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Struggling with the Jailbreak challenge? Here, let me share some tips

Jailbreak requires you to get a downed survivor off of the killers shoulder while using Breakout, at first this looked daunting and in practice it kinda is, but luckily this is a challenge that you can do within reason since there are several factors directly in your control (*coughHeroicCausecough*)

Step 1: Burn a Game offering, Hook placements on the Game are, for lack of a better term, really frigging bad, so if you send the lobby to the Game you're job will become a bit easier

Step 2: Loadout, for perks you will need Breakout (obviously), Dead Hard, Empathy and Resilence, to make your life easier, bring a Alex's Toolbox with double sabo addons

Step 3: How to get it, wait until someone is injured, run to them, wait until that person is downed, if you are in one of the corner rooms on the bottom floor there will be only one hook, sabo it as the killer is picking the person up, then get in their face, if they don't drop them willingly they probably will get off by themselves, the reason you want DH and Resilience is if you plan on bodyblocking, get injured, DH if needed and sabo the hook

Alternatively you can just pallet or flashlight save, which shouldn't be hard given the Game still has about 5 god pallets

so yeah, if you need some help, consult these tips


  • MinibeastyMinibeasty Member Posts: 52

    Same. Had to think through the game after this happened, but concluded that this was the only plausible moment when the challenge could've been completed.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,633

    as soon as i equipped that challenge all my killers had Iron Grasp + Agitation and/or were Insidious camping hooks, therefore had no need to go anywhere fancy or gave me a chance to try the challenge very often...

    sometimes i just think this game hates me :)

    (got it after 3 or 4 tries though, due to unfortunate hook placement for the killer and two bodyblocks during endgame. i died for it, but god damn that was worth it xD)

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,122

    I did the challenge at 2nd try. My build was Breakout, Mettle of man, Sabo, Empathy. With a medkit

    Empathy to track injured survivor. Use Mettle of man to take hit with injured one then run away (requires 2 times). Sabo is need to know exactly where the hook Killer trying to go

    After that, everything is set. Track injured survivor in chase again, wait for them to get down and picked up. Take a hit to let slow down Killer and boost yourself to the closest hook. Sabo it. Take another hit grants protected by Mettle of man.

  • boostedsurvivormainboostedsurvivormain Member Posts: 399

    I got the challenge when I pallet saved my friend with Breakout equipped

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257
    edited March 2021

    Much easier challenge to do with a friend, but you can stage it easier than some other challenges. I'd personally run Spine Chill + Resilience for the Sabotage route, or a Medkit with the Endurance addon for body blocking. You could additionally setup Mettle of Man for this, too.

  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 1,050

    I had to take one hit while the killer was carrying to the hook and get downed while blocking it. But it’s all for naught if the survivor delays trying to struggle for even a second.

  • FuzzelsFuzzels Member Posts: 449

    Just use breakout and whatever else you want as perks. Then use a med kit with purple heal bottle thing.. cant remember what its called. Be at full health, find the person being chased and wait for them to go down and get picked up. Attempt to body block the killer on the way to the hook, take a hit while doing so. Pop the heal thing. Take a second hit blocking the killers path. If needed, take a third hit. By then the person will have wiggled off.

    I did this my first attempt. Easy peazy lemons be squeezey.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    I got this challenge when the killer just dropped them on the ground to slug and i was near..

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,621

    As a fun fact, they don't even have to escape just be dropped. If they drop the survivor to chase you then you get the challenge and the survivor will probably wiggle out later or get picked up. It's very nice.

  • poomanchupoomanchu Member Posts: 242

    Easy challenge

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    I'm really struggling with this. Sure it's easy if you have the needed perks and items - without them, it's proving next to impossible. One of the hardest ones for me so far - and I might give up because I'm just not enjoying playing games when trying to get this challenge (I've completed the rift)

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,213
    edited April 2021

    Run Breakout, use a Flashlight.

    Boom. Not that complicated.

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,067

    use the purple addon for the medkit that gives you endurance. eat 2 hits.

    should do the trick.

    pallet and flashlight saves also work

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    I only had two of those - just used one of them in a game I couldn't even use it (Bubba wouldn't hit me while carrying a David to the basement and then camped) so I'm now down to one shot. If this fails, I give up. I've been trying it for hours.

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    Nope, tried it again and just got tunnelled so I'm done. Stupid frickin challenge

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    Not to mention it confirms that the Breakout perk is absolute trash - the only time it may be remotely useful is with SwF as there's no way it is viable solo queue

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,067

    again, pallet and flashlight saves work. it also works if the killer drops the person to the ground (I think)

    if you finished everything else, just leave it on and play normally. it will happen eventually (do remember to keep the perk equipped).

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