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Why do you dislike a killer?

We always talk about how “this killer sucks”, “I hate this killer.” But why? It has to come from experience, so what was that experience?



  • pigsaagpigsaag Member Posts: 206

    mostly because they are hard to predict. deathslinger and spirits. they want to loop the normal way without thinking.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,748

    I dislike Killers with very small skill floors and high rewards, on common language, supereasy to play and extremely hard to counter, things like Spirit, Freddy and to a degree PH, with those 3 any noob can stomp.

    Nurse and Huntress while having an insane reward are much more difficult to play so at least you know if you get decimated is by someone who put a lot of work and effort on getting very good instead of buying Spirit and putting Stridor on her.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    I am not a big fan of the Pig, because I hate how her traps remove you from the normal gameplay. Now I have to go run around and try to get this trap off my head instead of playing the game. Pun intended, lol

  • Harold_ShipmanHarold_Shipman Member Posts: 737

    Some are just outright annoying, doctor and clown really irritate me, I think its the laugh.

    Used to hate Deathslinger for the same reason, but since playing him and really enjoying it, I played more and more and now I tend to enjoy playing against him too; I can relate to the killers experience and appreciate an awesome shot when it hits.

    Others, like somebody above mentioned; low skill floor and high reward. I always enjoy playing against a nurse, even when they utterly crush me, because its such a high skill cap killer that you have to respect it, and also because each game is so wildly different depending on the player. Meanwhile, Freddy and Spirit usually get 3k just for turning up.

    Pig and Trapper (less so since his trap escape chance changes) have an RNG factor that I just hate. With Pig, its always the last jigsaw box I check that I need to remove the RBT and with trapper my record for failed trap escape attempts sits at 16, by which time he had come from the other side of the map to graciously help me get free. I'm not a big fan of RNG mechanics; if I were playing these killers I'm sure every survivor would get free first time. I don't use Hex perks for the same reason, even old ruin undying was out of the equations within a minute for me in most games. But I guess some people may like that kind of thing.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,206

    I don’t like spirit or nurse because their counterplay is limited to how bad the player is

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 2,270

    I don't like going against any killer that is too overbearing in chase. Killers like Pyramid Head and Deathslinger completely negate pallets and windows, the only defense for a survivor, which is very unfun to go against because you don't even get a chance sometimes. Some killers even are monsters in chase and have crazy map mobility like Nurse.

    The most fun killers to go against are ones that are perfectly balanced like Hillbilly. His power is strong but isn't too overbearing, his power doesn't negate windows and you can actually loop him somewhat. He also has good map mobility.

  • Eve13Eve13 Member Posts: 390

    I absolutely can't stand Bubba and that's even though I love the movies. 

    But for one thing, I become a red rank idiot when I play him and just can't loop him. I don't know, he's the only killer I can't get along with. 

    For another, it's the mentality of 90% of the Bubba players I've experienced. Either they slug like savages or they tunnel you out funny or they are the classic camper. Whenever I get to a round and it's Bubba, I don't feel like playing anymore. 

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    I dislike facing stealth killers, but to be honest that's just because I'm not good at spotting them before they get me. I don't want them to be changed in any way, as the solution is just to face more and get better.

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,498

    Hag, to face and to play as.

    Matches are rather uneventful when you are playing against her, and playing as her is bad too because she relies completely on her power. And unlike Nurse, who can use her power almost on demand, Hag has to wait for a trap to be triggered, meaning that chases last much longer than they should. But I'll admit I probably run into this problem a lot because I'm not very good at her.

  • ZaytexZaytex Member Posts: 841

    Sad, I play Bubba and only tunnel, camp, or slug massively if the survivors give me no choice or act toxic.

    But then again, even when I try not to camp, people just go ''omg you camper'' because its the most common behaviour associated with bubba players, sadly.

  • Eve13Eve13 Member Posts: 390

    Yes, it's unfortunately a common prejudice and unfortunately there are a lot of Bubba Mains that make it their goal to be as sucky as possible and fit that exact stereotype.

