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Items disappearing upon exiting the map

aarongaiaarongai Member Posts: 146

This has happened on multiple occasions. I'll run out the Exit Gate while taking a hit from the Killer, and my item will be missing from my character loadout. I'll check the Killer's perks and see he doesn't have Franklin's Demise either.


  • Nameless_Ghoul_Nameless_Ghoul_ Member Posts: 34

    I've had somewhat similiar episode where killer didn't even hit me. I escaped with my item and in the end screen it showed that I lost my item wih addons and gained the same item without addons and that was true. I had the item, but addons were lost.

  • kashikalikashikali Member Posts: 2

    I had this Issue and a friend of mine did as well... killer had no franklins. Never used the item for its power, It was a map that I had for xtra bloodpoints... lost it and its addons.

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