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Oh dear....

My my we do have some salty players both survivors and killers today 😂 literally rage quitting and reasons for.you guys are cheating and I can't chase you.

Okay.. well don't use the trickster then!anyone else find it frustrating to have rage quit both killers and survivors or just me that's bothered by it?


  • ilovedbd123ilovedbd123 Member Posts: 1,942

    It depends. If a survivor rage quits and survivors play nice I'll farm or I'll even play a bit nicer (no camping or patrolling, tunneling is rare unless they teabagg after a dodge or something).

    Idc if a killer rage quits because survivor queues are down low rn. And a survivor if a survivor I just continue playing

  • MrGrizzlyMrGrizzly Member Posts: 143

    Survivor mate DCs? I get bothered by it yes, killer DCs are just hilarious to me haha, though as a killer when a survivor DCs, same thing basically, it's hilarious.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    I had a survivor report me for "harassment" because I chased them.


  • sesawyer3127sesawyer3127 Member Posts: 342

    I play solo survivor which, is hard enough itself these days,, and in a two hour game play I see maybe half the games where some other survivor rage quits. There goes the game if someone is on the hook or not that many gens are done. Not ONE of those games has any killer ever taken easy on whoever is left. In fact most killers see it as a perk. Now, no one says they have to but I would as a killer because people work hard piping up and ranking in this game to see some selfish player screw that up. Everyone else in the game depips or de-ranks because of that rage quitter. I started playing this game maybe three months ago and never once saw this,,,now it happens every day! There needs to be a serious hardcore ban on these players so everyone thinks twice before doing it.

  • SammiieK1991SammiieK1991 Member Posts: 686

    😂 are you serious!

    Thats mad. I've just had a report from someone who lost playing the deathslinger. All I said was "that's how it's done, well played and good game" some harmless light gaming banter and his reply was "why all you survivors gotta be toxic?" Caaaaalm down! 😂 think someone needs a day off the game. Like, I get those messages all the time as a killer. My response is always "what can I say? My ranks a mess, and being a killer isn't my best trait... but good game enjoy your day" ... is there anyone else who has a light banter day and feel like you're the worst person in the world? Or just me. ?

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    It's natural straight after new Rift challenges or a new killer is released.

    Some players get frustrated with others' challenge-driven play. Some hate the new killer.

    Plenty think "sod this" and quit.

    And yes. I've seen this a lot today too.

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,099
    edited April 2021

    If tricksters DC on haddonfield I completely get why. If survivors are positioned around the houses a certain way slow moving killers never pick up chase and will be lucky to keep it. And midwich is just Haddonfield house loops on steroids so.. I get it.

  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 57

    You know... relatable. I would report someone too if they wanted to:

    • suck on my finger (Clown)
    • take a picture without my consent (GF)
    • force their kinks on me (Nurse, Phead, Plag)
    • give me a shocking experience (Doc)
  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    What's the difference I hate when Killers dc usually it's cause of me and I am well on my way to a double pip.I quit playing with a couple red rank friends along time ago cause they would get hooked once and quit Uni you know who you are.

  • SammiieK1991SammiieK1991 Member Posts: 686

    There's been so many killers today quitting. Like just now had some nutjob chase me as hag for 5 minutes then quits as the last gens fixed 😂

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