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My Experience with Trickster

ShenaniganShenanigan Member Posts: 208
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I've been moreso positive on the Trickster's ever since the reveal trailers. It's how I get with every killer and chapter. In all honesty... I actually enjoy Trickster. At first I thought it'd be another twins for me where It'll be a little bit exciting, but eventually I just abandoned them.

My first game with Trickster yesterday was on Lery's. I got some hooks in and hits in. All in all everyone escaped. I never found it too big of a deal though since it happens when we all get a new killer right? 2 games after, I was able to sacrifice 1 survivor and the rest escaped. I already knew within my 2nd game that, I really had no incentive to use his power and mostly use RT (or I guess M1 since it's mostly used on the forums).

After some more matches I have been steadily getting better. I've moved from entity displeased and 1 kill to 2 kills and an some ruthless killer outcomes. I've been getting those same results for awhile so I still felt good about that. I've been landing knife hits too, but it wasn't until I started using the ricochet add-on that I actually started to have fun (and somewhat of an incentive to use my power at certain pallets). During this time I took off his 3 personals for adept until I felt like I was ready to get that achievement after a few matches were I earn merciless killer a few times.

The build I've been using for Trickster is: Star struck, No Way Out, Corrupt Intervention, and BBQ. One of each perk that sort of aids Trickster when it comes to gens, locating survivors a bit more easily than meandering around, and some endgame aid.

I've been getting tie games (2ks) and ruthless killers a bit more and using my knives when I feel like they could come in handy especially with the ricochet add-on. Surprisingly the amount of times some survivors stay behind a pallet or attempt to duck is sort of fruitless since depending on my angle ricochet can reach them. The recoil on knives does screw with me though, and his movement speed is.... manageable not the best, but manageable. After my last game for the night (everyone got out, but hooks were still made) I got a DM against the person I faced asking me, what I thought of the new killer. I told them it was iffy at first, but I was getting better with him. I assume it was a SWF since they said, "Most Trickster's we played against mostly face camped us, so you are doing better than others". While I'm not as confident with Trickster enough to play against a coordinated team, I do feel what hinders most of this community is the idea of wanting to win games. It's not bad either because no one likes losing games. Especially in competitive ones, but for me when it comes to Trickster I'm giving him the same amount of attention I'm did with Nurse. I'm not focused on winning games, but moreso how well I can do with him and if I should spend more time and effort with him. Trickster is weak and he could use some pick-me-up buffs to at least aid him. But again the community is moreso focused on winning and ranking that it will make them drop certain killers if they're not at least decently strong enough to face a team which is also an understandable aspect. I did rank down with Trickster, but I wasn't focused on it. I mostly had the mindset of wanting to genuinely get better with him since I did see that potential. With the right hands a killer can be good against a coordinated team. Even trappers are good against a team as well (most likely not OoO matches), but some trapper players are very skilled. Trickster is iffy when it comes to certain things, but I do see him becoming a fun character to play with. Although I guess I recommend him to casual players who have some patience on getting the hang with him or just playing for fun. I like Trickster in terms of gameplay, but he isn't built for a super coordinated team, I'll attempt to get better with him like nurse in terms of patience.


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