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Best Build for Hag

DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459
edited May 2021 in General Discussions

Hey there, i'm a Hag main since her launch and today i decided to update her build to the lastest version:

This is her addonless build, if u are using specific addons, it would probably be different...

Corrupted Intervention is used to give you enough time to set your first traps and usually secure half the map while its active.

Starstruck is the new addition to the build. The Hag Phantasms have their own Terror Radious in addition to yours, one of the main strats against Hag is to activate her traps while she is carrying a survivor, before this perk was added, there were no risks while doind that, but now survivors can get insta downed from across the map if they come close to a Phatasm while u hook someone and then trigger another trap while exposed, its an extremely powerful perk for her.

Save the Best for Last is very good on Hag, not only you can defend yourself from hook swarms, but also chain hits and teleports much easier, thanks to this perk.

Make Your Choice is also another great perk for Hag, it allows you to leave the hook to find someone else, instantly come back with teleport and down anyone who tries to save the hooked survivor, it also combos with Starstruck to maintain game pressure and dish out insta downs constantly.

I always loved playing Hag, but since i started using Starstruck with the rest of this build she became WAY better and much more opressive than she already was.

I hope you guys enjoy this build as much as i do... 😁


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