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Stop complaining about Lucky Break Buff.



  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    Maybe play the ptb before you give your “feedback”. Grow up dude.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,431

    Its a step in the right direction for perk changes but the change itself is just a bad change, 90 seconds of no blood and no scratch marks just has too much potential for synergy so you can't be tracked, my nerf for it would be to increase grunts of pain while its active by 50% that way you always have a method of tracking the survivor

  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    You could win a game with 2 perks as killer, playing a game with 3 perks isn't hard especially when you have something like noed as backup. What a strange statement to make. Thought you'd be more intelligent than that.

  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    It's not feedback. It's people watching other people play against it or make up theories and not actually experiencing the perk change for themselves. The killers who have played against it have said they've had no issue with it. Crazy...

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    I Actually think that’s a pretty good idea. I guess an argument could be made for people to just run stridor if they are not confident enough with predictions and maintaining LoS. Even though I am opposed to a nerf, this is probably the best suggestion for a change before live. But I do think people are being a little hysterical. The ptb literally proved that it isn’t this huge op thing that people seem to think it is. It’s a very fun change. I love it.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,431

    I want this change personally and came up with it because I think it would round out its strong effect, remove 2 forms of injured tracking while making the 3rd form of injured tracking which is grunts of pain louder and or harder to cover that way while it synergizes with perks like iron will it doesn't encompass all forms of tracking so killers still have something to go off of. Plus it would allow the perk to stay in a strong state just to add a downside rather than remove its duration.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 793

    Like how that buff is good ??? Someone has to explain me how having that crazy effect for just taking a hit is not overpowered.

    The hell Lucky Break had to be buffed, this perk was crap. But not like that, scratch marks and blood are the main mechanic that makes the killer able to search for survivors, out of chase, and after hitting a survivor. This perk is just denying that for 90 seconds, that is more than one gen to be done, it's huge, for an effect that is already strong by itself.

    Changing the meta ? Nerfing DS has changed the meta already. DS/Unbreakable is not used anymore and DS is quite rare, even in SWF. Dead hard will be over used as it is a strong perk, Borrowed Time will be over used because it's one of the best perks in SWF, so yeah, there is a core of 2 perks in SWF (and I can develop because there are more than these two perks but this isn't the topic).

    Replacing a meta by another meta is not a solution... If you're buffing a perk so hard that it is shadowing the others, you're not adding things to the meta, you're replacing or even removing things from it. Now killers will see every survivors with Iron Will/Lucky Break, probably Dead Hard or Sprint Burst, and a fourth perk based on what is your role in a team (Adrenaline or Borrowed Time or Spine Chill or Unbreakable...).

    I read somewhere in this post "killers in PTB said that Lucky Break is not a problem" and I will tell you it's so wrong, I come from there, and as a Nurse, it's IMPOSSIBLE after hitting a survivor to find him after that (or yes, if you hit him in the open, with nothing around, yes, you'll find him....). This effect is strong for a condition you'll always have : take a hit.

    I mean, hiding only scratch marks is so strong that Dance with me only hide for 3 seconds. Yes kind of short cooldown but only 3 seconds. And about blood, I'm paying attention to blood on the ground as I do for scratch marks, it's underrated.

    In the hands of a competent survivor, this perk will cost you a chase and time, for free, and the survivor will just heal himself thanks to his mates.

    Stop being blind, play killer on the PTB, and/or see streamers and YT videos.

  • SpillSpill Member Posts: 204

    Nah Lucky Break isn't that bad. Killers are complaining after reading the perk without actually trying the PTB. It really hasn't changed up the gameplay as much as you think it has.

    It's just a lack of confidence showing. The killers in the PTB are doing just fine without scratch marks.

  • KoukdwKoukdw Member Posts: 279
    edited April 2021

    Lucky break is very interesting it will create a new meta. And killer will have to adapt to it by changing their own perk choice.

    The counter to lucky break is aura perks. (I'm all ears, nurse calling for example) which if killer adapt will mean other survivor perks become better too. Like the new object of obsession.

