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Why you don't know what map pressure is

I see it around here a lot, X killer has bad map pressure, so they're balanced, usually in reference to Deathslinger but can be used for other killers as well. The problem is that ALL killers have map pressure, because it's an inherent feature of the game, and how to play killer well.

So let's start off with what most people mean when they say map pressure, map mobility. Billy, Blight, Oni and Spirits power, Demo and Freddy teleport are forms of map mobility. Being able to get from one point on the map to another quickly is a very powerful tool, and all the killers I listed are some of the best in the game. That does not mean they have good map pressure.

Map pressure is forcing survivors into actions that are not repairing generators. Can map mobility cause that? Yes, of course, but lacking mobility does not mean you lack pressure. Being able to injure and quickly down causes map pressure. So let's set up a hypothetical; let's take Pyramid head as an example, since he lacks mobility but has a great chase game. Let's also use Azarov's as a map as well since it has a good layout for this example. Match starts, you find and down a survivor at the shack side of the map, hook them and start a chase with another survivor. You are now pressuring three survivors, even if two of them are on the Shop side of the map. Why three? Because one is now hooked and cannot do anything, the other is actively being chased, leaving the other two to save the hooked survivor or do gens and let the hooked player go to struggle or die. So in that situation only one survivor can be on a gen at that time, or the first hooked player dies. You can theoretically pressure the whole map without ever leaving shack side.

That scenario is what pressuring gens is, not walking to and looking at gens. When survivors are forced to take actions that are not repairing gens, that creates pressure, because they then need to decide to do gens, or let their team die, weakening their chance a survival. This is where map knowledge and awareness comes into play, but that's a whole other topic.

TL;DR: Map pressure =/= Map mobility, and vice versa, though mobility can help create pressure.


  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030
    edited March 2021

    The main pressures any killer can cause are injuring, hooking and slugging, increasing in that order. Other smaller methods are pushing them off gens so they have to spend time running to another one or chasing them, which also wastes your time so not beneficial to you. Other ways of pressure caused by specific situations are mending, cleansing and searching jigsaw boxes.

    For example, this is why Deliverance is such a good perk, it completely removes pressure from the survivors after you are hooked since no one needs to spend time running to you and unhooking you. Medkits are also better at time saving than toolboxes because of this, it hardcounters the most common pressure of healing.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,881

    Azarov's as a map as well since it has a good layout for this example.

    Azarov's is a bad example. You can ignore half the map if you play it right.

    Try giving an example for Fractured Cowshed.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    It’s just the shape of the map, since it’s an I and has two distinct structures at either end of the map (shack and shop). The same concept applies to all maps, Azarov’s was just the map I used.

    So let’s take cowshed, then. You hook a survivor by the barn, and start a chase with a survivor at slaughter tree. Then let’s say the other two survivors were at killer shack, one now has to leave and get the save, or the hooked player will lose a hook state. See, works the same, map doesn’t matter at all.

    It doesn’t matter what map you’re on, creating pressure doesn’t change. How you position, and how difficult it is to get pressure is what’s affected by map/tile layout.

  • Everything in this post is correct the answer may be that some people are probs referring to a killers map mobility as map pressure though all other means of pressure as just pressure I know I do that and it can make things confusing to explain because the term is not really standardized. I do see a lot of people misunderstanding what's meant by pressure overall however.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,881

    Making a lot of assumptions. Are you guaranteed a down before the other survivor is unhooked? No. Will they waste time healing or jump on that farm gen? How long did it take you to get that one down to start with? Did they four stack on one gen at the start and finished it before you made it to them?

    There's more than just down a survivor and chase another.

  • UnentitledBunnyManUnentitledBunnyMan Member Posts: 313

    If a killer can't down a survivor quick enough then he has no preassure, period.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 2,657

    I agree with the post. Map pressure is not mobility. Map pressure is the ability to paralyze team members at once with killer. It is the ratio and uptime that survivors are allowed to work on generators. A great example of this is Oni. Oni at the start of the game finds one survivor, he is 1vs1'ing one survivor meaning his map pressure is 3 to 1. When Oni downs the survivor and put them on a hook and he finds another survivor, he is now 2 to 2. When survivor unhooks other survivor as another is getting chased and heals them, for 16 seconds, he is 1 to 3 and when the heal completes, it will revert to start of the game which is 3 to 1. When Oni activates his power and let say down 3 people with his power. When 3 people are slugged, he at 4 to 0. He has successfully paralyzed entire team therefore his map pressure is at his maximum until survivors pick themselves up. Map pressure is game-state. Bare in mind, survivors do not need to heal to push generator so just because your injured does not mean the killer has map pressure. Survivors decide that. Being injured just means everyone is globally exposed in the map which is either amazing or completely pointless depending how each side plays it.

    How good a killer is at paralyzing the team how quickly they get hits. How quickly they get hits is depended on the killer ability to outplay survivors at loops. So when people say Spirit has good map pressure. What they mean is that spirit can get hits quickly because she can outplay survivors at the vast majority of loops in the game thus getting many downs in quick succession which translates into paralyzing the team from doing generators. When people say Clown or Deathslinger or say new Trickster killer will have poor map pressure, they mean that the killer is only capable of 1vs1'ing a single survivor at a time and their 1vs1 is very long producing high generator-uptime I.e, they're easy gen-rush. They just physically can't down survivors when jungle gym pallet is thrown etc. It just wastes their time. wasting time = fast gens.

    As sad as it may sound, In order for killer to be strong, their ability has to be very reliable, have almost no weakness and be very quick at downing survivors. All this translates into having low interactivity for survivor which survivors refer as "Boring" or buzz words like "Lack of counter-play", "Unfun".

