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Do YOU think Lucky Break will be an issue?



  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 612
    edited April 2021

    The videos you linked on Youtube are all from content creators who can already outplay a killer in a million different ways. I'd argue that Lucky Break is actually a detriment to them, because when the killer can't find them, he'll just go down another survivor in 15 seconds (as seems to happen in every game).

    These content creators, and other veteran survivors, want the killer's attention. The longer a killer commits to them, the more their chance of escaping goes up.

    Additionally, everyone who is running Lucky Break appears to be bringing a medkit and healing the second the killer leaves. Nurse's Calling will destroy survivors who play this way. Bring it and survivors probably won't get more than one Lucky Break.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    I, personally, don't have a problem with it. I think it is a good kick in the rear to shake up the META. That being said, I agree that 60/45/30 would be a better timer for it. Largely, I'm just sick of the "sky is falling" attitude. Truth be told, if I had my way ALL scratch marks, red stains, and Terror radius would be gone. We would be playing this seriously realistic, and Survivors would also be in the 1st Person vision. :) I think that would be far more creepy. I realize it will never happen, so I'm just glad they shake up the Meta now and then. I think the challenge of the new Lucky Break will be fun to beat and help us cut back on Killer reliance on the scratch marks. *Though to be fair I do think there should be a Perk that turns off the Red Stain, or an universal Killer Add-on for it.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    This is exactly why using videos of legacy streamers as a measure of how a perk is gonna impact the meta is a horrible idea. Obviously strong perks can be utilized to make life hard for killers, that’s what make them powerful. But just because you found a few Reddit posts and a YouTube video that bullies a killer with a perk doesn’t mean it’s gonna “BrEaK tHe GaMe” or whatever.

    This perk might be really popular, if only we had something to counter it with...

    ...do I really have to list the killers and perks that counter it Again?

    I’m so sick of this entitled mob mentality on both the survivor and killer side. We want the game to progress. We want new and fresh meta that will inspire different gameplay. That won’t happen if we keep bullying bhvr into backtrack every time they change something. This is interesting.

    Looking forward to verse lucky break.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,818

    I'd be fine with leaving it as is IF it deactivates when you heal yourself with a medkit or self-care (excludes Second Wind/Inner Strength).

    Most of the power that the perk provides seems to stem from the ability to give oneself quick heals via medkits, effectively banking Lucky Break at will.

    I'd also be fine with a token based system or 50% duration nerf, personally.

    There is a huge swath of players that can play just as good, if not better than, most content creators. The person playing is irrelevant when showcasing anything so long as it is replicable. If you think 4 people replicating this on a team is not within the realm of possibility, I have to heavily disagree.

    I agree that NC is a good counter to medkits, but players are not usually going to heal in the TR after escaping and, if caught out once by NC, will remember that it is in play.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    Exactly. You have the right equation just sadly not the right result. The perk is literally situated around HEALING. This is meta-wise great for killers, cuz it won’t help you gen rush at all - quite the opposite. And you can literally mindgame it. Also content creators make content, meaning that when they jump the lucky break op bandwagon, they are not gonna link the 7/10 games where they got zero value out of Lucky Break. It’s not op dude, everyone needs to go experience it for themselves on the ptb instead of having their heads buried in YouTube and Reddit.

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 333

    This is exactly what needs to happen. 30 Seconds and no pause and it would be balanced and viable.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,818

    Could you link me to some of the frequent games where they didn't get any value?

    I'd like to see what the scenario was when compared to the featured content.

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 333

    That would be the killer mains saying that in fact. LOL!

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 333

    The people complaining about it are being anything BUT respectful.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 612

    Thats the thing about Nurse's tho...

    If you catch them healing, and go interupt them, you're probably going to run them to the end of Lucky Break--or damn close.

    Would 4 survivors running Lucky Break be a nightmare?

    Maybe in the beginning of the game... Afterwards, they're down a whole perk slot--its like a survivor hex totem. They trade early game advantage for playing with 3 perks in the late game. Suddenly you're facing 12 perks instead of the usual 16.

    Since Lucky Break is seen as being broken BECAUSE OF Iron Will, below is a list of other perk combos that are really strong when all 4 survivors bring them.
    • Vigil + Any Exhaustion Perk
    • We're Gonna Live Forever + Soul Guard
    • For the People + Soul Guard
    • We'll Make It + Leader
    • Prove Thyself + Distortion
    • Object of Obsession + Off the Record
    • Spine Chill + Sprint Burst
    • Open Handed + Kindred
    • Up the Ante + Slippery Meat
    • Adrenaline + ___________

    All of the above mentioned combos are "broken" when used by all four survivors at once. Yet the only thing on that list you really see four survivors running together is Adrenaline.

    In my experience, people run the perks that cater most to their prefered play style, even if it is not the most optimal combo. Lucky Break caters to people who like to hide/end chase as fast as possible--which is not a popular way to play DBD.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 612


    JRM was playing on Lerys (arguably the best map for Lucky Break), and it is debateable whether or not he really got value out of the perk. Did he lose the killer a few times? Sure. But the perk definitely didn't carry him out the exit gates.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    If survivor is healing in TR, that survivor is dumb, real dumb.

    Even if the killer spots that survivor, killer still emits TR and red stain when approaching. And usually survivors will be healing behind the obstacles. So dodging the killer is really not an issue with the combo, especially with stretched resolution.

