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MMR is not broken, just needs time.

Ill never understand how people complain about everything.

Any ranked game will have a reset time, usually every 3 months. During that time you will have people of ALL SKILL LEVELS playing matches together for about 2-3 weeks as people move up or down MMR. Then by week 3 you really see more consistency untill you start going against people of your skill level and eventually people better then you.

So how about lets give MMR more then 24 hours and go from there before we complain and say its useless cause youre Rank 1 playing with Rank 15s or you're rank 15 playing against rank 1 killers etc.

Every game has this period but i dont hear any where near the amount of people complaining about matches.... Just chill. Let MMR do its job and eventually it will work out.

Just dont play for a few days once its implemented full time and that will help some of the high rank players move up before you play.


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