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Will you ever fix these FPS issues ?

Low-FPS issues, high-stuttering. Many of us have been having these problems since update. Not acknowledged by the devs. Have to play in Low graphics with minimal resolution in order to make it barely playable, although reworked maps are of course a mess to play on.

I don't assume these issues will be solved in the next patch, the priority is graphics, graphics, and graphics. I am starting to get frustrated with this issue, I've been playing this game for quite a long time and now it's just unplayable. I currently am slugging through the last rift levels, since I PAID for the pass, but my game is just unplayable.

It's been an issue for several people who expressed here on the forum. But since we are a minority of players, I guess it doesn't matter. Our games ran perfectly prior to the update, now it doesn't work properly, nothing is done about it.

Can you acknowledge this issue ? I just want to be able to play this game normally again, without any of this mess. The more maps are being reworked, the less maps I'm going to be able to play on as well.

I have the feeling this post, like the others, wont be noticed by the devs or admins or whatever.


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