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This is why we need a "forfeit" option

ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062
edited April 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Match starts. It's Blight. Okay, no problem.

Killer has Corrupt. Okay, I'll go look for a gen.

David goes down in 30 seconds. Joy...

Small Game goes off. I don't like NOED, so I break the totem. Still haven't found a gen that isn't blocked. Bond is telling me that no one else has found a gen either.

David gets rescued by a Yui doing a 1-for-1. Lovely...

After Yui is hooked, killer finds Jane and downs her in 30 seconds. Injured David body blocks and gets downed as well.

The gen I finally found (indoor map btw) is not even close to being done. I just want to give up.

I go up to the killer right after he hooks David and motion for him to down me. I get ignored.

The other survivors apparently still want to be in the game, so I rescue them since they still want to play.

I go back up to the killer and get in the way of him chasing David. He ignores me...

David dies. The Jane and I both are now chasing the Blight, trying to die because neither of us want to be in the match anymore.

Blight proceeds to kill Yui with ease and then just ignores the Jane and I.

Then, after following him for longer, he finally hooks Jane.

He then backs up and swings in her direction. Wanting me to farm her.

I refuse. My punishment? Being left to slug for 4 minutes before my wasted time of a match finally ends.

Conclusion: Read the title.

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  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I have some sort of tremendously bad luck of being caught and chased by the killer within the first ten to twenty seconds of my match. No joke. This happens probably at least 6 or 7 times out of every 10 games. Doesn't matter if I sneak. Doesn't matter if I run. Doesn't matter if I lock onto the first generator I see. Doesn't matter if I try to get to the opposite end of the map. Doesn't matter if I walk along the walls. Doesn't matter if I try to take a meandering path down the middle. Doesn't matter what I do. I cannot tell you how many times I am honed in on by the killer almost immediately after the match starts, as if we were spawned with him (or her) standing on a hill a few hundred feet behind me. I mean hell, last time I played Midwich the killer was literally in the next room over and caught me as soon as I walked out.

    It's become so inexplicably common that I literally wonder if my game is bugged, there's some secret game mechanic in place to punish me for something I may or may not have done, or if I there's just ONE good strategy to stop this from happening and I haven't discovered it yet. I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly frustrating it is. Pretty much every other match my heart sinks as I try to just move around and START to accomplish something only for the chase music to come rapidly running in. I sigh. "Again, really"?

    So yeah, it's gotten to the point where I'd love to just hit a button that says "you win, take an arbitrary amount of victory points, let me just move on to a different match" whenever this happens. Which is virtually all the time.

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    Yep. It's all too common.

    When this happens more than twice in a row, I just stand still and hope it ends soon without me getting farmed.

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    Because then I get everyone and their mother on these forums going "dO bOnEs"

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    I suffer from this too. It sucks. My group of friends I play with are absolutely baffled by it and basically the only things that helps is spawning all survivors together or just becoming very very good at looping and trying to get to a decent tile asap.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I honestly don't care if I win or lose. I mean to an extent, sure. I'd like those extra winning points, and sometimes it seems like I try really hard, get to be the last survivor, have victory (the exit gates) RIGHT in my hands, and I lose the whole 15-minute match by mere seconds because the killer caught up just in time. That's a bummer. But hey, I at least got to PLAY.

    Hearing the terror radius within literally half a minute or less of starting a game? Not even knowing which direction to go or whether to run, hide or sneak because you not only don't know who you're against, where they are, whether they've seen you, but also have no clue as to how the map is even arranged yet? Getting hit, chased and hooked before the first minute of the game has even passed? That's ridiculous. It's legit unfair. Just as a killer shouldn't always be set as far away as possible from all four survivors, no survivor should ever be placed within a few hundred feet of the killer.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089

    It would have to be like cs go then

    but then here's an issue if it's a swf they all agree cool new game but the killer gets robbed of game play

    M if the killer isint having fun theres no one to back them up

    the survivors would have to all agree and if the killer feels like forfitting they are allready losing and them force the killer to stay in an unenjoyable match

    This would bring back the dc issue but worse sorry not a good idea for dbd

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