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I'll say it again, Iri head change was not the best it could have been

Yes, the ancient evil has been nerfed, but in a way that is both not fun, not fair, and not useful to anybody. Forcing an already slow killer to reload every hatchet is insanely clunky and a lazy nerf.

Many people suggested that it only work at long range (like over 24m). This is a great change, since it can be really hard to hit hatchets at that distance, and would give survivors a chance to dodge them. This would also fix the problem of three hatchets downing 3/4ths of the entire team, because the range requirement is a natural buffer to that. When several people group up like that, it's usually in small spaces like in the basement, and an iri huntress would have a field day, since close hatchets are so easy to hit.

Overall lazy change, could have been a great but fair add-on for both sides.


  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,746

    We know, it is good that it was nerfed, but these were just too simple to be good changes. It needs a range requirement and no penalty to hatchets, then it will be fine. Ultra rare addons are supposed to be game-changing while not being impossible to deal with. The soldier's puttee is an effect that is good, but not something for an ultra-rare, in fact some people have been saying to give huntress base movement speed when out of hatchets for a while now. The new ultra-rare does not give you an effect that is good enough, it is not that strong.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 327

    Agree, something like the puttee could be as low as a yellow, like the shiny pin. (Also why deerskin gloves green?? Lmao??)

    I just think our voices are not as loud as they should be right now, like they were for rat liver.

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