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Please do something about survivors suicide on hook



  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    It's not a free DC. Its acknowledging your team isn't even working with you, so you're wasting your time.

    If I do 2/3 gens, save someone, and get hooked to see everyone else hiding or ALL swarming the killer, I'm done. Theyve done 0 work, and will likely get caught trying to rush to the killer/me. Resulting in still 0 gens, and 2 or 3 of us hooked.

    If someone farms me off hook and lingers to do it again, or gets me caught and then tries to come farm me, I'm not giving them the points. I'm dead either way.

    Theres a difference between not wanting to play, and realizing it's a fruitless endeavor. I wont DC, but in some specific scenarios, I'll absolutely kill myself on hook.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Hrmm, every other COMPETETIVE game, sure.

    This isnt one of those.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    Explain that logic to me. How is DCing any different then killing yourself on the hook? The exception being that you get to keep your bloodpoints and don't get a time penalty. Both take you out the game immediately.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 599
    edited May 2020

    The same people who defend being able to DC whenever they want and wanting the penalty gone are the same type of people who advocate for suiciding on hook, so unfortunately the only way to get it to happen is to do it. Apparently people only care about their own experience and fun, and have really thin skin so they like having the ability to nope out of any game at any point for any reason, regardless of how small, and ruin the experience for 4 other people.

    Pretty sad people justify it, really. Not saying that other things would have to change if it were a thing, but still.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    More games today, same thing, hook suicide within 30 seconds of a match starting twice.

  • Starr43Starr43 Member Posts: 866

    Not to be meme but maybe play something else..


  • fatefate Member Posts: 1

    I agree with you Reinami.

    I feel this is a societal problem. I'm a competitive person and I've played competitive sports my entire life from pickup basketball to being a state champion in martial arts/football/baseball. So naturally I'm drawn to games like League, CSGO, Overwatch etc. and love playing them. One of the lessons sports teaches you growing up is how to be a good teammate. On this forum, we all love DBD and are passionate about it. We queue up because we want to have fun. I think there are various definitions on what "fun" is. For some fun is simply winning the game and doing your best. For others its making meme builds and tea bagging the killer, facecamp/tunnel/mori every survivor. You cannot hold people hostage to do your bidding to play a game, but I feel if you queue up for a game with others involved you should treat everyone with respect and early quitting because people are not playing how you want them to play is unsportsmanlike conduct. I feel people who do this: never played sport/were on a team in their life, because if they did their parents would be mortified watching them walk off the field and the coach would make them sit on the bench until they apologized to their teammates. I have a friend that back in the day we used play a ton of Maddon football, and he would always beat me. But when I finally did win, he would immediately quit. I eventually just stopped wanting to play with him. It's no different with online games. There is a lot of sore losers and unfortunately we have to deal with it. That's life. Yes life happens. Babies are crying, Pizza delivery is at the door etc. There will always be people who walk the line of what is bannable and what isn't. Well the Devs can't prove I rage quit or I had to pinch a loaf in the bathroom. That's why I think if it's a pattern for sure those people should be banned. But don't be that guy that just rage quit DC'd because "my teammates suck" Usually those people are the ones who are being carried and its their defense mechanism to save face. It's selfish and those people are never going to change. Why is the game over because you decide it is? You are letting your teammates down. It's a respect thing. Yes this is the internet, and there is virtually zero consequences to being a jerk online most of the time so that is why people do it. Devs have to say unsportsmanlike conduct is bannable because it makes some players think twice about trolling/quitting/being a jerk. It's like the gas station that has cameras but without any film in the camera. I used to get super upset about people that troll in games but unfortunately bro there is not a lot you can do. I'd advise take some time to do other things like workout, talk to your friends, read, rather than try to fight online trolls because they will always be there in their sad little worlds getting off on making people angry. Practice some zen meditation. If people are going to be jerks then just be the bigger person or just stop playing the game. If DBD turns into a terrible game then its on the Devs for letting it happen. Don't let your integrity diminish because some people just suck. Hope this helps you out.

  • 5thPerkSlot5thPerkSlot Member Posts: 395

    No. For this Bubba Facecamper plz no

    Suiciding on hook or DC is one of the main goals, and persuading to do so (nodding head, torturing on hook, spinning 360..) is one of the strategies to discourage survs faster to give up, so can go to facecamp others ASAP

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    yeah these people don’t seem to understand this is a multiplayer game and as a solo survivor I am well aware the random baddies that you could be teamed with. I still do my best, stick it out and Tru to get BP and pip

  • SpamelaSpamela Member Posts: 10

    When a survivor suicides on hook, everyone left in the match is treated to a pizza party.

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    You can't force someone to play a match they aren't having fun in, just so you can score a few points yourself.

    I don't agree or disagree with hook suicide, but it's not banable and we all have to deal with it.

    There's already a DC ban for rage quiting, but if your gonna start demanding a ban on people going for a 4% chance then missing that 4%, I mean really it's a bit ridiculous.

    Just finish your match and move on to the next. Maybe everyone will have fun in that one.

    But you can't force people to stay in cause you need points or pips, they don't play for you, they play for themselves. Everyone's play styles are different.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    Yes, you can force them. I'll post what i did in the other thread:

    They did it with DC penalties, and i'm tired of hearing this argument.

    Name a single other multiplayer game that allows you to suicide/remove yourself from the game while playing ranked.