    But yes, there is the unmentioned 10% that I've experienced as well. They go off the hook, they chase, they hook everyone three times and they all have fun (which doesn't change the fact that I'm like a deer in headlights when it's a bubba XD).

    He's just my personal nemesis. 

  • GrimReaperJr1232GrimReaperJr1232 Member Posts: 1,092

    Freddy. I hate Freddy with a passion.

    There's literally no winning with this guy! You hold M1 and never see him as he chases your teammate? You're asleep because he existed on the map for a minute. Wanna wake up? Either fail a skillcheck (which is pure RNG) and alert a killer who can teleport where you are, or go across the map to wake up only to fall back asleep again after a minute and a half... if Freddy doesn't find you first, anyhow.

    Are you awake? You're immune to his chasing power, great! Too bad you're not immune to his stealth. Sure you get the TR, but can't see ######### he's coming from until he's Myers-level of close. On maps like Bloodlodge, this can be a massive boon since you don't know where the hell to start running. This with passive sleep means you're going to be asleep for most of the match and trying to stay awake will just waste far too much time.

    Power through staying asleep? Welp, now you get the dream snares meaning looping will just get you killed. And my LORD, you will learn to appreciate the normal directional TR because his lullaby is absolutely infuriating! Is he getting closer or is he still chasing that meghead? Have you crossed the line of despair and decided to be a blendette? Too bad, you're literally highlighted for him... which you would kinda deserve for that one. BT? What's that?

    Freddy can be fun to play in the "turn your brain off and relax" sort of way. But that I find horrendous when I think about it. Freddy plays himself for the most part. Place a snare at a loop without so much as a slowdown, chase one while the others fall asleep, wait for your teleport to be ready, and pop a gen. Rinse and repeat.

    There are also Twins, but... do I need to explain that? I think everyone hates them.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    I'm similar with Billy/Oni/Bubba. I don't want them nerfed but I hate facing them because I suck at 360 juking their one shot. As for stealth killers I like going against them. A nice jump scare is appreciated in a horror game.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    That's why I like facing Hag. Jump scares and it forces you to pay attention

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    I really dislike going against Doctor.

    The whole experience is far too chaotic and noisy. The constant screaming/madness effect/electricity is a pain.

    One a side note, I believe the add-on that allows the Doctor to see fake doctors (indicating a survivor presence) should be removed. Static Blast is more than enough when it comes to locating survivors' positions.

  • BrequeBreque Member Posts: 427
    edited March 2021

    There are only 3 killers that i dislike

    Legion: mending simulator

    Plague: its really annoying especially when my teammates dont stop giving her the power

    Spirit: she is just to strong and boring to go against, so to win i bassically need to tryhard but tryharding in an booring game is really strestfull

  • Dizzy1096Dizzy1096 Member Posts: 918

    To play as or against you mean?

    Play as: Blight

    • Bouncing off objects you didn’t intend to
    • Sliding off objects you did intend to bounce off
    • Low pov making corn and swamp maps unplayable for me

    I’ll give him another try once his pov is updated but he’s the only killer in the game I actually despise playing.

    Against: Ghostface

    Mostly the unreliable reveal mechanic. The fact that you can be revealing him and he walks past a blade of grass for half a second which cancels it entirely but reveals your position. The fact that theres no warning and no penalty to his stealth, he just walks around a blind corner and smack.

  • HazularHazular Member Posts: 31

    This is absolutely my thinking when it comes to Freddy. I didn't mind him at first, when I first started playing the game I never had a problem escaping but as soon as you're out of those brown ranks good LORD. Genuinely feel like disconnecting whenever I spawn in and see those frickin timers 😂

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 547

    There's a few that I absolutely can't stand.

    Deathslinger and Spirit because they leave you little to no counterplay or interaction in chase. Sucks all the fun out of the game and I immediately want out against them.

    Freddy because of Ruin/Pop/Tinkerer existing and his addons providing slowdown just makes his kit too oppressive for too little effort.

