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Why do people care about the survivor/killer gender now ? ( Read before commenting )

Drixpy_JayyyDrixpy_Jayyy Member Posts: 181
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Im just trying to figure out why does everyone want a specific gender for a killer or survivor it shouldn't matter if a character is just a male or female and not lgbt related I mean its just a game. Idk why people want to get deep down into the killer/survivor lore. Im not saying im for or against people who support lgbt because I respect people regardless of their gender so dont think that this is an attack its just a question. Maybe the devs could put out cosmetics that represent that particular community so that those who support it can be happy i guess idk. Even though Im straight this is just something I wanted to know so again dont think im attacking people. Also note that im not saying that I dont want this kind of stuff in the game its just that I want know the answer to my question.

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  • Drixpy_JayyyDrixpy_Jayyy Member Posts: 181

    @GoodBoyKaru I never said that I didnt care about the lore or "admitted in your words" because they are quite interesting and messed up for some of the killers and survivors its just why people want to go deep down with it.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,489

    okay my bad

    people have "suddenly started caring" due to a tweet from the developers last year stating that theyd now be adding explicitly lgbtq+ relationships and characters into the game's lore. since then, no such representation has shown up. that's why it's so "sudden".

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 3,241

    People just want it because people love to see themselves represented in media. It's nice to know that you exist. It's not really harmful to the game at all so it's not so bad.

    If you don't want it that's fine but if you do its also fine.

    (I'm going to be honest with you. Your sorta opening pandoras box with thus topic)

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    its just a game

    And tv shows are just for entertainment, but representation is still important.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 10,262

    "See that mass murdering maniac in that game? Based on me!"

    Great pickup line...

  • ArtemishaArtemisha Member Posts: 401

    Personally I like to play with esthetic female characters. I knew from the beggining that my killer was Hauntress (i love her lullaby and mechanics). In case of survivors I only play Meg Thomas, Nancy, Nea....

    Is not because they represent me, as I am a boy, i just like prefer playing with attractive or strong ladies.

    For example, I find Bubba very disgusting. Dont like like his voice pack neither his appereance, so Im not interested on playing him. I´d prefer to learn playing spirit or plague. Plague is ugly but i like the way she moves (more classy) and also has and interesting voice pack. About legion, I like the female concept of Legion much more than the male legion.

    So in my case, i give high importance to the aesthetics and gender components.

  • JesseJH28JesseJH28 Member Posts: 477

    People like representation and being able to relate to characters. I'm a straight white guy so I really don't have a hard time finding similar characters in pretty much any sort of media lol. But I'm also big into all sorts of rock and metal music which isn't always easy to find representation of; therefore I can relate to Jeff very well for example. I'm heavily Norwegian and into metal just like him.

    Personally I want things that keep the community happy as long as it's healthy or just doesn't negatively affect the game and I think this is one of those things.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,816

    Some people just want representation. Others understand that representation is a small first step that leads to normalisation.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    Representation matters so some people and to others it doesn't and thats fine.

    I can say as a white dude that I can probably count the games where I've played as a Black male/female or Asian dude in a main character role on one hand. And I've never really questioned it because it was normal for me.

    But imagine being in the shoes of, say, a young african american or asian teenager and seeing every game having buff white dudes or oversexualised blonde white women in every game. Then one game comes along and has a character who looks and sounds like you.

    It's going to be a big deal.

    For example, as far as comic book movies go Black Panther was pretty average, but it was the first major PG13 tentpole comic book movie featuring all black leads. I think the box office returns speak for themselves.

    Again, it doesn't matter if you don't care, that's perfectly fine. But don't rag on others for caring.

  • EthelwulfEthelwulf Member Posts: 27

    You guys are so privileged your biggest source of "nice feelings" is a videogame character

  • EthelwulfEthelwulf Member Posts: 27

    What opression? Making doxxing groups for people who don't like you to get them fired and having every major corporation and government pandering to you?

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,659

    Did I ever say it was. I don’t really care if I get represented but a lot of people do

  • NoelleMinaNoelleMina Member Posts: 635

    I don’t care about representation nor about being represented, but this is uncalled for.

    Seeing you in this thread and in a similar one commenting this type of thing, tells me you’re actively looking for a fight.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 589

    Thank god this guy got banned, he's been wrecking havoc the last few days

    Op, if it doesn't affect you personally, why do you care if others care?

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,489
  • Callisto_Callisto_ Member Posts: 46

    Because I am tired of seeing white males being the default, I like diversity sorry

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,489

    thanks for that mandy, it was uh... a bit of an experience.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 877

    I'm up for subtle representation, for example, the lore hinting they have a same-sex partner, their dress code hinting at being LGBT, etc.

    A character with their whole identity based around being LGBT would be stupid. (I would love to see a perk called Sashay Away though)

  • GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143
    edited May 2021

    @MandyTalk I would really love a gay guy as a survivor though, just throwing it out there lolol

    And by saying that, their identity doesn't have to revolve around them being gay, but a very handsome man that's a little feminine but with great style. However, not to the point it's cringe worthy lol

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,540

    Because maybe he WANTS to understand and is seeking out somebody who can explain in a way he gets it?

    I know I didn't get it at first. I didn't go around asking because of the hostile reception I'd get for asking though.

    Thank god for Jim Stephanie Sterling, they explained it in a way I finally "Got" and am now 100% behind it.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,679

    Some people just want to play as characters that they can relate to. I personally don't care and don't think it's a must, but that's just me.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,186

    I do wonder, if the movie was seperated from the rest of the marvel avengers story if it would have performed any different.

    Personally i thought the movie was ok. Not the amazing blockbuster it was hyped as.

    Was never a huge fan of the character in the comics, however there was a run by christopher priest that was absolutely amazing.

    Off topic. Sorry OP

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