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You don't have skill? No problem! Just use Lucky break

MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

You don't get any chase skills? No problem, just use lucky break after getting hit and ran behind a few walls. Use it with iron will to get the ultimate no effort but win experience today!

Killers will lose because they can't get there early game pressure and listen how the gens just be completed one after another.

Side effects can be:

DCing killers

Longer queu times



  • MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

    One green metkid and you can escape 2 chases.... Now multiple it by 4 possible times.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 843

    Oh please, if 35-45 seconds really scares you that much, you may need to reevaluate if you should be playing.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    that perk only works once per chase. i think wasting an entire perk slot or sometimes even two if you have iron will just to pull off a single play is fair.

  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,770

    There’s a risk to using Lucky Break now. It’s still a very good perk but there is a cost to using which is what I like about strong perks.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 3,040

    Not to talk if you get hit in an open area with line of sight the Perk does literally nothing.

  • EthelwulfEthelwulf Member Posts: 27

    It sucks that now you have to drop a chase after one hit, but think positive, now they have just 2 other perk options. They won't have DS + Unbreakable + Soul guard + BS anymore.

    And they will need an exhaust perk so they will just have 1 of the OP meta perks. You sacrifice a chase once in exchange of being able to camp, tunnel and slug freely.

    It will however completly suck on final survivors because they will just escape the chase and go find the hatch or a key.

  • EcstasyEcstasy Member Posts: 422

    I just tried it out, and it didn't even stop the timer when I was being healed (which I thought was suppose to happen) making it a oneshot perk and way less useful than an exhaustion perk in its slot if you're already running other stuff you like.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,271

    -essentially one use. Maybe two if you have a whole setup built around the perk

    -get a certain map, find them in a certain area or instadown them and it does nothing

    You'll probably see it a lot for about a week then you'll see it occasionally.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    thatll only be the case on coldwind maps. if youre on lerys and you have an exhaustion perk youre 100% going to escape

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,641

    Nobody will use the Perk now. So, the change does exactly nothing, except making it worse for people who have already used it (like those two players worldwide).

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    Imagine complaining about having to look for people yourself...

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,977

    Your first chase matters a lot when it comes to the game. Being forced to bail it because of lucky break is dumb.

    The issue with lucky break was that it effected the FIRST chase you had, making it very hard to start pressure in a match when everyone is vaporising into think air when you hit them. This version still has that problem.

    Do you understand how important the first chase is?

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,683

    He probably had this lazy post all ready to go and was going to post it no matter how hard it got nerfed from the PTB.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,187

    Yes, but if I manage to hit a survivor and see that they have LB, I have a choice

    A) Commit to the chase with the risk of losing them

    B) Find someone else, spreading pressure and keeping people off gens

    Now without LB either one of these choices would be viable, with LB I'm just more insentivised to go for option B. By the time I find the first survivor again, LB will have probably already expired ergo, it presents very little hindrance to my lethality as a killer.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 3,040

    Nah, gens with dead zones exist in a lot of maps, hits near low wall pallets also exist, imagine getting smacked in an Autohaven low wall pallet loops where everything in sight are more low wall structures, where do you run to get value? towards another low wall structure? unless the Killer is blind he will have visual confirmation of where you are, there are a lot of places with high walls but there are also a lot of them with very short walls or with openings.

    Lucky Break does help you a lot if you you are in a tall jungle gym, an indoor map or a main building but ouside of that, where the Killer has visual contact after a hit it wont do much or you will have to use almost the entire duration to get something out of it.

  • HealsBadManHealsBadMan Member Posts: 1,122

    Don't worry guys! Lucky Break + Iron Will isn't so OP! Just use new Swing Chains on Freddy and you'll be tracking them by their really loud footsteps!


  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,977

    Dropping chase doesn't work, not in early game. You need a hook to get snowball and start actually getting people off of gens because survivors don't care if you're injured or not.

    This is going to be a HUGE waste of time for the killer early game, and I assume the responding meta from the killer is going to be tons of early game slowdown.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,964

    Still does nothing against my Plague (who can see and hear infected survivors better), or Doctor (who can static blast to reveal where they ran off to or prevent healing by bringing them up to lvl 3 madness ensuring that they get only 1 use out of LB), so I'm mostly fine with it since they are my main 2 killers. Yeah, It'll be a pain against GF, Hag, Huntress, etc without any additional tracking perks like I'm All Ears, Stridor and such, but overall, because it was reduced to 45 seconds, survivors will get 1 and a half uses out of it at most, which seems a lot more fair than the PTB version.

    While I agree that it will impact the Early game Pressure against most killers, and that does worry me a bit, even if it becomes the new survivor meta, that means the survivors will have less perks for the mid-late game, and killers have options to adapt with tracking perks and add-ons if they get tired of running into it all the time.

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