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Bad FPS drops in game when using m&k and gamepad simultaneously

rabid_pygmyrabid_pygmy Member Posts: 60
edited March 30 in Bug Reporting

Platform: PC (steam)

Description: FPS tanks to around 10fps or worse in game when using any m&k input and a gamepad input at the same. I use a gamepad in my left hand and mouse on my right to play.

Was not an issue before the update in-game, but the fps drops did occur in menus before the patch with both inputs.

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  • noonespecialnoonespecial Member Posts: 5

    I've just posted this in »Technical Issues«. My guess is that the keyboard/mouse input is interrupting the gamepad input. I don't think it's fps drops. I'm so glad I'm not the only one using gamepad and mouse/keyboard. xD

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    OMG I thought I'm the only one using Gamepad and Mouse at the same time!!!!!! Love you guys!! <3

    Does anyone think it helps when I post this Issue again? I'm scared there are too less people who play like this to get the Devs attention.

  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 169

    This is my preferred playstyle too... soon we will change the world :D

    Anyway, just wanted to chime in and confirm this is happening for me as well. I'd opened an issue in the technical because I thought it was just related to the update itself (i.e. not the controller).

    For me, the issue presents when the controller is actually in use. It can be switched on, plugged in and not actively in use, but as soon as you use it, the fps drops severely.

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    Same Problem here. For health reasons, I also have to use this combination. Strong jerking as described since the update. Please fix that. : - /

  • zompzomp Member Posts: 12

    Xbox in left hand and mouse in right hand over here. I opened an issue under Optimization before someone told me about this. Cool to see I'm not the only one using this play style.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    Yeah playing with Joystick (Xbox One Controller) for Character Movement + Mouse for moving the Camera is absolutely amazing <3

  • Amber_Myers21Amber_Myers21 Member Posts: 5

    This is my playstyle because of my disability

  • zompzomp Member Posts: 12

    After playing this game since it's first release back in 2016, I have finally had it with the bugs and have uninstalled the game. Good bye BHVR

  • zompzomp Member Posts: 12

    @MandyTalk please delete my DBD forum account. I won't be needing it anymore.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    Hey Guys, I found a method that helps a little bit against the stuttering.

    To make sure: this DOESN'T solve the Problem, it just helps to make the game a little bit playable again as Survivor.

    It seems that the game gets over the 60 FPS cap since the recent Update (you can see it in the menu on the campfire or in the symbol animations inside the Bloodweb).

    So if you have a Nvidia-Graphics Card you can lock the max. FPS-Cap to 60 FPS for DeadByDaylight.exe in Nvidia-Control-Panel.

    This helps against like 30% of the stuttering. Playing Survivor is with this method a little bit possible again. Playing Killer is still not.

    ~ Hope the Devs solve the Controller+Mouse-Bug and the Framerate-Bug soon, so the stuttering ends completely ~

  • DevonC97DevonC97 Member Posts: 8

    I play the same way. Controller in my left hand to move around and then the mouse in the other hand to look around. Whenever I use both simultaneously, my FPS drops from 62 all the way down to like 20 and makes the game completely unplayable. Please fix this soon devs. I won't be playing anymore DBD in the meantime.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    They haven't mentioned it in today's Patchnotes, great :/

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    If we wait until the devs have found a solution, DBD VR will have been released also ;-) So i tried to solve the Issue by myself.

    Im emulating my right Stick with my mouse now. ^^

    U can bind this with the tool reWASD. There are other free tools, which are promise to doing the same, but i couldnt get it working. So i came back to this "pay-app" and what should I say?

    Its working perfect. ^^ Only in the menu i have some stutterings, but ingame, its working like normal, i would say.

    reWASD has a two weeks trialtime, so u can figure out if it works for you...

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    @Blumenkind You emulate your right Joystick (the one with the Camera) with your Mouse? How do you mean with that? Cause I always used the Mouse for Camera and the Left Joystick for walking (till this Bug existed). :)

    How do you walk with your Setup?

    My temporary Solution solving a little bit this Issue is playing with the Steam-Controller in Left Hand, cause you can remap the Joystick to WASD of this Gamepad in Steam-Big-Picture-Mode for free. But of course this isn't solving the Issue completely cause you still can only run in 8 Directions by emulation WASD instead of full 360 degrees which you could do without this Bug.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    @Blumenkind ahhhh now I understand what you mean! So you walk with your normal Joystick and remapped your Mouse, thats clever! :)

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    Sounds way better than remapping a Joystick to WASD. Can you still aim normal with Flashlights with this method? I wanted to try REWASD earlier but always got an Trojan-Virus-Warning from Kaspersky.

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    @Mondhirsch this fps drop issue sometimes doesnt appears. I realized it as I tried some different Nvida-Settings in the past. Long story short: reWASD wasnt active while my attempts yesterday, so it really acted like normal without any drops, cause it was the normal way. ^^

    But Meanwhile, I found the right settings and reWASD is working. But not as perfect as i described it yesterday. I would say, its working better then handle an analog stick itself and its more playable as map WASD to the left stick, but it still sucks. If you move your Mouse to fast its getting slower. Hard to describe, But u have a lot of settings in reWASD to optimize it.

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    Conclusion: no matter if you map your left stick to WASD or if u map your Mouse to the right Stick. Your muscle memory is going crazy...😖

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    reWASD is handle some stuff deep inside your system, hiding your real controller for example. I think your warning could depend from that...

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    Ah okay hmmm... I was going to buy reWASD cause i hoped the controls would feel like before the Bug happened but if you say the controls still suck than I'll play it with the remapped Steam-Controller. Do you also feel like playing Killer is even with remapped Gamepad unplayable?

    I'm so frustrated that they haven't even mentioned this Bug as Known-Bug.

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10
    edited April 15

    Nope, i wouldnt use the reWASD solution to play Killer, but i didnt even try. I really love that game but the coding part of the company behind seems like totally garbage and they give a [BAD WORD] about a few people who cant play off cause their disabilities, while main game mechanics for all players are broken. But about BHVR, everything bad is told. Its hard to say, but the only thing we can do is stop playing.

  • BlumenkindBlumenkind Member Posts: 10

    i thought, if its signed "acknowleded" on this board, its recognized by them..., but maybe its the wrong way. Maybe we should post it on their discord or on reddit too...

  • ElmosworldElmosworld Member Posts: 2

    I hope they do fix it soon, as I cannot play this game until it is fixed sadly. I was really looking forward to the new updates and releases too, and then this happens. I think they will fix this issue, but not anytime soon. But I hope I'm wrong on that.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,720

    If a bug report is marked as acknowledged, then yes it's known by the team.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30
    edited April 15

    @MandyTalk Thanks Mandy! Do you know if every acknowledged Bug got fixed so far?

    Post edited by Mondhirsch on
  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 30

    The recent Patchnote 4.7.0 says it's fixed, but sadly it's still bugged.

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