    Please dev don't answer to the whining crowd the effect that perk can have to the game is very positive.

    It might even mean spy from the shadows get more used because it's a tracking perk that don't rely on blood or track marks

  • KoukdwKoukdw Member Posts: 279
    edited April 2021

    It also doesn't work against Plague and insta down killer or rather it will get wasted very easy. I think killer are freaking out for nothing and refuse to think about it more rationally.

    It have many weakness killer just need to use those weakness to their advantage.

  • MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

    You're obviously playing not killer enough. Such a post can only come from a survivor. Yeah it would be nice if the meta switches but not with a even stronger one who has no counterplay

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    I think you're being overly dramatic, you made multiple threads about LB, we get it, you don't like it, and survivors don't like NOED, now you know how we feel after 5 years of NOED, but disliking a perk is not grounds to nerf it. Honestly the perk is fine and aura tracking perks/add ons are a hard counter to it.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    going to ask something here for people who think the luck break buff is fine. I you are happy for survivors to lose all blood and scratch marks for 90 seconds then would you be fine with this for a killer perk:

    When a killer hits a survivor be able to see their auras for 90 seconds it stops when you down or a survivor heals themselves.

    Now ask yourself this does that seem fair? If the answer is no then explain how that killer version is not fair but lucky break is fair?

    Just something to think about there.

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    Sure, that perk would work great on the new OoO.

    Not really any different than the old Freddy tbh, except it's a weaker version to Freddy's old power.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    possibly yeah but people are saying bring stridor for luck break so same deal there. What im trying to showcase is how you are defending a perk that is way to strong for the cost and i know if killers have that kind of perk (the one i used as an example) then there would be massive complaints so just want to point out if killer having 90 second aura reading after a single hit would be unfair how is losing all tracking after a single hit for 90 second is fair

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    Except it's not OP, a survivor needs LOS blockers to escape a killer and it needs to be paired with another perk, such as IW for it to be strong. Lots of perks are strong together, such as Devour Hope and Undying, LB is not the exception to the rule. Plague and Legion are also counters to this perk, and any killer that can 1 shot can ignore the perk completely. There are also aura tracking perks and add ons which hard counter the perk. For example, Lucky Break is useless against scratch mirror Myers on Lerys.

    Your "OP" perk suggestion isn't even OP. Have you forgotten about the original Freddy? He had wall hacks on every survivor in the trial as long as they were asleep. He was even considered "weak" and was reworked. I'm not sure you Killers understand that survivors are used to getting nerfed and going against OP killer #########. It probably would be common on Nurses, and maybe Spirit if it works when she uses her power. OoO and Distortion would also counter this perk of yours. Sole Survivor included. Possibly Off the Record under the right conditions too.

    So even if your perk did go through, it's nothing we're not already use too. That's why survivors are so excited with the Lucky Break rework, we're finally getting a new perk that will actually be strong, shift the meta and not just be another "filler" perk that the Devs rushed so they could sell their new character.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    didnt say op i said the reward you get is way to high for the cost to get it to activate if it was when you get off the hook or it just hides scratch marks instead of blood i would have less issues about it but it activate from a simple hit where the killer will have no tracking tools for 90 seconds, how does that sound fair at all? and im looking at general use not specfic instances cause you arent going to legion or plague every game or have a specfic set of perks to deal with a perk.

    I played original freddy (im a freddy main) so im very aware of his wall hacks however there were high cost to get the wall hacks Survivor has to be in the dream world and you had to be basically out of his terror radius and considering how it took awhile to get a survivor in the dream world it wasnt that strong plus being out of the terror radius so as soon as they are in your TR no wall hack.

    My perk is the same principle as lucky break high reward low cost that does high damage to the game

    Im not against reworking perks for either sides but this lucky break rework is way to much to be put into live its 90 seconds of no tracking from a simple hit that is not fair on base level never said OP so please dont put words into my mouth there, just the cost is to low for the reward. This ptb lucky break should not be put into live

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 392

    That is not the same at all... The Survivor equivalent of what you are suggesting is "Every time a survivor touches a generator it progresses 200% faster."

