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  • AfterburnAfterburn Member Posts: 6

    It actually sounds bizarre and stupid ;/.

  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 1,906

    That's... that's actually.... I cant...

  • CoiledDragonCoiledDragon Member Posts: 16

    Honestly, the Trials and campfire and all that is the Entitys own pocket dimension, which is an area 'in between' worlds. I subscribe to the multiverse theory for the game, since the Entity has plucked up killers and survivors from what we know to be movies or video games. Maybe the survivors are from a world mirrored to our own, and maybe the game version we play is a warning about a reality we aren't aware of. I've wanted to make an OC that was from 'our' world who comes into the game knowing its a video game and recognizing killers and working around them with the advantage of their knowledge hahaha.

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  • haha_yeshaha_yes Member Posts: 3

    Okay, a bit late to the party, but there are DBD streamers cosmetics in the game, so...

  • KaskraneKaskrane Member Posts: 22

    @haha_yes said:
    Okay, a bit late to the party, but there are DBD streamers cosmetics in the game, so...

    is got a point you know ?

  • mr_horde83mr_horde83 Member Posts: 17
    You decide neo or maybe morpheus knows? Lets ask the Oracle
  • TheBretzelTheBretzel Member Posts: 83
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    hmm.. wat?

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