    Legion because he gets an essentially free stab on you and then runs off to chase someone else while you are forced to stand there mending.

    Pig because I swear I somehow always end up having to search the fourth box and activating your trap is something your teammates passively do.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    Mostly toxic survivors. I'm trying to learn nurse. As a rank 1. It's no bueno. Gen rushing, and to boot. The games I've played. Theyve opened the exit gates. And waited basically the full 2 minutes. Flashlighting, and teabagging. Instead of just leaving.

  • ShenshenShenshen Member Posts: 247

    I hate Hag. I hate everything about her.

  • SaintDorksSaintDorks Member Posts: 252

    The Doctor: Is basically someone admitting they have no map awareness or tracking skills and needs more or less a free interrupt to catch anyone. On top of that 90% of the time a doctor is gonna be a toxic sob.

    Spirit: It is not mind games to have a really good headset. On top of that like Bubba and Billy she has that whole "I got longer reach then you think" thing going on. So,she will hit you even If you keep pace from her..Or more correct she is The Wraith/nurse for rich kids. That and I see her too much and usually in some kind of Kiwi anime schoolgirl outfit...Which effective makes me assume she has not be nerf cause she makes the skin money.

    Hillbilly: I take "######### with bad connection" for 10. Every Billy has a bad connection on Xbox...IDK why,they just do. And when they cant get their sweet "one shots" they just hit you thou pallets and windows.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,049

    I hate when it becomes overly easy to make certain plays as killer that it gives survivors VERY little choices in terms of countering.

    For instance, I don't mind playing against Hag except for when they have Rusty Shackles. I feel that this add on could (at the very least) be an Iridescent add on for her, so it isn't so common.

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    I hate Oni His club makes it impossible for me to heal a teammate under the hook. Even with will make it, it is still a risk and to be able to bash multiple survivors at the same time is annoying.

  • KirkyladKirkylad Member Posts: 1,927

    There's a couple of killer builds I'm not a fan of like iri huntress and forever freddy. Other than that the only killer in the game I don't like is Spirit, because ya know it's Spirit.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    Legion is good at spreading damage and slowing down the game, one of the most annoying things for survs.

    He has nothing for ending chases and any kind of post power stun always feels uncomfortable.

    This creates a killer who isn't necessarily great, but feels weak to play and annoying to play against

  • ManWithALemonManWithALemon Member Posts: 422

    Above all else, I hate Killers that seem to attract sweaty players. There are specific Killers that in my experience attract HARDCORE campers and tunnelers.

    Myers, Pig, Wraith, Doc, Slinger, and Spirit come to mind.

  • AfiusAfius Member Posts: 563

    Freddy because he has everything and doesn't have to work for it. Sleep passive. Teleport cd reduction no effort. Screws over perks and BP just by existing causing oblivious status. Gen speed add-ons. Can set to traps while in chase which make clown look like a joke. Only way to wake up is either go all the way across the map or fail a skill check letting him know where you are or on the off chance somebody got unhooked and is awake still.

    Bubba because as soon as you know it's him and hear his Terror Radius you have to go to a loop with a vault to possibly survive because his chainsaw can chase you down and swerve around objects like a racecar.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,084
    edited March 2021

    I personally strongly dislike playing as the Twins. From reading a description of their power, one would expect that you could do a mix of ALL of the following. Use Victor as a deployable Killer Instict detection thing and obstacle. Injure a Survivor with Victor then down the oblivious Survivor with Charlotte. Injure a Survivor with Victor then go for the KI proc next to them as Charlotte. Injure with Charlotte then down with Victor and go for the pick up with Victor standing guard. Injure with Charlotte, down with Victor, Victor camps the slug while Charlotte hunts other Survivors. Go on a massive slugging spree with Victor.

    The only one of those options that is powerful enough, fast enough, and not way too clunky to function is anything involving Victor slugging people. Honestly its an absolute shame that they're power turned out like that. I thought I'd love them... but they really are only set up to slug.

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