    Hooking is an objective for killers. Survivors have Generators as their objective.

    The Killer equivalent to Lucky Break is something that blocks generators.... Corrupt Intervention is actually very similar. Especially because just like LB it becomes a useless perk after it get's used up. Also, OMFG Corrupt lasts 120 seconds!!! So OP! What will survivors ever do! You need to think about this from the survivor perspective! I know that you have never played survivor EVER but just try to think about how impossibly OP such a perk would be!


    Anyway, duration does not matter at all as that is easily changeable. Keep in mind how dishonest you people are being. You are not arguing for a shorter duration. I think the entire community agrees that 90 seconds is too ######### long. Hell, i would be okay with 10 seconds and then it's gone just like now. But you are not arguing this. No, you are arguing that the perk should not hide scratch marks. Stop trying to hide behind a position that you do not share in order to make yourself sound more reasonable.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    Honestly that perk would be trash against efficient swfs. Honestly most survivors who can loop would probably love it.

    Also I love that all of these killer mains are preaching that anyone who doesn’t hate new lucky break has never played killer. They read the patch notes, watch Zubat and think the game is broken cuz a useless perk got a buff.

    Especially funny since these guys clearly don’t play solo queue survivor. This perk is a much needed addition to the meta. Variety in meta is great for both survivor and killer.

    And also if you think that new lucky break + iron will is stronger than the current meta, I’m sorry but then you either haven’t played this game for very long or you just haven’t played the ptb.

    y’all gotta chill, lucky break is a good rework.

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482

    Meh that's subjective and I disagree. Also it's rich to say that the reward is way too high when there was a time Killers could out right mori survivors after they downed them. That was a time when rewards were way too high, you're completely overreacting.

    Ahh of course, wall hacks are okay only when the Killer uses them, *slaps head* silly me.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    Also how are people arguing that a perk you need to counter with killer powers or specific perks is OP? You don’t even need perks to counter lucky break if you have game sense and can make predictions.

    Furthermore is devour+undying OP cuz u can bring a map to counter it? Besides much like lucky break, u don’t need a map to counter devour but it helps.

    Get over yourselves entitled killer mains, Adapt or die. Lucky Break is gonna be powerful on certain maps but very counterable- this is NOT OP.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    Regarding mori i do agree with you there that was way to dumb to mori survivors straight out of the bat again the cost was to low for the reward at that time now the cost for mori is two hooks states then mori which is a fair cost to reward

    When did i say wall hacks are okay just for killers i was just pointing out that when you used Original freddy you missed out the conditions to get that said wall hack and if you look at every killer that has a wall hack ability there is a strong condition or effect to get the said wall hack for example Wraith all seeing need to be cloacked and be 12 meters to work Myers movement speed decreased and unable to go into to tier 2 or 3 depending on add on BBQ 4 seconds have to hook survivor and other survivors have to be further than 40 meters

    But we can disagree all day i will hold on to my thoughts that this lucky break buff is way to much and the ptb version should not be put to live as i find 90 seconds of no tracking information for a simple hit way to much again back to low cost high reward.

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    I was making a point in regards to Freddy's power. You're making a lot of excuses to justify his power or explain how having wall hacks on all 4 survivors after putting them to sleep is somehow "weak" which really shows how desperate you are to argue your point when all I was saying was that your perk idea was just a weaker version of the old Freddy power. Which it is. He puts you to sleep (has add ons to put you to sleep faster) and can track you whenever you go in a chase, if you break chase he would easily find you again once you're out of his terror radius, that ######### was strong no matter what bs you try to spin.

    I digress, the mention of Freddy's old power was to make a comparison to your perk idea and to point out that

    1. Survivors are use to such a power
    2. Your perk idea is actually weak
    3. Thus if your perk is "unfair" why was Freddy power even a thing?
  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    I mean guys this discussion doesn’t really belong on the feedback page. So far the ptb has shown that Lucky Break looks way stronger on paper than it is in game. It can be strong but we want perks that are strong as long as we can counter them - which IS the case.