    TL:DR Anti-loop is best map pressure for killer.


    A large reason why killers used Ruin+Undying+Tinkerer is because when you finish a gen up to 60 seconds and killer pushes you away. If the generator fully regresses, It is as if the survivor was AFK(Away from Keyboard/Not playing the game) so perks that slow the game down artificially empower the killer's map pressure. This is why they're used so much, so that 3 to 1 with Ruin is like 2:2 or even 1:3, So even when killers has bad pressure, Ruin, Pop goes weasel, Corrupt intervention makes the killers map pressure look "good" as those perks artificially drop survivor's generator up-time/reduce effectiveness of survivors gen pressure(a form of map pressure).

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Against good teams you need mobility to pressure the gens, because they won't get off them just to save one person. You have to combine quick chases with forcing them off gens, often by physical traveling to the gen.

    This mixes with the basic ability to just hold W and creates a game where pressuring gens is more about teams letting you pressure them by making mistakes for you to capitalise on, rather than you outplaying them.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 2,657

    @MadLordJack Its kinda what i mean, 1vs1'ing a survivor is poor map pressure, you need multiple people paralyzed at a consistent rate. Good killers do not rely on survivor's looping skills, they play their own game. Spirit does not play survivor's looping game. She plays her own Phase walk game and survivors need to play HER phase-walk game, Not the other way around. Nurse does not rely on it either, she plays the blink game. They can generate map pressure on their own accord and when they do, a vast majority of the survivor team is often paralyzed from doing gens. Map mobility is only good because perks like Ruin and Pop goes weasel generate gen pressure which becomes map pressure, but map mobility is not map pressure. If it was, Billy and Demogorgon would be triple S-tier.

    Legion has map mobility, It does not mean he has good map pressure. Why? He has to play looping game. The looping game is god pallets. The looping game is holding W after pallet breaks. The looping game is safe loop design. safe pallet design. The looping game is safe window design with safe vantage points. What does all this stuff do? It wastes time. its poor map pressure. For m1 killers, they rely on survivor mistakes because killers can physically not hit them if the survivor rejects getting hit. For those killers to have good map pressure, they need to look at the foundation and look into making tilesets unsafe so that killers more opportunity to mindgame survivors which gives them more opportunity to get hits to generate map pressure. So when they rework all the maps and put breakable walls & remove god windows, map will still be imbalanced until they work on balancing actual tilesets like jungle gyms etc. and if you do not want to weaken tilesets, than you need to make killer powers super strong with really powerful perks to compensate imbalances in the game i.e More Stridor-Spirit killers. Buff Freddy etc.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    Of course I am, it's an example of how to create map pressure. I could come up with some hyper complex scenario of what could actually happen in a trial, but there's no point, there are a load of factors that change how you approach pressuring the map. My point is that the concept of creating pressure is the same regardless of the map, just because cowshed can be harder to create pressure than Azarovs does not change how you actually create that pressure.

    This is an example of more ways to create pressure, of course just getting a hook and then starting another chase isn't the be all end all on how to create pressure. Proxy camping, spreading damage, slugging are some tools to use that can help, but if used wrong with hinder as well. Quit nitpicking a hypothetical scenario, do I really need to write a novel on how a game could go, step by step, play by play.

    Not true at all. Mobility helps, its a very good tool but it doesn't mean you'll get pressure, or lose it. If a survivor is on a hook and their team is gens before friends, proxy camp. If survivors are only holding W, try and corral them to a part of the map and slug/proxy the hook. That's part of the skill ceiling of the game, making good decisions on when you should break a chase, when to use the tools all killers have to slow the game and get pressure.

    Once again I will state this, walking to gens is NOT how you pressure them, or the map, it's a tool in a much larger toolbox that a killer must utilize. I used a very basic example, because to fully explain how to pressure the map and gens is a long, long write up.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 6,097

    Ehhh. Yes and no. If I know where a chase is happening and I'm in a call with that person so they know which gens to stay away from, I'm not being pressured.

    The reason S tier killers are S tier is because they have both chase and mobility. And the reason a killer like Pyramid is low A tier is because I can hold W away from gens for two hits while survivors knock 1 or 2 out with Prove Thyself.

    Remember that a 10 second chase in the right part of the map is much more valuable for survivors than a 30 second chase in the wrong part. When a killer lacks mobility, they often lack the ability to zone a survivor effectively. I genuinely don't care if Pig hits me once. I'm tanking a hit and holding W away from objectives. That's what high end survivor play looks like against low mobility killers. You either commit to the chase and lose gens or you abandon chase and give a reset.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Thank crikey someone else said it. This is EXACTLY why I play Clown. Ending chases fast, and having at least 1 survivor always slugged puts IMMENSE pressure on the remaining survivors not in a chase to always be helping their teammates instead of being on gens (where I can help it).

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    ... no. That's not how map pressure works. You only have pressure so long as you are forcing people off of generators, and if a team isn't going for saves then camping won't solve your problem. You have to physically harass them away, preferably towards another generator that's being worked on. And none of this is assuming any slowdown perks whatsoever.

    And there's nothing skillful about camping, by the way. It's actually the first thing any killer learns beyond what buttons to press to make the survivors go down.

  • BadMrFrostyBadMrFrosty Member Posts: 1,100

    Not every killer is created equal, and not every killer can 'force' survivors to do anything other than their objective. That's why the mobility/heavily chase oriented killers have dominated the meta. The fact that survivors are willing to stay injured vs all but maybe two killers should say something about the state of the game.

  • GrimReaperJr1232GrimReaperJr1232 Member Posts: 1,206

    I mean, look at Nurse. Without add-ons, her mobility is horrible... but she downs people so quickly that it doesn't even matter.

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