We have been made aware of two new exploits that could potentially be abused to ruin the enjoyment of others. While our team investigates and fixes these issues, we will be banning players who abuse the following (in accordance of our game rules, which can be found here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/19450/):
- 2+ killers in a match exploit: Abusing bugs to join a public match a second killer
- Legion mend time exploit: Abusing a bug with Filthy Blade and Nasty Blade add-ons to greatly extend mending time

If you witness a player abusing the Legion mend time exploit, please be sure to report them through the in-game report system. There is no need to report the 2+ killers in a match exploit. We have access to data that will allow us to find the players abusing the exploit.

DBD Escape Tournament

Tournament is being held on Friday June 22nd @ 5pm CDT. I am looking for 2-3 decent survivors who want to help us come in 1st place. Visit the anniversary details for more information. If you are interested please message me here or reach out to me on discord (MalachiTheNurse#6954).


  • dungidungi Member Posts: 7

    Good Luck anyone :)

  • TigodilTigodil Member Posts: 1

    Hey :) Me and a friend would appreciate, if you want us join your team :)
    Contact Me in Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tigodil/

  • leliielesleyleliielesley Member Posts: 1
    I wanna join you lol 
  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 1,124
    Hello. I have been a long time member with this game, been here since Day 1. You can trust me when I say I would be great for your team. I could help you guys to victory. I'm great at shotcalling and can easily get to Red Ranks without perks.
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