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Blight and the illusion of fun.



  • Silver9Silver9 Member Posts: 30
    edited April 2021

    Okay off topic question. I've played against blight once so I can't add any valid points to this post but i wanted to ask when did deathslinger join the ranks of oppressive killers? I keep seeing it come up but I've never heard that before today.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 614

    @Dweet_Unfairfield here is a clip demonstrating some Blight counterplay (zero guesswork involved).

    This wasn't the best Blight, but he didn't make an huge mistakes in this chase.

    For starters, I positioned my body behind the rock in such a way that I could move left or right, depending on which way Blight committed to. Blight decided to end his rush (a good call), so I ran off pallet to begin a full loop around bus. Unfortunately, he thought window would be middle of bus, which led to an awkward start of chase.

    I decided to leave bus, which was pretty risky. A better Blight may have tried to punish me in the open space--I wouldn't have minded taking a hit.

    He played the jungle gym the same exact way I see every red rank Blight play it, so I had the experience to know I could vault the window 3 times without throwing the pallet.

  • FondaDixFondaDix Member Posts: 173

    I guess my counter to Blight being op is that if you think Blight is op, then Legion is very op as they can leap windows and pallets and it's shut down by loops that Blight has issues with.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    "I picked up nurse this week, she's hard to use" still unbalanced even if it takes skill. I've beaten plenty of "bad spirit" and lose to "bad" teams because i played bad or map rng.

    Blight is not balanced and is in my opinion the least fun killer to vs by a longshot

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    The amount of sweaty exploiters that play him, how obnoxious his mains on the forums are, and i hate his design as a personal thing, he just annoys me.

    I find him incredibly boring to go against and play as. After 300 hours as huntress i felt like i was still learning as her. Same with Oni.

    But after nearly 20 with blight i feel like i just steamroll with no effort unless i get a bad indoor map. But those hurt all killers and survivors. Thanks for not insulting me though. I appreciate open minded people :)

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Sorry if i came across as snarky. Just tired of massive brained blight mains insulting me every time i dare dislike 1 of the 20+ killers even though I've complained twice about him total on here.

    Not saying you're one of those.

    I just despite everything about this Blight on my fun over the last 5 years.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Mastering a killer is learning their limits and every thing they can and can't do. And destroying with what they offer.

    Not just monke man with stick who removes any Survivor skill input.

    Glad you agree :)

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Please stop acting so big brain. Its very arrogant and just kinda proves the points made about forum killer mains being so.. egotistical.

    I thought we moved past this.

    You're not as intelligent as you think. And not life's main character.

    I agree he could have not insulted you. But cmon. This looks so sad when you act superior to others. I hate Blight 50x more now

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    They can't down you with their power, are barely faster than survs, run more diverse perk builds and have no op add ons

    I appreciate the attempt mah dude. Maybe Legion is just too strong to actually kill Survivors and simply let people escape.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Eh he just refuses to exploit, and uses off meta (for blight) perks because every big brain blight main seems to run the same 4 perks, add ons and play the same.

    Opinions exist bruh. Jeff or not, i disagree with much of what scott says, i just think he's the best example of a fair blight player.

    Then look at xeno if you want to see the average rank 1 blight.

    Same 4 perks, Rediculous stretched res on super low graphics with constant exploit abuse and insulting vhat\his opponents regularly.

    Many of the blights i play act just like him and live to slug at 4-5 gens. Not saying all do, but i hate blight more than freddy, slinger and spirit for a reason.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Thanks for the video and effort. You got much better rng than i ever do on autohaven forest.

    That Blight was kinda sus though, he didn't seem to know he can hit through any window because his busted hitbox and thankfully you won the 50\50 that he wouldn't exploit.

    I appreciate it though :)

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Ok mastermind.

    Enjoy being life's main character and acting so intelligent. Mr protagonist.

    You've made me hate blight 100x more now :D \s

    In all seriousness though, if you won't stop acting like a know it all even though i probably have more hours than you, please stop commenting on my posts since you've added nothing but toxicity. I'm done acknowledging you. Please try going outside.


