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Trickster honey... thank God you're pretty...

KeiOrtemKeiOrtem Member Posts: 231

As you really don't have anything else going for you right now.

I played this killer for 3-4 hours and I have have never felt so tired and deflated before. I normally play rank 1-2 and im down to rank 4 and this killer is ROUGH! I have never had a game actually make me regret spending money until this moment and I even bought the twins DLC(I dont regret it because its satisfying to kick Victor idk why lol) I don't understand how you see to achieve lower and lower results with each added chapter. I think the last good chapter that was added was Silent Hill and that probably because Konami was around to hold the devs hand(or keep them hostage until it was right)


  • Honestly its the other way round for me hes so bad i feel relived when i play him because i just feel the other side cant judge me if I do poorly and if i do well then hooray hes still trash lol

  • KeiOrtemKeiOrtem Member Posts: 231

    hahahahahaha yea... I actually had two people feel bad and pointed to hooks to let me kill them as it was ROUGH. Out of the time I played I only got one 4k and it somehow resulted in a brutal killer even though i hooked like 3/4 of the survivors 3 times.

  • Its probably because he doesn't need to get M1 hits so his chaser is always gonna be bad, sad billy noises.

    ive found that i need STBFL for him to be viable because he struggles to make up distances with his 110 the best use of his power is not having to spin the bat

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,435

    I think the answer is this:

    They have investors who want to see results (aka the game making money). this is easiest done by throwing out half-baked chapters and cosmetics on a more or less regular schedule, because there will always be people who might be smitten by it.

    They could focus on QOL and interesting things, expand the mechanics, modes, lore etc, but that would mean mid- and long-term results, not quick results. And investors hate not getting quick money. For the same reason there's such a focus on making the game look high-end, cause investors want next gen graphics, because 'realism is the pinacle of art' or some crap.

    So, in that way Trickster embodies DBD: all looks meant to be enticing but rotten, hollow and obnoxious underneath a thin not-at-all shiny surface

  • CyperXCyperX Member Posts: 103

    Lol rather killer be ugly and scary who wants pretty killer man ..oh okay maybe if you are a girl or guy who lves guys

  • KeiOrtemKeiOrtem Member Posts: 231

    I do lol, I just want him to actually be fun to play and have a chance lol

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    4K, 3K, and a 2K. So I did pretty well. Grinding out Survivor tomes (and I want to face Trickster a bunch while he is the popular pick, I can always pick to play him), so I don't have many as him matches as I do against.

    Most of my against matches have been one sided, but there has been a couple to stomp me. Though I don't know how much faith to put in the adept or limited perk Tricksters. Many Killers can perform weaker if someone doesn't give them some solid perks. He needs buffs, but some of these players really make him look even worse than what he is!

    He looks, sounds, and plays amazing for the most part. His power level however needs adjusted to a much better position.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 511

    Been playing him on console and the recoil is unbearable at times.

  • KeiOrtemKeiOrtem Member Posts: 231

    He was fun to play for the first few hours but honestly when it comes to tall loops he's pretty much an 110% m1 killer. With huntress its more barrable because with one ranged shot you can take a healthstate while with trickster you need 7-8 and not to mention that if the survivor has an exhaustion perk at the ready they can zoom away and all the work using your knives will be gone in 10 seconds as the meter decreases so fast.

  • GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143

    I actually think trickster is scary in a modern way, a monster who looks just like you and me

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