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"JuSt DoNT TuNNEl Ds WaSnT AbUsIVe ChANgE iT baCK"

Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109
edited April 2021 in General Discussions

At 2:11 we can see just exactly how BROKEN DS use to be and why it needed a nerf.

before 2:11 OTZ was in a completely different chase with a completely different survivor then broke off that chase to go injure the survivor working on a nearby generator

To much to his surprise the fully healed survivor working on that genrator was the survivor he previously hooked and had used DS around 50-59 seconds after unhook.

That survivor wasn't chased after unhook, had enough time to heal to full health AND had enough time to do gens. They weren't being tunneled and don't deserve that DS hit.

Whenever I tell people how DS is broken I always get this tired old excuse "well don't tunnel" the problem is I'm getting DSd by not tunneling at all.

Just admit it, DS was never about anti-tunneling it was 60 second invulnerability while doing generators and bones.



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