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Expactations for the next Chapter? And my speculated release date!

Claudette_BaguetteClaudette_Baguette Member Posts: 567
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The next chapter will most likely release on December 17. Why?

The devs said they aim to release a chapter every 3 months, and a mid-chapter patch every 6 weeks.

The mid chapter patch released October 16. It's already been 5 weeks since the mid-chapter patch.

When we get a teaser for a new chapter, we have to wait one week for the PTB, 2 weeks after that the chapter will be released (Mcote confirmed that in one of his recent streams). So 3 weeks in total.

So I think that we might get the teaser next week if they plan to release it on schedule.

So the release date would be December 17th.

I doubt they would release it on December 24. It's also a Tuesday, where they usually release chapters but it wouldn't make sense to release it on Christmas.

So... It's time to ask: What do you expect, wish for or hope to see in the next chapter.

Should it be licenced? Original? What could be the theme of the chapter (like japanese theme for the latest one)? What would fit the DbD universe?

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  • Claudette_BaguetteClaudette_Baguette Member Posts: 567

    @FairyFox said:
    Agree with you!

    I'm super hyped for a krampus or vampire killer

    I really don't mind what type of killer it is as long as it has a good power. They do a good job with the aesthetics of killers allt he time so I'm not worried about that.

  • JedJed Member Posts: 254

    Sounds good if its Dec 17th. For a non licensed killer maybe a demon. If licensed then of course Pumpkinhead;)

  • TizzleTizzle Member Posts: 647

    I doubt they would release a chapter that close to their Christmas break.

    If they do the DLC before Christmas the teaser should be tommorrow/FridayMonday, PTB start next Tuesday, and release on Dec 11th.

  • UltraXUltraX Member Posts: 30

    Can't wait for that chapter.

  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 850

    @UltraX said:

    Can't wait for that chapter.

    But which one?!
    Nice boy Benedryl Cabbagepatch, 100% relatable introvert nihilist Jim Carey, or OG grinch? These are the details we need in our speculations.

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