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Bluntly..the trickster is killer masochism

So I haven't had all the time in the world to study every addon and facet of him, however a few interactions with tiles and a few mechanics truly make this killer a punishment to play

1st: His speed, he's a 110 killer which supposedly means his power is beefy to the point of mastery of it being required to get good results, what we get is a killer that is slow, getting more slowed while pulling out knives, and slowed while throwing said knives , and it's all made slower still by the animation switching to the knives, its way too long and by the time you get your knives going claudette is around the corner of shack and has vaulted the window

2nd: knives, his knives feel like I'm throwing potatoes, the character has recoil for some reason (this isn't call of duty devs and that's not an lmg your firing )and it makes aiming with him an absolute chore with the unoptimized controls of dead by daylight, not a good mix, to top this off you need 8 knives, 8..knives..to deal 1 state of damage..absolutely absurd..his power is actively a handicap..this feels like the twins part 2, with a vengeance. The devs rubber gloved this to a point where I wonder how this guy made it past 1 test run.

3rd: He makes way too many passive noises, he's always either loudly breathing or giggling maniacly, cool..but it blocks out sounds that in many cases are CRUCIAL tools for the killer to do their task, so even the most basic tools are gimped by this killer

Look even though I wasn't jazzed about his appearance, his concept seemed legitimately interesting but once again the devs have fallen into their own self worrying and made a barely functional mess of a killer that won't be properly handled for months..I want this to be an example of why the devs need to try and avoid these situations..you can't possibly be profiting from killers nobody will play so make sure they do. Anyway..hope this helps in the efforts to polish this guy, he's clearly out of practice with those blades so tell him to hit the range , peace



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