    There’s really not much more to it. I understand that all of you beginner killers are a little worried but 90 secs isn’t a lot in lower rank matches. Plus lucky break takes map Awareness to actually pull off well. We are all gonna be fine.

    We should be thankful that they are finally starting to revive dead perks and maybe matches will get more interesting with a fresh meta.

  • GeordieKillerGeordieKiller Member Posts: 401

    I think you are missing my point here for freddy wall hack there were a number of conditions (i.e survivors are in dream world and your outside terror radius) that had to be fulfiled in order for freddy to get wall hacks, never implied it was weak never said anything like that. Aura reading is one of the killer strongest tools so i will never say it was weak. But there were strong conditions to get the wall hacks this is not the case for lucky break.

    This goes back to my point the low cost high reward that's the issue with ptb lucky break the cost is to low for the reward we are talking of 90 seconds of no blood no scratch marks which is a huge deal for the killer btw and the cost to hide your scratch marks and blood is one hit thats it.

    What my perk idea was trying to showcase is if we had a killer perk that for one hit the killer can see aura of the survivor for 90 seconds would that be considered fair? again 90 seconds of the killer knowing where you are but you have no idea where the killer is. If the vast majority of people think thats fair then lets bring it up to the devs and have it as a perk.

    But i feel like we are going in a loop so im leaving it there, was just a different perspective on the whole lucky break issue

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    How is finding a survivor and pressing M2 a "strong condition" it's not. Lucky Break interacts the exact same way as the old Freddy power, the killer has to find the survivor and then interact with them. Once Freddy pulled you into the dream, he could follow you wherever you went, your only respite was if you could fail a skill check to snap out of it, but that alerts him to your pressence if you're inside his TR. If you were outside his TR then he could see you. He also had add ons which made it harder to snap out of the dream and even had an add on where survivors started in the dream. His power WAS free wall hacks. Which is extremely strong. If it worked inside the TR then he'd have had free wall hacks on every survivor no matter where they were indefinitely unless they snapped out of it which would have been ridiculous. Even if that were the case, he probably still would have been considered a weak killer as it wouldn't have changed much.

    "What my perk idea was trying to showcase is if we had a killer perk that for one hit the killer can see aura of the survivor for 90 seconds would that be considered fair? again 90 seconds of the killer knowing where you are but you have no idea where the killer is."

    THIS WAS FREDDYS POWER. He spots you, pulls you into dream, free wall hacks for the entire game unless the survivor snapped out of it, there was no time limit like your perk has, and don't forget the fact Freddy was invisible so you had no idea where he was coming from or if he had spotted you.

    So if Freddy's old power was fine then your perk is not as "unfair" as you're trying to claim, and by your own logic neither is Lucky Break.

    Strike me pink, you're biased.

  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    Actually i got over 3,000 subs on Youtube and Devotion level 9 constantly at Rank 1. Not acting entitled? Like all the killers calling Lucky Break buff OP...hilarious, it's like you've never played against a good killer.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197
    edited April 2021

    I think it’s ever since Zubat made that video about the patch notes. This feedback page has kinda turned into chaos over a decent perk. People are seriously calling lucky Break stronger than old DS like they started playing the game yesterday.

  • Avarice10Avarice10 Member Posts: 482
    edited April 2021

    If they really believe Lucky Break is stronger than the old DS, then bring back the old DS in the PTB and I guarantee every Killer would soon forget about Lucky Break and panic over the prospect of the original DS making a return.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    For real. I just don’t understand. It’s almost as if no one in here is thinking straight. Lucky Break is a lot of fun and it brings a whole new dimension to mind gaming tiles. I don’t know why people have completely lost their minds over it. It can actually be countered pretty easily.

    Also it doesn’t help with genrush, which makes it completely incomparable with DS. Also DS couldn’t be countered.

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