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Insidious Bubba made me laugh

Guys, I'm here to tell you what happened in a wonderful match. We were in a SWF at the Crotus Prenn Asylum, making generators wonderfully, and thinking: is the killer AFK?

When we got to the last generator I said: I will look for totems to avoid a NOED.

We found the 5 totems and then I thought: when I finish this gen I will look for the killer. He must be in the basement.

But one of my friends had the audacity to go there before me. I only heard one: "#########, #########, he's here but he's not AFK" and then he fell.

My friend, on basement and a bubba with insidious. Is the plan to escape? No, we are idiots, another friend tried to save, he fell, in the meantime I tried to take my first friend and we both fell afterwards.

Bubba killed 3 of us without making any effort. It was quite funny our despair when the saw called. Ahahahah, I think it was one of the funniest games we had.

It serves as a learning experience for the next time.


  • AgentTalonAgentTalon Member Posts: 331

    I just bought Bubba like 2 weeks ago and I forgot all about this strat. Maybe I'll level him up a bit and give it a shot, sounds like you can get some good laughs off it.

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