so maybe the skill assessment was doing something right? It's possible it was pairing me against people who were ranked beyond their skill, since I did get more kills than usual. I did notice more outlier survivors, like 3 red & purple rank survivor with 1 brown rank survivor mixed in, but it's hard to draw many conclusions from so few games.

  • ShrekTheThird69ShrekTheThird69 Member Posts: 327

    lot of fun here

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 2,216

    I think MMR has been fantastic so far! I only played survivor but I got a lot of experience in solo and with one other person as an SWF.

    It worked amazingly well when I was playing solo. Most every survivor I was matched up with was very experienced and knew how to play the game well (I have 1,200 hours and am consistently rank 1 in the normal ranks). I've honestly had some of the most fun games i've had in a long time. That doesn't mean it was great all the time however, there were a few wacky games thrown in that had some less experienced players... I had a couple games where we just absolutely destroyed the killer because there was such a big skill gap between us. Most of the time I felt evenly matched with all players.

    My biggest problems came with SWF. I played maybe 5 or 6 games with my friend who has around half of my hours. There were some really rough games with him, i'm sure our differing data messed up the matchmaking quite a bit because it was all over the place. One game we had survivors and a killer who were brand new to the game and other times we had decent survivors with a really good killer. I definitely did not enjoy my time in SWF nearly as much as I did in solo. It felt much better than the normal ranks.

    Overall I am very excited for when MMR becomes permanent. My biggest problem with dbd is the current matchmaking system because it can be so hard to do well in games sometimes and it can honestly ruin the game. A common occurrence for me is games lasting only a few minutes because of our poor team composition. I even noticed that most PC players I matched up with either had really close to the amount of play time I have or have even more. I had so much fun playing the game yesterday.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,988

    I only played a handful of matches last night with an swf teammate. We're both purple rank after reset.

    First two matches we didn't play normal, we were trying to do stun killer after reseting a pallet challenge so both died fairly quick but got it done after second match (yay!). Both matches the killer was yellow/brown rank, we had 1 red rank teammate and other was yellow/brown rank - they probably hated us because we were more focused on archive challenge than match itself.

    Third match we actually played to escape - I spent the match getting chased by a Leatherface, was hooked once between chases. Everyone escaped and no one else even got injured. Leatherface was yellow or brown rank, and again one teammate was red rank and other was yellow/brown rank.

    Next match was a rank 1 Deathslinger, same set up as previous matches for teammate ranks. The yellow/brown died fairly quick and we were only able to get 3 gens done before he killed rest of us.

    Overall I'd say it's not working. Each match I was getting two middle rank players, a high rank player, and a low rank player against either a high rank killer or low rank killer. If against high rank killer the low rank teammate is being carried by the team if they don't quickly get sacrificed. If low rank killer the higher rank survivors will just ruin their time because they can easily loop the killer. I know there are low rank players that don't belong in their ranks but the ones I was paired with/against didn't even have a teachable on their character and were all green/yellow perks. When mmr isn't turned on the low ranks I get paired with/against more often have p3 outfits with full load out of purple teachable perks and are able to hold their own against the higher rank players, it was odd I didn't get any of those players as either killer or survivor yesterday.

  • Guest1567432Guest1567432 Member Posts: 728

    BHVR needs to remove the ranks besides everyone name because as long as the number and color are there the feedback will only be about the rank.

  • Leonardo1itaLeonardo1ita Member Posts: 1,880

    Europe, Italy. I've been against super strong survivors. Literally. Super strong. MMR works, I don't know if perfectly. I didn't play as survivor at all, but as killer I've played since 3pm Italy time, and survivors were simply insane. I've got 2050 hours, played since Jenuary 2017, + tons opf knowledge and youtube videos and twitch streams.

    I trained myself a lot!

    Good work BHRV, keep it this way.

    But please do something for the gens speed. Even with Pyramid and tormenting people, I am forced to tunnel a lot, patrol the hook, and never go for chases.

    I was doing this strategy: Try to torment, hook in a place far from lockers so they can't use ds, avoid bt, cage, go to the cage, hook, dead.

    That's it, and gens were still going insanely fast against these survivors. Every match was like a SCRIM, I am not joking.

    Even when I somehow won, it was because I simply tunneled the last person to death, only him. No different chases.

    If I couldn't torment I was basically forced to tunnel and I knew I was gonna lose no matter what because the game foundation doesn't allow me to.

    That's my opinion, which I really believe into.

  • aerafieldaerafield Member Posts: 47

    It's great!

    Just wanted to take a brief moment to say that the new MMR system is one of the BEST additions to the game by far.

    Usually I criticize DbD a lot, but this system works surprisingly well. I always hated how you constantly get put into matches with totally casual players even if you are a tryhard and win a lot. Both survivor and killer games felt really sweaty and I loved it

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,297

    Played a lot of survivor, teams had very good pairing and felt on par with my skill level. Killer was completely demoralizing with everyone playing at swf sweat squad level with even brown ranks running maxed meta perks, and that's on killers I literally never touch.

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