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It's getting really hard to enjoy survivor

I'm a killer main who likes playing survivor, it's a fun, new, refreshing side of the game that I can do if playing killer's getting too stressful. The issue is however, why the ######### are all the boring killers the ones being played? All I go against are Bubbas, Hags and Pigs, that's all I get anymore and it's so damn boring. Can I see like, a killer that requires more than 2 braincells to function as for once, like can I see a Billy or a Blight, hell even a Legion, I'd love to face a Legion. Is this all majority killers play? Just the boring no skill or fun ones? Like ######### man



  • magicmaster2020magicmaster2020 Member Posts: 499

    I'm actually starting to main Legion, but I honestly feel like it's too easy at times because of my build.

  • JinSimeJinSime Member Posts: 405

    I'm also bored on survivor side. But I'm unfortunately more frustrated about teammates than anything.

    Also, I'm playing exclusively Plague lately, since... I don't know why, but now everybody now seem to be cleansing often, giving me power for days. So it's being fun... and it's a different challenge for the survivors. Sometimes they dominate me, especially when they don't cleanse and my fountains are in Narnia, but sometimes I can make pressure for days.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,344

    It's not that refreshing for me at all. Survivor is really one of two ways every match, it's either a noob killer and you might win or its another killer with the meta perks carrying and it becomes a slug party with no opportunity to win. 9 out of 10 matches, however, is a guaranteed loss and it gets boring very quickly being overwhelmingly disadvantaged almost every match.

  • KA149108KA149108 Member Posts: 159
    edited March 2021

    Playing survivor can be really frustrating. A lot of the time you try your best for your team but they do the most stupid things, farming off hook infront of killer, wasting time in basement instead of doing the objective, being hooked and having two survivors working on the same gen while the third is getting chased by killer (obviously I want my team working but in the circumstance one survivor should leave the gen while the other carries on working). Also you can be a really good teammate, get saves, do gens and the other survivor will still cuck you because they're selfish. I've started playing a different online game and honestly I haven't even missed dbd. I'll play occasionally with my friend but only when theyre online on DBD.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,717
  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,085

    Exactly, besides infectious nurse and stridor spirit, no killer feels unfair to go against. Yes, there are other killers that i don't love to go against, but if I'm having bad games as survivor it's usually me being annoyed at myself for looping bad or teammates that let me go into phase 2 before unhooking or stealth boys that really don't do much of anything.

  • ChalupaXIIIChalupaXIII Member Posts: 13

    Man, I'd love to go against a hag lol. I get a lot of freddy and huntress. Every time a game starts up and I hear the humming I'm like sigh... fine. I wish Meyers was a little better so I'd actually get to go against him. I rarely ever see him but when I do it's always a fun time.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,717

    Most solo matches as survivor aren’t really you being at a disadvantage it’s more just teammates making mistakes.

    Most maps are survivor sided with only a few exceptions and survivor meta perks are stronger than killer meta perks

    The only exception being nurse and spirit

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 2,161

    Maybe it's your rank? I havent seen a hag or pig in weeks if not months lol. I'd love a game against killers like wraith, clown, pig, Billy, doctor, hag, plague, demo... well you see my point I dont see half the killers

  • Eve13Eve13 Member Posts: 359

    I don't know, at the moment I think there is only Stridor Spirit or Nurse. Sometimes I see an Oni or GF in the red ranks. But everything else is really rare. 

    Bubbas are my hate killer, because most of them have a really annoying play style and only very rarely there are some that don't slug, tunnel or even camp. Even on the high ranks they somehow get further and I wonder why?

    But it's really not the killers that I'm upset about most of the time. My teammates suck so much sometimes. The worst are the Hatch campers who don't even try to save me from my first hook at the end. Even though I have Kindred with me and they can see exactly where the killer is. 

    Or the people who farm you off the hook in front of the killer and don't take a hit. When is the feature coming that I can kick such people in the face as a survivor? 

    When the MMR test was, it was better - I had really mostly good mates who have even heard of body blocking and safe hook rescue. xD

  • rglarson13rglarson13 Member Posts: 197

    Let's not forget the super cool suicide on first hook because it doesn't count as a loss of you just quit at soon as you screw up.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,717

    You still depip for suicides so it’s pretty much a loss

  • rglarson13rglarson13 Member Posts: 197

    Yeah, but the kind of trash survivor that suicides on first hook doesn't care about that.

    It's obviously BHVR's fault for putting too many OP killers in the game.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    And yet, kill rates were reasonably high for all killers and pick rates for Hag, Bubba, and Pig were ~12% combined as of late 2020. Five-minute matches only happen if the killer seriously over-commits to a chase or can't get their first hook for quite a while. That or the survivors just get streamrolled.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,604
    edited March 2021

    I've seen too many Bubbas. He's not OP it just gets boring to see so many Bubbas.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636
    edited March 2021

    How is it even possible for most maps to be survivor sided with a few exceptions? At that point the entire game is just survivor sided and the maps are mostly neutral lol

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,717

    If you look at balanced maps like coal tower or Campbell’s chapel you can see the game is fairly balanced but a lot of maps like haddonfield badham or farm are pretty survivor sided

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636
    edited March 2021

    And yet, here are the ten most-played killers as of late 2020:

    1. Pyramid Head (this was pre-nerf iirc, so he's probably a bit lower now)
    2. Huntress
    3. Doctor
    4. Wraith
    5. Trapper
    6. Myers
    7. Nurse
    8. Spirit
    9. Ghost Face
    10. Billy

    Many of these killers are ones that survivors really enjoy facing. Myers and Wraith, for example are usually favorites, and Nurse and Huntress are two of my personal favorites to play against. Notice the typical anti-fun boogeymen not on here: Hag, Freddy, Deathslinger. Notice also that all three of the killers from this post aren't even on here. If people are switching to strong killers and just sweating for wins, it's clearly not that many people. Compare it to the kill rate list:

    1. Freddy
    2. Pig
    3. Bubba
    4. Doctor
    5. Spirit
    6. Myers
    7. Ghost Face
    8. Hag
    9. Trapper
    10. Legion

    Only half of the strongest killers by kill rate overlaps with the most-played killer list, including none of the top three. Given that there were 21 killers in the game as of those stats being released, this is no different than what you'd expect if you picked ten killers from the roster at random to make each list.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 270

    I mean, I enjoy looping huntresses but other than that I agree with you. Spirit and Freddy are the worst to play against by far, spirits just random chance and Freddy is so boring. I'd say a close second in terms of boringness is clown, he isn't good, he's just not fun to play against in the slightest

  • ManWithALemonManWithALemon Member Posts: 422

    Pyramid Head, Nurse, and Spirit are some of the most hated Killers in the game by Survivor players.

    And before you say you like Nurse: Cool. You're just one person. Most of the community hates going against Nurse.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    I think the game balance is reasonably fair personally, but I'd say the same about the maps. I'm just curious how most maps could ever be considered survivor-sided in a balanced game. You'd have to have like three 90% kill rate maps on the other end lol. For every Haddonfield there's a Hawkins imo

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    I don't know, I've heard people say that hate going against god nurses, but they're basically unicorns even at red rank. I like playing against her regardless of her skill, although if she's good and my teammates aren't I'm going to have a bad time.

    Still, PH, Nurse, and Spirit are three of the ten. Myers, Wraith, and Billy are also on the list and survivors tend to love playing against them. It's hard to gauge the general community feeling about killers unless the feedback is very consistent, but I'd split things out this way:

    Generally liked: Myers, Wraith, Billy

    Mixed bag: Trapper, Ghost Face, Nurse, Huntress

    Generally disliked: Pyramid Head, Doctor, Spirit

    I don't see a trend here.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,116


    Kill rates don't reflect the context of the match, just final results. A 5min match shows Survivors severely pressing the killer on time but can still end with noed earning kills. Even when killers snowball early, letting up for fun can easily flip the situation. I've had games where 3 players are in the killer's face and we all make it out thanks to hook times.

    Even with quick downs, something that shouldn't happen when Survivors are competent, objective time favors Survivors.

    As for pick rates; I'm not saying they won't be played, but majority is always gonna be killers which can operate within the crunch time.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    Kill rates reflect all match contexts. Maybe one killer is good at snowballing and gets fewer total hooks. Maybe one killer can't snowball well but is lethal in the 1v1 and thereby gets more hooks. Both are nonetheless performing reasonably well, because every killer in the game is performing reasonably well. No killer in the game is struggling to get kills at any rank. It's pretty dubious to look at these numbers and assume it's just NOED.

    Objective time only favors survivors if the killer does not succeed in generating and maintaining pressure. At the start of the game, four survivors are doing gens. After the first chase but before the first hook, three survivors are still doing gens. From that point until the first survivor dies, unless if the killer is struggling to get downs, one survivor should be doing gens most of the time (one hooked, one saving, one getting chased, one on gens). When the first survivor dies, no survivors should be doing gens most of the time (one hooked, one saving, one getting chased). If the killer chases slowly or struggles to find a survivor this number can be higher, and if the killer is able to snowball into multiple slugs or hooks at once, this number can be lower.

    With four survivors on gens, all gens can be done in 80 seconds + moving between gen / hiding / secondary objective time, time lost to killer perks like Ruin and Pop, etc.

    With three survivors on gens, all gens can be done in around three minutes + " ".

    With one survivor on gens, all gens can be done in around seven minutes + " ". This should be enough time to chase/hook/chase/hook until a survivor dies.

    With no survivor on gens, GG.

    It's clear from this that the time needed to secure the first hook is insanely important to the outcome of the match, as is the killer continuing to find survivors and chase well. If the match is ending in five minutes with a survivor win, that suggests that the killer was unable to get an early down or that they went through a long stretch during which they either couldn't find anyone or seriously over-committed to a chase. Even if survivors are playing 100% optimally (splitting up, sticking to gens, looping well, etc.) the killer is still to blame in 99% of cases if the match ends that quickly. The one notable exception would be a killer like Legion that isn't able to end chases with their power on a map with a good number of chain-able safe pallets, like the new Meat Plant.


    Pick rates are going to mostly come down to who is the most fun to play. This is why killers like Huntress have such a high pick rate at all ranks despite not having a great kill rate. Some people are hyper competitive and have the most fun when they're winning as much as possible, but plenty of other people would just rather throw hatchets than sweat with Freddy or something.

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