    This works for every killer except ghostface or wraith.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    I can’t be bothered to link it as I would rather you just played the ptb and actually saw for yourself. But both tofu, tru3 and mathman had games against killers who counter it or just people who prepared for it. It became completely useless.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 497

    I'm a new killer - I've just broken 100 hours, the first 60 or so were as survivor and while red rank killers will have all sorts of unlocked perks and mad skills for those of us just learning killer this is another tool to add to the bullying rainbow rank teams we're already facing. I really rely on scratch marks and to a lesser extent blood trails so getting rid of them for 90 seconds (which is an incredibly long time and can be extended with medkits) is going to be very disheartening.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 2,193

    any killer relies on them. That's why this perk is broken

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    No. We have so many other tracking tools. Do you play without perks every game?

  • ThePoliceThePolice Member Posts: 746

    No, while it’ll be a pain in the ass for the first one or two chases, it means if it’s paired with iron will that’s two less meta perks I have to deal with

  • KoukdwKoukdw Member Posts: 279
    edited April 2021

    On the note about killer red stains. That's pretty much what the undetectable status do. No terror radius and no red stains.

    They're pretty much giving survivor the same treatment that killer received couple patch ago on tinkerer

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    an admittedly inexeperienced killer trying to lecture other killers how the game is played

  • MetzuMetzu Member Posts: 84

    Yes, there is no way this makes it to live servers. "killers have eyes" y'all who are saying this must have never played killer. You hit a survivor that instantly breaks line of sight and they're gone and your first chase has been nullified and you just lost all your early pressure while the 3 others are doing gens. Obviously each survivor can use lucky break more than once, depending how long it takes them to heal, so you do the math how fun and healthy that is for a killer.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    Oh it’s definitely going live.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    If I was an inexperienced killer, Wouldnt I be scared of a perk that hides scratch marks? If you think scratch marks are the only way of tracking a survivor, I am sure you just started playing the game or you don’t own any dlc killers. There are a million expose/aura reading perks in this game. Half of all killers have a power that completely negate the value of lucky break.

    For some reason I have to keep reposting the same things cuz all of these entitled killers scared of a situational perk, won’t listen to reason.

    It’s common sense mate.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    getting hit is not "situational", that's a hilarious implication and shows how you just want an overpowered perk to carry you easily through games

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    You have to get hit at very specific tiles on specific maps, the killer has to be a specific killer who doesn’t have expose perks or aura reading-perks. That’s not op, that’s situational.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    "anywhere you can lose LOS" is on pretty much every match, not to mention pretty much all expose perks are either incredibly situational or require the survivors to be downed or hooked first, something that won't happen often with lucky break, makes lucky break almost ubiquitous, very easy to use and incredibly overpowered. I'm sure streamers with thousands of hours like Zubatlel and others are just "newbie killers who don't know how to play" though, you surely know it all man.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    I knew it. Another Zubat goon. Zubat reacted to the patch notes, the ptb has shown that its way more situational than you’d think and not at all gen-efficient. Devour hope might require you to down people but at least solo queue survivors have an actual counter to this. Lucky break will however be completely negates by nurse’s calling, I’m all ears, spies, and other tracking perks like that. 50% of all killers have a power that completely negate lucky break. Lucky break is a strong perk that used to be useless, we need more strong survivor perks. It has a lot of counterplay and doesn’t help gen-efficiency. It’s NOT op.

    So yeah I pretty much know more than you on this matter.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    you don't need to vault a window for lucky break to be useful, so i'm all ears doesn't counter it, you can easily escape beyond 32 meters before you start healing, so nurses doesn't really counter it, the information spies gives you is hazy at best, so you could barely discern the location of a survivor after they run away, and that's hoping they haven't run through an area where crows haven't already been disturbed. Needing to run several killer perks just to hope you might counter one survivor perk or just lose the game is awful design, talk about hamstringing killer builds, you may as well just take away perkslots. Not to mention, basically every single killer in the game is going to have to M1 someone in order to win, this means you'll pretty much always have a chance to use lucky break, and you will get use out of it, because lucky break with IW is almost impossible to counter. this has been PROVEN on the PTB with survivors effortlessly escaping the killer with no discernible direction or queue as to where the survivor has gone. Survivors already have a plethora of very strong perks, all you want is another broken training wheel that lets you win the game without effort. Survivors don't need perks to help with gen efficiency, all gens can be done in 4~ minutes anyway, lucky break exacerbates this by stopping the killer from being able to effectively generate pressure until the timer is done on all survivors, which is crippling and any good survivor team will quite easily win if a killer isn't able to start generating pressure before the first 3 gens have popped. Your inexperience is glaring from your posts, you clearly don't readily understand how a match of DbD plays out nor even a basic chase, and why scratch mark mechanics even exist in the first place.

  • ghostieboiwsloppyghostieboiwsloppy Member Posts: 197

    I mean no. It’s not easy to escape nurse’s calling or play around I’m all ears. That’s gonna be really situational- especially against good killers. For lucky break to work you are gonna have to be really skilled at LoS manipulation, mindgames and map Awareness against good killers.

    In terms of having to bring perks to counter it, you don’t have to, you can also make movement predictions. Survivors get pretty predictable.

    Or just play oni or legion if it’s so hard for you to find people without scratch marks lmao

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    you do not need to vault for lucky break to activate, stop talking about I'm all ears when it requires a vault that isn't needed for the perk to activate.

    you don't need to be skilled at LOS manipulation when the killer loses LOS every time they break a pallet, and you move at 150% for 2 seconds when you're hit creating a lot of distance allowing you to very easily break LOS on pretty much every map except maybe blood lodge

    a lot of these supposed "perk and killer counters" can be applied to release mettle of man as well, and you know what happened to that perk? it was nerfed hard for being incredibly overpowered

    survivor queues are already long, all you want is for them to get even longer because no one is going to want to play against a perk that is both overpowered and not fun to play against.

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