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Prioritize optimization before focusing on graphics and animations

Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 236
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This game was never well optimized, this is something everybody has always acknowledged here on the forums, on Reddit or even on the Steam forums. I play this game on a daily basis, I can say I bought every single rift pass since the first came out, I love this game and I care about it.

Ever since 4.6.0, my game became unstable in terms of FPS and I encounter massive stuttering every game, especially during chases. This is an issue a few expressed on the forum, and I know a few people among my friends who have also encountered the same problem. From time to time, when finding a lobby in solo queue, I ask the question, and the answer is usually that yes, they do encounter worse performance since the update.

It has been a very long time since everyone has been asking for a massive optimization update, regardless of efforts required. I know Dead by Daylight has no serious competitor, I am aware that many people manage to run this game like butter, and many will say that my PC is probably garbage, but everyone will tell you about how they can run another (more recent) game in ultra with no issue, but DBD is a problem.

We need the game to be optimized, in priority, the new graphics on maps and even the new animations are a good way to extend the life of this game, but what is the point if the cost is lower performance ? I don't care if the game looks amazingly well if in the end of the day it stutters every two seconds. Graphics have no result on my gameplay, though it is at best appreciated to have a beautiful game.. but bad performance hurts gameplay massively.

TL;DR: The post-4.6.0 FPS and stutter issues must be acknowledged, and the game must seriously be optimized before focusing on graphics/animation reworks.

EDIT: Things are much better by massively lowering the resolution. There are still minor stutters but it's not as bad. Though I hope the issue will be solved soon!

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