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Why I believe that MMR isn't healthy for DBD

(Disclaimer, this is going to be me ranting, just humour me please)

After playing during the MMR test and seeing what people were saying, i think it is safe to say that MMR was once again not a good thing, and here's why i believe it never will be

1.DBD is not balanced enough to have MMR

I know, big shocker that I'm starting with this and because people with a lot more knowledge on this game then i do have put it a lot better then me I'll keep it short, but simply put, DBD is by and large not balanced, 90% of the perks are completely redundant and only 3 maybe 6 of the 24 killers we have are viable at high levels of play, high rank games are either "play like this with this killer or get genrushed to hell" and this is all high rank matches will be, if every killer and perk was viable at high rank play i would say otherwise, but they aren't, because of this high MMR will be only 3 killers with only 8 different perks and it will get stale insanely quickly, i'd say this would be easy to fix, but it simply isn't, this is a asymmetrical multiplayer game where buffing the basekit of one side nerfs the other and vice versa, i've long since accepted that it would take a act of god to make this game perfectly balanced, adding MMR on top of the fustercluck that is this game would result in disaster.

2.DBD is not a skill based game

Ask any high level player or content creator if DBD is a skill-based game, they will look at you, and either laugh hysterically or question if you're high, you want to know how easy it is to break this game's balance? Answer, if you're survivor, put on 4 second chance perks, buddy up with 3 friends and use Discord, for Killer? Play Nurse, Spirit or Freddy with BBQ and 3 slowdown perks, congrats, you have entirely broken DBD's balance and pretty much guaranteed you win every game you are in

Lets compare this to Team Fortress 2, TF2 as it is right now is at a state where it's casual game mode is arguably one of the most skill-based games that is popular right now, and guess what? it doesn't have MMR either, high level players get matched with people who just installed the game all the time, and guess what, no one complains because the game is balanced in such a way where a single person can completely dominate a server by their skill and knowledge of the game alone, DBD is not like this, you can be as good as a killer as you want but unless you're playing Nurse, Spirit or Freddy or are the Jesus of Blight, Huntress or Oni you are not winning against teams with map knowledge and 4 second chances.

3.MMR will either change nothing at all for the majority of people or make everything worse for everyone

I know I'm probably in the minority of people when i say this, but Ranks are completely fine for matchmaking and work, the matches where one side gets absolute demolished are VERY RARE, lets say by some act of god MMR actually works, you know what changes? Nothing, Low ranks will still be low ranks, mid ranks will still be the best place to play and high ranks will still be brain-damagingly infuriating to play at, the only difference? Simple, High MMR players will only get Spirits and Nurses and the majority of content creators will quit because the game becomes insanely stale, and if it doesn't work, well guess what, the few times one side gets completely steamrolled? That will become the norm

Rant over, I needed to get that off my chest, please BHVR, MMR is not healthy for DBD, especially not in it's current state, you need to either work on massive balancing changes or improve the matchmaking we already have, otherwise that angry mob that sprouted up when Binding of Kin dropped will grow 50 sizes and you will have actual riots on your hands


  • chadbeastofpreychadbeastofprey Member Posts: 434

    imo the only (good) reason they're adding MMR is so that killer mains can learn killers they don't main in easier lobbies.

    a much simpler solution would be to put you in lower lobbies for the first x amount of matches or x amount of hours on that killer. pls bhvr. i agree with op, mmr does not work in this game, it makes no sense.

  • BingbongbongBingbongbong Member Posts: 202
    edited March 21

    For years everyone has complained about Balance and now that the one thing causing a huge impact being matchmaking finally gets a solution people are upset?

    The old matchmaking put people of widely different skill sets together as survivors making the difference between solo play and SWF very noticeable. With MMR it seemed like teams where actually matched well.

    I know this sounds bad for KIllers but in the long run it's going to be a good thing. If the game is truly unbalanced MMR will just show way more accurately what needs to be changed. Or we could go back to rank based matchmaking that was almost entirely just time spent playing and continue to complain about balance until the game ends.

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