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Jane Romero Fashion Show April 2021

GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143
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Hi everyone, I'm a long time Jane Romero fan. I've always wanted to share my outfit creations that I wear when out in the fog being casually slaughtered. I will be doing more of these every couple of months when new Jane Cosmetics release.

Hopefully this inspires you to create or use these yourself. Now without further ado, let the show begin, fashionistas tell me what you think huns!!

For the First Picture we have a nice easy going yet colorful ensemble, perfect for standing out yet remaining somewhat fashionable. A good fave of mine.

Picture #2 is a personal favorite, giving off a nice hot girl summer vibe thanks to the new headpiece. The curls complete the look and overall gives a very "babe" look.

Picture #3 is very simple, pair with either the striped top or the top shown, with either curls or even the hat and glasses to give us a nice sophisticated vibe.

Picture #4, I love this look ❤️ very sleek, the glasses and hat as well as the Ascot make it very modern yet chic.

Picture #5, my 2nd most favorite, who says Velma is the only one who makes smart girls hot? I love this, everything from the colors to more~ I hope you enjoy! See ya next time ❤️


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