    Rainbow 6

    Every MMO

    All of these games have punishments for leaving games early or intentionally "feeding" (killing yourself on purpose) some of these penalties are extremely hefty. DotA/LoL/CS:GO will actually ban you for several days for doing it, and if you keep doing it your ban eventually escalates to permanent.

    The moment you queued up, you signed up to play a game of Dead by Daylight. If you don't like the game or can't finish it, don't queue up. If you don't like how solo survivors play, play with friends. When you queued up for a solo queue game, you signed up for it.

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    No you can't 'force' people. This is not a competition game as far as I know like the other games you listed.

    Everyone I know plays this game casually. No one's entering tournaments and getting money, titles, or prizes.

    Dead by daylight isn't Nazi Germany, it's just a game. And no you can't force casual players to play as you would like them too.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    This is a stupid argument, it is not a party game, and it doesn't matter if you play "casually". All of those games i listed have casual modes. DotA even has a mode called ######### mode. And they STILL ban you if you leave the game early too often in those casual games. The point is, when you do so, you are ruining the game for the rest of you team which is literally against the ToS for DBD.

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    Again, it's still not a banable offense. We all deal with it, like we all deal with tunneling and camping and whatever else people maybe complaining about at the moment.

    I don't like getting stuck in a 3v1 whether killer or survivor. Not being able to differentiate between a 4% try and quiting is where your argument ends.

    You can't ban people for trying for 4%, a game mechanic from the very beginning.

    And you aren't offering anything to help do so. You're just complaining about it and calling other people's opinions stupid.

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    Seems like a party game to me, since I do play with my friends when not playing killer or soloing.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    I am offering something, i think they should punish people for doing it. There is an obvious difference between someone taking the chance and someone intentionally doing it 5 seconds into the match, everyone knows it.

    By that token is DotA 2 or LoL a "party game"? I play those games with my friends too, but it doesn't change the fact that they are a highly competitive game.

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    The main problem with this game is people make it more competitive than it needs to be.

    They get so upset and salty when they don't "win". You play how you want to play and everyone else will play how they want to play. And we all just need to deal with that without trying to force them.

    It's a game, it's not life changing and it's not life or death. Dying on first hook is an annoyance to some, but having the option to 4% when the game seems hopeless should remain.

    Forcing people to play your play style when they find it unfun will only drive people away from the game. People are already leaving it fast enough.

  • cenoflamecenoflame Member Posts: 320

    If I get the first hook and it's pyramid head, I'm out. 85% of the time my teammates are scrubs who can't handle him.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,291

    I play both sides but I have to agree to disagree! I'm all about points, fun and improving my gameplay. Survivor's that suicide on hook are some of the most entitled player. I hate playing against Billy because he's not fun to play against, but that is a pitful excuse to kill myself on hook, when I can literally either get as many points til I die, or I can improve my gameplay against him. The reason why I disagree with you is because I firmly believe that nobody should be forced to stay in a game that they don't wanna be in, but that is also a entitled statement.

    Holy ######### the entitled statements on this thread, I'm sorry but just because you kept the killer occupied for 3 minutes doesn't mean your entitled to a free escape or that you should killer yourself on hook. I've been in the same situation before, but because I decided to keep playing all four of us escaped. Like damn man, does anyone play for points or to better there skill anymore.

  • MauriLagion67MauriLagion67 Member Posts: 1

    I was a rank 3 and decided to depip intentionally. (Solo Q red ranks is ungodly) The whole “you ruin it for 4 other people” argument is kinda over dramatic imo. I don’t know the 4 people I’m playing with nor will I ever meet these people. Are these 4 people going to lose sleep because they had a game where I suicide on hook out of the 1,000’s of games they’ve played? Doubt it. Also comparing this game to the likes of LoL and CSGo is absurd. DbD is a casual game that for some reason attracted sweats from Fortnite and turned it into a half ass comp game. Stop complaining this isn’t a tourney game and Faze won’t sign you if you get 4k’s or 20 escapes in a row. Any interaction within the game is playing the game, enjoy the free barb stack and move on.

  • Tillablerhino44Tillablerhino44 Member Posts: 505

    Sometimes life happens. I had to dc before because of non game related reasons. For the money at part no there's not a reason to dc.But this game also kicks people for no reason and gives you a penalty.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    Sure, if you only do that once in a while, you are fine. Other games ban you permanently if you leave habitually. Or in the case of DotA you get put in "######### island" where you only play with other toxic people and leavers until you win some number of games.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,428

    Nice necro. But either way your logic is flawed.

    You don't know the other people walking down the street, so why not just murder them?

  • NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264

    I don't like it when a teammate does it early in the game on first hook and they just rush to die on the hook, I agree I think that's a poor behaviour.

    However, I have done it myself when I've observed my team doing absolutely nothing to come and unhook me and leave me to get to the second hook stage while they are busy self-caring across the map (or even close to the hook, which is in some ways more annoying) when the killer is obviously occupied elsewhere.

    I think sometimes survivor teammates forget that when you're hooked, you can see the other survivors. You can see if they are doing something useful, if they are making their way over to you, if they are trying to evade the killer. And it's also very clear when they are not. I am not going to stay in a game longer than I have to with selfish and clueless teammates, personally - so the moment that becomes obvious I nope out of there asap.

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