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How is face camping a hook allowed?



  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,843

    I meant addressed as in solved. It's scummy and the devs clearly don't want it (hence the proximity to hook penalty), but a reduction to emblems is only so much of an incentive. The unfortunate reality is that it's still an easy way to get 2 kills while still ruining the experience for the other side.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    It's just as "lazy" as sitting at a gen when playing survivor, not much happening but that is the game. And it's up to the killer what is fun or not. If you had a though day at work and you pour yourself a drink at home and play DBD it's pretty relaxing not having to chase around like crazy all game. Also a good way to derank if you are tired of being red rank killer.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 993

    I don't see how any of these options are reaching. These are all things you can do. Having teammates swarm the hook cam be especially effective against any killer that isn't Bubba, especially if any of them have borrowed time. Also, that build would do much better with Deliverance than slippery meat, as long as you're able to unhook one person first. And it's not really "unfair" when you look at it from a team perspective either. Yeah, you'll be stuck on hook if no one tries to rescue you, but with how long it takes a person to completely die on hook, multiple generators will get done and it will generally result in a loss for the killer.

  • Johanatan_LuiseJohanatan_Luise Member Posts: 9

    Yes it is allowed but is a shame that devs don't find a solution for this problem, and it would be very easy to fix. Just add penalties for face camping and give bonus for hunting. Very easy. I really cannot understand why devs allows this nosense anger-full way to play....

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 1,038

    Whoever said "gen camping" is being nonsensical. But at the same time, if you question why camping is allowed, so are you.

    Saying "you're shouldn't allowed to camp" is like saying "you should only be allowed to repair 1 generator every 3 minutes as a team".

    Just stop it. It's a dumb complaint, and shows how new you are to the game.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711

    funny how you say scoring should be 1/12 hook states but some killers can't do that how fast gens go by the time some killers have 3 hooks all gen are done(with out camping)

    and the only time I camp or tunnel is egc at which point I have no choice

    there maybe less camping if gens didn't go so fast or survivor had a 2nd objective because totums aren't working.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    If you take away the freedom of playing how you want then the game is not fun anymore. Lot's of things is not "fun" for killers also so then survivors have to be limited in other ways also. And we all end up with a linear game that no one would like.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    I play every killer except; bubba, spirit, nurse and billy in my rotation. Consistent rank 1 every season, consistent 4ks, no exceptions with anyone I play with. I have to fully disagree with you, there is not a single killer who is incapable of consistently getting 10-12 hooks on an average game, when played optimally. Some are less consistent, sure, but I can't think of a single killer who is trying to get less than 12 hook states by their main objective. You could argue pyramid head, seeing as you can kill everyone with your power, but still 12 earned hooks.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711

    with solo maybe new players yes but swf group of 2/2 or 3 one solo or full swf At most killers get there last hooks when egc starts or about to start

    I play most killers but main 4 but I can see how gens fly when I play solo survivor I'm not a good looper never will be but I get chased doing good as I can get down and 3 gens pop I been able to make it out as survivor with out touching a gen I do 1 or 2 totems before I can touch a gen 3 gens are done something does need to be done about this because I can see why killers camp and tunnel sometimes.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,082
    edited March 2021

    Because the developers themselves believes face-camping is a form of threat, without acknowledging that there is an unfair element to it when the survivor on hook (playing as sacrificial lamb) basically doesn't play the game and has 0 options. Apparently this doesn't seem broken to them.

    I know it's hard to believe that after 4 years we are still having this conversation, but contrary to popular belief, not every single Camping scenario allows for gens to be done so quickly that it would become a form of "punishment" for the killer. I've had the opportunity to play this game over 5k hours and I can tell you sometimes someone has to go in there trade just to give us more time. Which would sound exciting but honestly even when you escape it feels like an unpleasant experience. Like, I would rather just hide the whole game just to waste their time at that point.

    That's why when people say "It isn't fun" they don't necessarily mean the action of camping, they mean it in that they (the survivors) really aren’t playing the game. I think that is a fair statement when you look at how much it is done throughout a day's worth of playing. It is even common in red ranks.

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  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    Im not trying to be rude, I genuinely do not understand what you are trying to say. It may be the lack of punctuation, it may be because it is late, but I genuinely do not understand what you are trying to convey

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    I think i can translate.

    "Against solo 12 hooks is possible, but even a 2-3 man swf can be too efficient, the gens just fly by. Even as a solo Survivor who isn't good at looping I can loop a killer for 3 gens or get 1-2 totems broken in the time it takes m team to do 3 gens. I can see why it is frustrating for killers and something must be done"

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    it sounds like he just isnt a very good killer then. :/

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,599
    edited March 2021

    I need to put this in a document so I can cut and paste this....

    There are 4 of you.... and doing gens is so braindead easy.

    Gens can be done in 80 seconds

    it takes literally 120 seconds to die on first hook

    Again, there are four of you. If the hook is being camped, then the killer should lose AT LEAST 2 gens.

