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What's your opinion on insta-down abilities/add-ons?

NVerdeNVerde Member Posts: 264
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Iri head on Huntress and whatever the add-on is for Trapper that downs you instantly when you free yourself spring to mind immediately, though there are probably others I am forgetting.

Plus obviously chainsaws.

I personally am struggling with them, and I feel like more often than not they result in short, unfun games when everyone gets downed pretty quickly. I had a game yesterday with the Trapper with that trap add-on and honestly I think we were all down within the first couple of minutes (and yes you can say it's our fault but it was still a boring game).

Chainsaws I can understand although can often result in a similar situation in solo Q, but the iri head combined with the extra hatchet add-on (which I think is due to be nerfed anyway?) and the Trapper add-on just seem to be slightly pushing into 'unfair' territory for me. I think with the Trapper in particular, to get caught at full health and then you think you've freed yourself just to be insta-downed feels really cheap. At least give it a hard skill-check requirement or something.

What do others think?

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