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Favorite Killer to be up against?

DoccyDoccy Member Posts: 103

I really want to hear your opinions on this. Which Killer is the most fun to play against? I'm not concerned about balance, I'm talking pure enjoyment and tension - what Killer do you find makes for the most interesting opponent?

I'm working on a Killer concept and so I want to know what makes Killer fun to play against to ensure that the concept will be as good as possible.

Thank you in advance.



  • VESSELVESSEL Member Posts: 1,068

    Good Hillbilly, Good Nurse, or just Myers
    So that's insta kills, lack of options to counter and just lack of locating

    All the others vary between OK and SO EASY

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200
    edited June 2018

    Good nurse, its the only time this game feels like a horror game
    Oh and I really enjoyed playing against scratched mirror myers

  • Alther_PrimusAlther_Primus Member Posts: 131

    Unpopular opinion, but I can't help but smile when I'm going against a Doctor. It's pretty fun to micro your Madness and handle Risk vs Reward when it comes to dedicating to Gens.

    Myers and Pig are also quite enjoyable to face off against, whether it be the jumpscare factor of Myers or the intensity of trying to remove the RBT against the Pig.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,142

    A decent Huntress is really terrifying (I should know, just played said game yesterday.) The constant need to not go in a straight line and find the safest path out of her hatchets is very thrilling. Can't say much about Michael, only had one game against him, but I'd imagine that it could be intense. This may seem like an odd one, but Freddy is also decent to go against, because when he does find you, you can't really hide very well (I have literally 0 skill check related perks on my Survivors, unless you include the starting ones, which I haven't used, that Huntress game was me playing Tapp to get a daily done)

  • NickNick Member Posts: 876

    Leatherface, because he's a weak killer and you can dominate him for 5 gens straight.
    I don't like playing against Trapper or Hag because they can randomly kill you in loops because of their traps ;)

  • SorenSoren Member Posts: 369

    A good Huntress, for mindgame plays!

  • TaretsuTaretsu Member Posts: 46

    I usually like facing Nurses. It's a challenge but she's a killer you actually have to juke to get away from, rather than just loop to oblivion...

  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 66

    I love playing against the nurse most, but 2nd is the pig. Dislike billy and the wraith

  • cristalcaoscristalcaos Member Posts: 17

    leatherface, billy and nurse

  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    Billy, because he's the one I know best, and the most balanced killer in the game.
    LF to make fun of him since he sucks.
    Clown is also very fun to face.

  • Daveo_U_BDaveo_U_B Member Posts: 5

    I love playing against Nurse, Billy, Michael, and Leatherface.

  • aufovskyaufovsky Member Posts: 52

    i like wraith, trapper, myers, huntress, billy, leatherface,

  • PiriPiri Member Posts: 8

    To have a challenge I prefer a decent nurse.
    To feel good it's propably Freddy

  • TheTimeMachineTheTimeMachine Member Posts: 229
    With no regard to how “challenging” the killer is; my favorite to play against is Trapper. When it’s quiet and I’m playing stealth-like, but only to step gingerly on a bear trap is devastating, and saps my hope. It’s a thrill to lose sometimes.
  • CroquedeadCroquedead Member Posts: 91
    Myers. By far
  • KatKat Member Posts: 12

    Myers cause he's a cutie, and I like his screams when he gets pallet stunned.
    Doctor is nice cause I can throw sneaky play out of the window and run wild and not get judged. Also he has a charming laugh. Yes.

  • AstoriaAstoria Member Posts: 5

    I'm feeling in a true horror movie/game with Myers, he's so quiet and when i don't notice him, well.. i'm screaming in front of my computer ->. So much tension in a game with him. After him, i would say a nurse or huntress. I feel like i can't escape them, no matter I run or hide. (with the nurse's blink and the huntress' hatchets)

  • PharmacyPharmacy Member Posts: 29

    A good nurse, because I am on console and they are the rarest thing to come by. Once, I ran into the same P3 nurse main a few times in a row and it was the most fun I have ever had in my life, really tested my skills and I am happy I got the chance to play against them even though I was severely screwed over in each game and only managed to survive once or twice.

  • PandakecksPandakecks Member Posts: 20

    I really enjoy to playing against the Nurse :chuffed:

  • greynite1greynite1 Member Posts: 1

    Personally I Really Like Myers, Freddy and the Doctor!! As a huge fan of the First twos series I get a huge thrill from actually getting to Run away from and out wit these horror legends! (not always but I try) The Doctor is such a neat game mechanic and concept I love playing against it.

  • FujinRaijinFujinRaijin Member Posts: 72


  • SilasSilas Member Posts: 307

    @Dwight_Fairfield said:
    Michael Myers. Always a fun match where you need to keep looking over your shoulder, with a few guaranteed jump scares.

    Good ole Mikey is where it's at

  • crabby247crabby247 Member Posts: 58

    My favorite to go against is the Nurse (I can usually escape her) and the Huntress ( I love getting in chases with her and love those hatchets flying by) but I think I actually have the most fun with the Hag and the Doctor. Those games are usually very long, high scoring matches for me.

  • Techn0Techn0 Member Posts: 405

    Pig, gives the survivors another objective that the game so desperately needs. Not to mention stall is always welcomed and needed by killers.

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