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to the people who think Meg looks hot.


she being lookin like a damn roach from Jamacia( don't look that up btw)

Look at her damn hair. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A THIRD BRAID. almost all of her hair cosmetics looking like a damn hedgehog wanted to rest on her head. The only good one is Zoey's from left 4 dead.

Look at her shirt. it looks like she threw up on it 11 times. i'd throw up that much if that's what I saw in a mirror every damn day.

I was so hoping that the remodel would make her go through damn plastic surgery but no she looks like sponge bob from that hair episode with her huge poofy hair cut on her 9-head

I'm getting a migraine from looking at her muppet looking face

And what's with every content creator simping on Meg. I see ardetha and The king saying she looks gorgeous while the screen is on some hideous beast. I'm asking myself why are they thinking a damn orangutang is pretty. sometimes a forget she is a survivor so I run away from her when I'm playing killer and survivor.

you know who looks hot Jane. she be looking like a 4-course meal with those thunder thighs of hers. and what does meg have. Popsicle sticks for legs.

omg I'm holding back my lunch trying to lunch at her 9-head.

bubba can rock her face than she can



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