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List of (Reasonable) Potential Killers



  • SamayelSamayel Member Posts: 33

    How about Vincent Sinclair?

  • RekinSharkRekinShark Member Posts: 21
    Here's some ideas I had for licensed movie killers. Left out The Creeper from Jeepers Creeps on purpose.

    Pinhead (Hellraiser) - The Demon
    W.Curved Blade
    A. 'The Box' You torment the survivors and enjoy watching them suffer. The ability to leave puzzle boxes on generators, hooks, chests and totems. If a survivor fails a skill check on a puzzle box, they are injured as a result.
    M.Strung up (Torn apart my hooked chains).
    L.Cenobite Realm
    1.'Blood Lust'. Freshly hit survivors leave moderately brighter red scratch mark if they run after being hit. Effect lasts 3 seconds.
    2.'Suffering'. You revel in pain endured by your victims. Close injured survivors auras are revealed to you for 3 seconds with a 8 second cool down for the same survivor. Healing skill check fails result in associated suvivors' auras being revealed for 3 seconds.
    3.'Torture'. You appreciate the pain that the hooks can inflict. Survivors who attempt to sabotage the hooks have their auras revealed for 5 seconds.

    Candyman - The Myth
    A.'Spectre'. Your supernatural powers allow you to appear next to a survivor who has been caught by your chilling gaze. Teleport to the opposite side of a survivor after releasing the Haunt charge. Ability has a 30 second cool down. 
    M.Gutted (Hook through back to stomach).
    L.Burning Field Of Bees
    1.'Be My Victim'. You become obsessed with one survivor. Sacrificing your obsession will cause all remaining survivors to have their auras revealed for 10 seconds.
    2.'Feared Fable'. Your infamous folklore terrifies all that know your name. Unsuccessful skill checks on generators result in all connected survivors auras being revealed for 3 seconds.
    3.'Swarm Of Pain'. Totem Perk: One chest is filled with vicious bees. Once opened, the victim is stung resulting in mobility and fixing penalties for 60 seconds. If the Totem is cleansed before the chest is opened, the original contents are restored. 

    Ghostface (Scream) - The Slasher
    W.Kitchen Knife
    A.'Stealth Dash'. Run at high speed in total silence. No Charge. Lasts for three seconds with a 10 second cool down. 
    M.Slasher Attack (Multiple Stab Wounds).
    L.High School
    1.'Terrified Of The End'. Injured survivors are terrified of you. Their moans of pain are moderately increased.
    2.'Scary Movie' Every time a survivor is killed the remaining survivors become unnerved and receive a moderate 45 second skill challenge increase penalty. 
    3.'Killer Instinct'. Freshly hit survivors auras are revealed to you for 3 seconds.

    Alien - The Alien
    A.'Facehugger Egg'. Place an egg which when disturbed unleashes a Facehugger that attempts to attach to the survivor. The victim's aura is revealed for 3 seconds.
    M.Kiss Of Death (Tongue Head Smash).
    L.Mining Colony Planet
    1.'Burns Unit'. Every time you get hit by a falling pallet, it becomes stained by your acid blood. Whenever a survivor vaults the pallet they get temporary speed and ability penalties.
    2.'Valuable Cargo'. Your obsession has been unknowingly impregnated with an Alien. Don't hook your obsession. If your obsession is the last remaining survivor, they can then be grounded and a chest burster is born.
    3.'Window Licker'. Drool drips from your mouth as you pass through windows, leaving acidic effects for 8 seconds. The next survivor who vaults the window will scream, revealing their aura for 3 seconds.

