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New Mechanic, Carl's Shop

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Premise: Upon reaching level 50 with any character, you can enter Carl's shop. Fun fact about Carl, he didn't die from that stab wound, the devs say he did? Well the devs are wrong! Carl survived and the entity decided to snatch him up and allow him to set up his own nice shop for both survivors and killers to buy some things from!

Additions: What are these things you ask? Well they can purchase perks, add-ons, and offerings at an incredibly raised price! Like we're talking double for items, add-ons, and offerings. However, I lied about being able to buy perks directly, instead, for the cheap price of selling your soul to the devil, you can guarantee that perk you purchased will be in the next level of the bloodweb. Additionally, you can also spend a hefty fee of blood points to increase the chances of certain perks appearing when you prestige that character. The last thing is you can also spend a less expensive price to guarantee that you won't find a perk in your next prestige until you reach 50 again! You hate it don't you? Unlocking that garbage perk(s) that you will never use but it keeps appearing in your bloodweb, now you can pay Carl to make sure you never see them again (yes you can deactivate multiple perks at the same time).

Fun facts: Whenever you enter as a survivor, Carl will give an awkward greeting before welcoming you into the store (with the rare chance where you come in at a bad time and see him weeping quietly before quickly correcting himself to welcome you). If you come in as a killer, Carl will jump back in surprise before correcting himself and welcoming you in (with a rare chance of him not acting surprised at all and hinting that he just wants you to get what you need and get out as quick as possible). Unless you're ghostface, no matter what if you're ghostface he'll just stare daggers and begrudging give you his services.

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