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Why do killers crutch on things every game?

SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,689

As easy as killer is, why on gods earth is it necessary to crutch on the same things over and over for free wins? Does it not get boring winning very easy?

First game of the day: Hillbilly with Ruin and Tinkerer

Second game of the day: Nurse also with Ruin, Tinkerer, and even Starstruck on top of that

Third game of the day: Huntress with Ruin. I killed myself and exited the game. I knew the 4th match would be another Huntress or a Spirit probably.

This is ridiculous and very embarrassing for killers. It's more embarassing for the devs that are so incompetent that they leave all of these training wheels in the game for killer to get a 4K every game.

Once again, balance the game and make it fair for a change and stop pandering to baby killers that want easy wins.



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