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Thank you noed

I been gen rushed all morning trying to adept doctor after two hours of torture. I finally got gens popin left n right. So after I am adept I decide to keep my docs perks moniter overcharge over whelming then added noed and you made my life so much easier good job bhr.


  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    I will have my perks n order by then. It's not something I depend on.

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    I really want Huntress lullaby on my doc working very hard for that right now.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,080

    You can’t get the adept with Noed though?

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    I already did then put on noed cause survivos was just doing gens stupidly fast after I adepted doc 4 perk slot became noed.

  • pennythewisepennythewise Member Posts: 48

    Noed saved me too from gen rush and gave me kills too

    noed is the hero we dont deserve

  • Northener1907Northener1907 Member Posts: 3,012

    I am not using gen def builds anymore because survivors still gen rushing.

    Those days my fav build: Remember Me, No Way Out, Hex: NOED, Blood Warden

    They are so salty in end game but i dont understand what they are writing usually because chat filter :d

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    Nice I was thinking of huntress lullaby on doc.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,263

    Aha you think you're safe but im a rare breed called the totem rushers! Genrush? Thats old news. Detectives hunch plus green map give me all them totems!

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    Bring it. As you said rare cause lazy ass survivos just want to do gens and get out.Om so tired of using freddy i would love normal matches but it is impossible on either side you have to use the same perks over n over again it gets boring different killers same perks different survivos same perks all these characters are different for a reason.

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