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Why were so many of Demo's changes focused on his portals?

Portal this. Portal that.

We wanted to focus on Demo's portals.

I think there is a big misunderstanding as to why many have a low opinion of Demo's portals, as well as to why his old add-ons were disliked... because also focused on this portals.

Demo's portals are useful, no doubt. I mean, you can have great mobility with them. Problem? You have to set them up, which is time you're basically letting survivors do gens, harming your early game just like Trapper. And when you do have them set up, they're okay. They're nice and useful, but not the main focus.

What was Demo's big strength? Demo's shred allowed him to be a chasing monster when mastered. Why was Rat Liver used by almost everyone? it was literally the only add-on that affected his shred and didn't rely on missing (looking at you, old Black Heart).

Demo's portals were and still are okay. They're useful but not Demo's main strength. I mean, the meta for Demo has STBFL instead of Tinkerer like Blight; his power is in his chase potential, not his mobility.

And, weirdly enough, the add-ons that affect his shred of the lower rarity ones. I mean, Black Heart is about to be the new Rat Liver. It's a brown that helps Demo's chasing power (albeit in a different way), is one of the few that affects his shred when 80% of the add-ons involve his portals somehow, I... I... i'm so lost how so many changes can happen, yet it feels like nothing changed.

And even if, you took the approach of upping the rarity of the add-ons that affect shred (I would advise against doing this), it doesn't change that almost all the add-ons involve his portals. Why are there so many add-ons involving his portals?! If you wanted to improve them, then maybe have 2 spawn by default or with an add-on when you load into a match. Speaking of set up, you also nerfed Rat Tail, meaning longer set up, meaning the time saved with the faster travel is pretty much nullified.

These changes baffle me. is there something I am misunderstanding? Is there some theme I'm too blind to see? Was Demo meant to be a more mobility-focused killer but never worked out that way? What's going on here?


  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 714

    I've been saying this on a couple of other threads...I think they ended up making it so that Rat Liver and Black Heart are gonna be the must addons on Demo...

    Which is funny because I think they wanted to make other addons more appealing... but I agree with you that it seems they misunderstand how people play Demo...

    That being said tho, Demo is now stronger on the 1v4. Not crazy stronger. But definitely stronger. Black Heart pairs with STBFL to make Demo really good at juggling survivors, since he saves time on everything he does. Rat Liver is less useful, but it's still pretty much a must if you wanna get good survivors at loops.

    The teleporting cooldown is now a lot nicer. Gives him more control over a 3 or 4 gen lockdown.

    Demo is a weird breed of killer...he's like a set up killer, combined with a mobility killer combined with a chase killer... doesn't really excel at any of those. I think strengthening his mobility makes his set up more useful which is good...all they need is to strengthen his case and then Demo would be a beast.

  • ProfeziaProfezia Member Posts: 673

    because apparently demo wins games by endlessly traversing portals, lmao.

    If these changes go live or very little in these "buffs" would be changed for the better, devs would literally admit their total ignorance and deafness to the feedback.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,693

    STBFL might actually not be used by demo anymore as they cant' reach the 100% movement speed break point for preping/mind gaming with shred to not lose them distance.

    This means trying to shred the obsession might not be viable anymore.

  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 714

    With nerfed Rat liver you can still use it well enough, as the distance lost is negligible. Who knows...there's still hope they'll make rat liver better...

  • zip_zoobidy_bopzip_zoobidy_bop Member Posts: 35
    edited April 2021

    Honestly after playing around with demo in chases against one of my survivor buddies with no rat liver my opinion on it has totally changed. Is current rat liver very good? Yes. Is the new rat liver still good? Also yes just less so, and still a dumb nerf. But after a decent amount of solid chases I kind of realized that rat liver is only good for one thing, longer range shreds where rounding a corner is needed. You can still get hits at say shack window with no rat liver if you are at the right distance and time your shred charge perfectly. Rat liver just makes that more forgiving and you do not have to be as precise, so it is a nice QoL and chasing addon all in one. I actually now think that rat liver base kit is not needed but would be nice and still not OP or anything. I would love it even if they gave it a combat straps treatment. Make his base shred move speed 97% (as if you have ptb rat liver on) and then make rat liver +4% move speed so its back to the 101% that it is on live. This would be a nice give and take. Making rat liver still worth running to an extent and making demo feel much better, but making not running it not as punishing.

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