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After the key nerf, nerf Franklin's

Right now, Franklin's is one of the only counters against keys. In that regard, it's fine. But holy ######### is it annoying to play against. This is another one of those perks that eliminates entire survivor builds in a mismatch. If you brought a good medkit, good toolbox, you're running Streetwise, Plunderer's, Built to Last, any of that: it's a waste when Franklin's is in play. I prefer the old Franklin's. It was actually balanced. It knocked the item out of the survivor's hand and even took away some of the item's charge. Now it straight-up destroys your item, which you spent up to 7000 bp to get, on top of any add-ons or item-based perks you had that match. What's next? Taking away our shards? Our devotion points? If items are so strong that they require a perk like this to exist, don't you think nerfing them instead is a better solution? Here's a solution for you: delete Franklin's.


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