    Never said you shouldn't dislike blight. I love playing against nurse and hat going against huntress so I'm generally a weird cookie. But you have to acknowledge that there are some ways to counter him. In order to fully understand them unfortunately, you have to play blight a lot. Because there are specific plays you can do around tiles to completely throw them off. Basically "to beat your enemy, you gotta know your enemy". That's exactly what I did with nurse and I enjoy playing against nurses now surprisingly.

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    He's pretty fun to me. PLaying as him and against

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    Blight isn't fun. It's just the hivemind of this forum has taken to that outlook. He's nowhere near as brainless to use as Freddy or Spirit while not being as busted as Nurse. But good Blights especially on maps that favor him like Shelter Woods is not enjoyable to face. Not saying I want him nerfed, but the forum has recently taken a Golden Child outlook on him lately that I don't quite agree with.

  • GaryFookinKingGaryFookinKing Member Posts: 5

    This thread is stupid, blight has one of the most enjoyable counterplay mechanics in the game as it's not just a guessing game. The interaction of trying to put stuff infront of you and him when hes using his power makes for enjoyable gameplay as both sides have an equal chance if one outplays the other.

  • just_temejust_teme Member Posts: 190

    Its rare that i see a post i actually relate with here but damn i thought it was just me that thought this?

    Id rather play against nurse for the rest of existance than face more than 1 blight per 100 hours.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,039

    Blight has plenty of counterplay. Step one "drop pallet". I will never understand why survivors greed pallets or play for stuns so hard. Note that comp players insta throw pallets a lot of times against Blight. There's a reason for that.

    Even if the Blight can J flick, there's zero reason to eat multiple J flicks in the same trial. Hug the tile and dodge out when they rush if they've shown they're going for J flicks. If the only way they can hit you is by J flick, then you have the easiest dodge in the world.

  • nursewannabenursewannabe Member Posts: 1,075

    What do you mean except Scott? Scott plays him in the most boring way as everyone else

  • HoathHoath Member Posts: 15

    I dont see where u mean its no counter? When he uses his super speed ability, you need to mind game it, where the person who can do the best play gets out of that specific situation. Sure its a 50/50 situation, but thats just healthy for the game, thats where each and own needs to learn from experience to conrtol, and thats balanced.

    Always keep an eye open for the next loop or place to take him. His charge dosnt last forever, and when it stoppes, he us just another m1 killer.

    Ether way, i think its only good that it is a killer that can get the some suvs more focued, compared to having killers that are layed back to play against.

  • AgentTalonAgentTalon Member Posts: 331

    Feel like I need to be a part of this convo just to say that stretched res is an exploit and so is DPI manipulation.

    On topic I haven't played as much as many people on here but I get a solid hour or two a day and I have only played against Blight 2 times in the last 2 months. Maybe it's because I only really started playing survivor and I'm only rank 7 right now but I just don't see him at all in lower/middle ranks.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,970

    50/50 mindgames are actually exactly what this game needs. Why should mindgames be in favor of the survivor? Or am I misunderstanding you here?

  • terminus345terminus345 Member Posts: 7

    @Dweet_Unfairfield Honestly man, reading this thread and seeing people patronize you and trying to teach you how to "counter blight" when they have no clue what they're talking about is both sad and hilarious. I go up against these blights you described perfectly almost constantly and they all do the exact same #########, 3 gen perks (wow it can be either bbq or bbq as the last perk, how wild!), alchemist ring or 2x rush speed, sometimes compound 21 or turning. There's not a single moment in the chase where I'm having fun because of flicks hitting me around every corner, rush speed tokens showing me very bad hits on my side because of servers, and the fact they constantly do 2-rush combo which recharges instantly even if you miss. It's almost impossible to stop a snowball if the blight knows what he's doing, especially in soloQ where I assume the only time they don't get a 4k is when someone keys or finds hatch (if they don't get slugged for the 4k). There's a clear distinction here between this playstyle being prevalent in red ranks and these blights ALWAYS sweating for the 4k, and the casual blights everyone here on this forum considers fun, and nobody got your point. I don't really comment on forum posts but it made me sad reading this and getting this circlejerk of upvoted comments going "u wot m8 just learn to play against that looooool".

