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Dragon's Grip and NOED: 1-Shot Perks Are Grossly Unbalanced

SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,701

In the state of the game today with survivors being so nerfed and oppressed, killer 1-shot perks are grossly unbalanced. If survivors are unable to have second chance perks to advance their game then perks like Dragon's Grip and NOED and others need to go. I played against a silent bell wraith with Dragon's Grip and it felt cheap as hell and I quit the game for the day to play a different game. The devs do need to recognize that they are creating an extremely unbalanced game where one side gets free reign and the other side has no options. Killer is way too easy and it is not fun playing either side. No wonder killrates are extravagant when killers have such strong perks and addons and survivors have little to work with.



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