    Matt Cordell (Maniac Cop) - The Cop
    W.Bladed nightstick
    A.'Remain Silent'. Move silently. Stops when weapon is drawn.
    M.Beaten To Death (Nightstick Beatdown).
    L.Police Headquarters.
    P1.'Police Brutality'. Your powerful strikes cause massive damage to survivors. Hit a survivor for a third time and they receive moderate self-healing penalties. 
    P2.'Hard Justice'. A sense of urgency is needed as crime rises. Every time a generator is repaired your speed significantly increases for 12 seconds.
    P3.'Death Penalty'. Option to kill your obsession after they have escaped a hook twice.
  • RainyAnjelRainyAnjel Member Posts: 65

    @Arsoul said:
    Ryuk (Death Note)

    YES omg I would love playing as him or against him

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 136
    I think the Tall Man from Phantasam would be awesome.  The spheres would make for an interesting mechanic and mori
  • HomesliceHomeslice Member Posts: 36

    I agree with tall man

  • MasonHugsCatsMasonHugsCats Member Posts: 135
    Blueberry said:

    The Boogieman

    That's Micheal Myers. In the movies he's referred to as the boogieman. 
    And his in-game name was going to be The Boogieman before being changed to The Shape
  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    @MasonHugsCats said:
    Blueberry said:

    The Boogieman

    That's Micheal Myers. In the movies he's referred to as the boogieman. 
    And his in-game name was going to be The Boogieman before being changed to The Shape

    He's not even remotely close to what I think most people including myself typically think of when we say Boogieman.

  • MasonHugsCatsMasonHugsCats Member Posts: 135
    @Blueberry the boogieman is just an idea of something horrific hiding in your closet or under your bed. There's no way they'd actually add something like that to the game that's why the original idea for Micheal Myers name was changed, and the only reason it was an idea is because that's how he's referenced by from some characters.
  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,776
    I think the Tall Man from Phantasam would be awesome.  The spheres would make for an interesting mechanic and mori
    I can imagine people startled when they're doing a gen, then suddenly hear "Boooooooyyyyyy!"

    I'm still too freaked out to watch another phantasm movie.
  • NoodleLegsNoodleLegs Member Posts: 317
    The Cybermen-

    Idk just my first thought
  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 965

    @Homeslice said:
    Hannibal Lecter
    The Creeper ( Jeepers Creepers)
    Norman Bates
    Pyramid Head
    Annie Wilkes ( Misery) - Haha... No, seriously, this chic freaked me out.
    Iris - 30 days of night
    Old Woman - The Devil
    Pale Man / Fauna
    Kurt Barlow/Vampires
    Otis B Driftwood
    Hal 9000 ( Computer controlled killer)
    The Thing
    Regan McNeil/Possessed character
    The Craft/ Witches or Wiccan powered
    Margerite White - Carrie

    Honorable mention for survivors. Ash from Army of Darkness please :)

    Link to Wikipedia with other not-as-popular selections


    Nice list of characters, to be honest when didn't get a left 4 dead killer with survivor was kinda sad. Now don't want them to be horror asymetrical that gets videogame horror icons. Rather have another add it into there universe like last year the nightmare. As for ash evil ash could make a good killer or one from the series cause they kinda would fit well. Hal 9000 be like a killer hard to add with weaponry plus he is taken out by stairs xD There is a couple maps that would defeat him among with any basement. But either than that think all possible and hope my favourite candyman is brought in before the jordan peele movie.

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583
    Xenomorph from Alien would be interesting, and Ripley would make a great survivor. Besides that possibly the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and one of the teens as the survivor. I'm not sure of the logistics of it but having it function almost like a mix of Spirit and Wraith could be interesting. You travel around the Upside Down completely unseen and unable to see survivors, albeit you can hear things and see scratch marks. You can then create an opening between worlds and enter the realm with survivors to get a jump on them but you can only get back into the upsidedown through the opening you made. 
  • yesyes Member Posts: 367

    Maybe The Nun?

  • A_CrowA_Crow Member Posts: 193
    He's not horror but I think Darth Vader could work.
  • Jake5926Jake5926 Member Posts: 17
    yes said:

    Maybe The Nun?

    That would be amazing 
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