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Killer should get a bonus when facing a swf.

MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

A killer should get some kind of bonus when they play against a swf. Swf gives survivors advantages that normal players don't have so I find it only fair when the killer gets something for facing a harder match. Maybe a 1,25x or 1,5x bloodpoint boost or a indicator which players are playing together.



  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,506

    I'm fine with that. The games most likely going to be harder playing against a swf so why not?

  • MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

    Sorry but do you play killer at all? When yes you wouldn't write something like this or your not really high ranks. It's officiall and everyone knows that a perfect swf team will always beat a perfect killer. Solo survivors are having the most problems and they should also get some kind of bonus. But swf needs absolutely no buffs or bonus.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,291

    Then solos should get bonuses since they're bottom of the pecking order.

  • CheesyGuyCheesyGuy Member Posts: 375

    I am gonna write one by one. I am killer player myself and while I dont have that many hours like you and I am also mixage of survivor player and got like 420-430 hours ( Plus I get small-big breaks during that times). With rank reset I am rank 5-6 killer btw( I dont play the game after rank reset mostly and gave some break).

    -First of all I agree that a group of survivors are always better than solo because most of the solo survivors play selfish and does not give challange at all. SWF are not left man behind and they play more brave, protective and helpful.

    -Killer is def way harder than survivor because you are not teamed and you are againts 4 man group so it is obv that it is harder.

    - I also feel like you when I won the match so easily because eventhough I lost some matches some challenges are way more better and fun to play.

    -The thing is there are 2 SWF groups in my opinion. The one SWF is just group of people that does not use comms or use it barerly. I support this SWF and me and my friends are in that category. We win 6-7/10 matches without comms and we dont know our perks, our locations or killer's location and etc... Eventhough we uses comms we do not use it for huge advantages and mostly it is basic stuff like "Hey I am doing gen", "Ohh the killer is X killer", "Killer is good/bad" and etc...

    -Other SWF is the ones that use comms for full advantage and while you said you like them either you are getting used to gameplay or you really dont have bad experience with them. One time I was playing Ghostface and as everybody know Ghostface is relying on his stealth due to his power. One person in SWF bring the OOO(Thanks BHVR for changing that perk) and told my location all the time to his/her teammate and that is not a fun game for me because this was not a competition or challenge for me but was pointless. If only she knew my location I would be happy but imagine 4 man groups always know your location and you are stealth based killer which I think you can understand.

    Overall I agree most of your points and yes people should create SWF but that SWF must have some boundries.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,187
    edited April 2021

    While we're at it, could we give survivors more BP in general? An awful match as killer gives you about the same amount of bloodpoints as a brilliant match as survivor.

  • BangarangBangarang Member Posts: 352

    And if they choose to play alone they get punished for it. So yes, it is a punishment. Some people play alone because they want to and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, solo survivors should get more rewards as they’re at a disadvantage.

  • EcstasyEcstasy Member Posts: 422
    edited April 2021

    There's literally no solid arguments for why killers shouldn't get some stacked 25% post-match BP bonus per SWF member, and upwards of a dozen great reasons why they should implement that bonus. (Most of all: the facts it would help boost killer players during the most popular SWF hours where the extra haste has killers dodging---forcing even more imbalanced MM, exacerbating the issue onto lower ranked killers until they stop playing--when this would benefit all players, smoothing queue times & balance in one incredibly easy solution).

    It's objectively a great move for this game

    So its probably never going to happen.

  • BangarangBangarang Member Posts: 352

    I mean, it really is lol. Saying you can earn extra BP if and only if you play as a SWF is a punishment to solo survivors. You’re literally saying they can’t join in on getting bonus points because they choose to play alone. They’re being punished for not wanting to play with other people. It’s just not even close to being a good idea. Just because you personally prefer going against SWF due to getting more challenging matches doesn’t mean that playing as a SWF should be seen as the ‘true’ way to play. You’re just putting your own specific wants above logic. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • CheesyGuyCheesyGuy Member Posts: 375

    I know what you mean but I think you misunderstood my point. I am not againts a good SWF that gave me a hard time. There are groups that we win or we lose and each of them are gave experiences in some ways. I am talking about situations where there is no experience for both sides. Some SWF's are only care "winning" and they will do anything for that. I am not againts win or lose and I dont care if I win or lose. I can lose a match badly or I can win with huge advantage, my only point is getting better and have fun. However while doing that I also care about sportsmanship and having fun which are my priorities. A group of SWF that uses the comms to gain advantage that normally cannot can hurt that experience for me. Just like I mentioned if I wanna my stealthy GhostFace just because one survivor bring OOO should not break my whole stealth based gameplay however when SWF with some comms came in that situation now I got 4 survivors that knew my whole position and from that point I am just M1 killer. You are a Wraith main from what I understand and I think that you can understand what stealth means for you and imagine a situation if that "stealth" is no longer useful for you which your power relies on. Yes you can still win the match but at what cost? Being only M1 killer in some mathes ruin my fun in that situation. I dont care ranks,win or loses I care about learning and having fun. Sadly some SWF's really destroy my fun and I dont think they gave any experiences during our matches.

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 297
    edited April 2021

    Step 1: Give everyone (Survivor) Voice Chat ingame.

    Step 2: Treat every Surv as swf (in Balancing terms)

    Step 3: Buff Killers slighlty. Something like ~ + 0.15% Movement Speed for every Swf Team mate in the Lobby. If we would say there are 4 Surv together and +0.15% Movement speed, this would mean +0,6% Movement speed in a 4 Man Group.

    I think like 0.5-0.6% Movement speed is okay to compensate for swf advantage. But i feel like this can not be the way to treat this Problem because this could cause issues with muscle memory on some loops and timing and so on.

  • sesawyer3127sesawyer3127 Member Posts: 342

    I am somewhat new to the game so I would ask how does a SWF team get on and play together? Is there a certain place to go to play as a team? If so do killer mains know this or is it a surprise to them after the game ends?

  • Mileena_KahnMileena_Kahn Member Posts: 600

    Nah. There’s nothing wrong with playing with your friends. Periodt. Point. Blank.

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 297

    No. In Tournaments most Killers are forced to play Nurse and sweat their a** off to have any chance. Why is that? Its because swf is stronger then a single Killer could be.

    Also dont forget a Killer has to be as strong as 4 Survivors, because its 4v1.

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