    Hell, Is aw it in action today - camping Legion walked away with zero kills because we focused on gens (including me being cheeky and doing one near the nook to entice him away far enough for teammates to rescue the first hook AFTER we popped 2 gens)

    By the time this Legion got a second hook on a fully healthy survivor, we just pounded out the last gen, opened a door, healed everybody up, then the 3 of us bum-rushed the hook. I faked the save and took the first hit, the other two tanked for the injured. ALL OF US GOT OUT IN SOLO Q

    Camping is VERY DEFEATABLE. ######### get good.

  • FattiePoobumFattiePoobum Member Posts: 293

    The difference is

    sure there are many unfair things for killers in this game.

    but the killer is able to play the game and there is no survivor perk or mechanic that stops the killer from playing the game.

    unlike standing in front of someone who can’t move.

  • SammiieK1991SammiieK1991 Member Posts: 686

    Bro if you stood at a gen infront of the hook the survivor on to entise the killer to come for you instead of standing there did that actually work? 😂 if not, surely that's they're on fault fault the gens were finished and that could of been prevented. He had the opportunity to go for the second piece of meat and if he didn't take that meat that's his own fault really surely?? Csnt complain that was a bad game if he dont nothing about it.

  • sesawyer3127sesawyer3127 Member Posts: 342

    Every single one of you killers say you "only camp as a last resort",,, well then why does it happen almost every damn match? I play every night and almost every night there are 3 or 4 matches where someone camps then players dc and it is just crap.?? It used to happen every few days now it is every day!!

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,082


    The fact that you have it ready to paste from a document shows the amount of times this has been brought up.

    I don’t think the majority of survivors complain about how “defeable” Camping is. For me at least, I find it to be a boring game whenever someone camps, yes even if we hold M1 and escape. Not to mention that person who just basically just pressed the space bar and that’s the most experience they got out of that trial. Because outside of that they had 0 options to play the game, not one or two, zero.

    That is a problem from an experience perspective, and the fact that it can be done at lower ranks where people barely have any perks that half-way make it less of stressful for them.

    I don’t think people are in the wrong in asking for more options, especially built-in ones if there is a player that simply wants to get someone out of the game. This type of playstyle only further encourages people to DC making it an overall bad experience for everyone.

  • GoobyNuggetGoobyNugget Member Posts: 687

    If you think about it, back in the beta or alpha of the game, you were supposed to face-camp the hook since how short the sacrifice timer was.

    Just a neat lil thing imo.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711

    how gens are I now shocked by it I play both sides and I get camped too the different between you and me I know why.the only time it camping sucks the most is if the killer doing at 5 gens or 4 gen because not like it close to the end yet.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711

    in short I play both side as a survivor I see gen are going to fast.

    I get in a short chase with the killer get down and hooked and 3 to 4 gens are done I play solo.

    not even good at looping and I waste the killers time to get 3 to 4 gens done.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    yea someone explained it. It really just sounded like you were playing poorly as killer, or against poor killers.

  • FreddysMainFreddysMain Member Posts: 289

    I don’t camp anymore, I go to gens try hook all.

    but today I’ve had nothing but red ranks, I’m rank 12 I’ve just gotten back into the game so I’m just getting my hours into the game.

    but today I had team makes click flashlights, circle me, keep jumping the windows constantly, they would Tbag, when I got them on the hook they would take them off and circle me. I got annoyed today with them I just camped one survivor they had one gen left they all died apart from the rank 20 that found the hatch instantly.

    but they only died because they came as a group none of them self healed they all went down also I was trying to get my Mori kills I don’t usually use that but I need my trophy.

    also people don’t like Freddy... I always let the last person go if I get all the others. Not all Freddy players are bad :( but they didn’t like me one bit.

    im not sure what’s up with the matchmaking today. :(

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711

    are you sure that you not just lucky on getting bad survivors.

    I mean for the most part I do good I get 3k or 4k before all gens are done and 3k is a good game to me but sometime some survivors can pop tho gens like crazy if they want to win badly.

    why I run noed as back up on some of my killers who can't handle swf groups because I know if the gens going that fast they not doing totems a lot of the time I don't need noed but sometime I do.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    the fact that using noed as a "back up" kinda proves my point a bit? Not trying to be rude, just objective. Im not getting lucky if Im rank 1 every season for a few years, consistently 4king 9/10 games with every killer in game. Any killer can be good

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,711
    edited March 2021

    back up meaning a lot of game I don't use it still 3k or 4k but to get that you have to sweat or lose the match as killer for survivor not that hard to win even in solo.

    if your in rank 1 all the time that good but I'm sure you have your bad games

    btw how matchmaking is being being a rank 9 killer I don't need to be in red rank to face red rank survivors which most what i face.

    also my main is mikey so you can see how I could have a hard match sometime and I don't use noed on him still win but sometime games go bad.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229

    "How is it allowed"?

    The same reason why you are allowed to leave a teammate to die to escape yourself, because it's part of the game and the game is balanced around it; even if you don't like it.

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