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Generator regression needs to be reworked

Many killers have noticed that breaking the generator will cost it a couple of seconds, even with brutal strength, which is sometimes expensive. But at the same time, nothing prevents the survivor pressing one button in the pursuit and that's it, the generator will not regress.

And then two options appear:

  1.    It is necessary to change this system and make generators for the survivors at least be in an "Overcharge" when they are broken (just like in this perk. And make a perk more difficult for example, so that several reaction checks appear) so if they try to stop the generator from regression, they will have to pass a reaction check, and then they will not be able to constantly reseting regression of the generator directly in pursuit or repairing it and fleeing when the killer is next to the hanging survivor and with generator.
  2.    Make it so that the killer can break the generator by simply hitting it. Since survivors can "fix" it from regression with one click, the killer should also break it with one click, not just after the animation which takes enough time.


  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,591

    They just need to make it so kicking a generator applies a small % of immediate regression.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    Some people have suggested having 4-8 checkpoints on a generator, and that they'd regress back to a checkpoint over a period, or begin regressing fully when kicked. I dont think this is necessary, but it has been suggested

  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    It does seem a bit silly that the group that has 4 people needs a nanosecond to stop regression but the Killer, by himself, takes several seconds.

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