  • Zomboid81Zomboid81 Member Posts: 8

    I agree that Blight is hard for solos to go against. However, a good team can generally loop a Blight fairly effectively. This brings up the main problem of DBD balancing killers for survivors as you have a vastly different experience depending on if you play solo or SWF. Complaining that a killer is hard to beat as solos, and you can beat Blight in a solo I've seen it done before, is fair. However, a killer can say the same thing you're saying for solo vs Blight with other killers vs SWF. If you go up against a coordinated SWF with certain killers, you will probably lose 9 out of 10 times. That is a frustrating experience but it's the way the game is currently. Certain killers are better than other killers and certain killers will do far better against solo survivors than other ones. Blight is one of these. Since Blight is one of the killers who can go against SWF if you're good with him, it stands to reason he will beat a disorganized solo team unless all 4 solo players are excellent players. You have also mentioned a lot about how Blight has no counterplay when several people in this forum have offered you ways to counter him. Whether or not you acknowledge this counterplay doesn't change the fact that there is indeed counterplay. As for your insistence that 50/50 guesswork is not counterplay, DBD is a game all about mindgames and trying to trick your opponent. If you see a killer start moonwalking backwards and vanishes around the corner, you could keep going assuming he is going to come back forward to try and get you, or you could turn around assuming he is going to moonwalk all the way around and turn around to hit you. Or you could assume he is going to moonwalk backwards, turn around, moonwalk back towards you and try and get you at the pallet. There is always a little bit of guesswork in DBD and the game thrives thanks to it in my opinion. Of course, that is just my opinion just as much as it is your opinion that the Blight is an overhyped killer. Either one of us could be wrong, but it is very hard generally to invalidate an opinion. What I'm trying to say is this, just because you have the opinion Blight is an overhyped killer does not mean he is an overhyped killer, a lot of people consider the opposite and not every single one of them is a fan of a Blight streamer. I have played both as and against Blight. I'm not that good at him but I can 4k with him because he is indeed a strong killer. I have also escaped from him because me and my team have gone against Blights before and know how to loop him at least a little bit. I will admit it can be frustrating seeing the meta Blight build of Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer, BBQ/Pop on Blight, but that is the player's choice. A player should not reflect a killers popularity. Only when the only playstyle the killer really has as an option is bad is when you can say that the killer is bad. Blight is a killer who feels fair to go against and when I go against him I enjoy it because he gets my adrenaline going just like a Nurse, Spirit, or Deathslinger does. This is what I will say about the Blight, I'll let you decide how you feel about what I said.

  • BeefmurBeefmur Member Posts: 261

    Blights not even that oppressive. You get cucked on all indoor maps except midwich. He has to break pallets unlike some killers. Circle loops tell him no. picnic tables are his actual weakness. The only thing he has is speed and thats why his ruin tinkerer is so annoying. The fact that you complain about the one thing he has makes me sad.

    On top of this who cares if you j flick i dont see anyone here complaining about stretched res survivors. Thats been in the game forever. The jflick isn't going to be removed its not even possible. Why do i know this? They would've patched it already if they could. GOD FORBID THE KILLER WINS WITHOUT PLAYING NURSE OR SPIRIT. ILLEGAL

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    Agreed. I enjoy bringing hot takes to the hive mind and being insulted or called a troll\survivor main. It amuses me because I'm just trying to be objective. Mark my words, Blight's hate is growing quickly especially after Fredophile's defeat.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    You can't tell me what i enjoy? I'd rather vs Nurse or Spirit than cane guy.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    I respect hearing a newer players voice on this.

    And many people just repeat the streamers points of view sadly.

    Blight isn't seen much at lower\mid ranks and is only getting more popular since they raised his pov.

  • Dweet_UnfairfieldDweet_Unfairfield Member Posts: 208

    50\50 mind-games aren't skill, they feel very unfun for the loser of a coin toss.

    I'd rather feel like I'm given a fair shot to demonstrate my skill and knowledge to beat a killer, instead of winning a guess a person with an hour on the game could've made through luck.

    Much like i enjoy mindgaming at pallets or loops instead of chasing someone in a straight line through a deadzone.

    Skill and knowledge will feel fun and rewarding.

    Guesses and 50\50s are unhealthy and boring. They remove skill

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