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There's needs to be a limit

GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143
edited April 2021 in General Discussions

There needs to be a limit to how many keys are brought into a match, I just had a match where literally 3 out of 4 survivors had a key and escaped via hatch. It's ridiculous.


  • TheBus4KTheBus4K Member Posts: 256

    If you see 3-4 keys, why don't you leave the lobby?

    It's a practically lost game, even if you have Franklin's Demise, they can leave the keys on the ground at the beginning of the game and when they want to use them, they take it and go to the hatch, and during the whole game you will not be able to know where they have the keys (unless you spend the whole game looking at the entire floor).

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    I don't know how they're getting changed, but the only reasonable change I can think about is adding a charge time to opening the hatch like opening a chest.

  • TheBus4KTheBus4K Member Posts: 256

    Taking into account how the developers are, they always take time to do something, but I imagine they will be creating animations for the survivors opening the hatch (I guess they will no longer be able to open it instantly, they will have to spend a while on top of the hatch doing some animation).

    I just hope that apart from that they can't open the hatch instantly, they can't open the hatch again if the killer closes it.

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    It's amazing keys never got changes, but they have become such a huge deal now. And yes they need nerfed and altered. Though part of me is curious how they can be remotely balanced and yet actually useful. I never did get the 4 man escape with the key without the doors being opened, solo life makes that one too much to bother with.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,393

    I would actually rather 4 keys than 4 people jump out the hatch with 1 key. At least that way they all had to burn an item to do it.

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